File Name Rhythm, Phase Choreographer
 1, 2, 3, 4 Jive V+2+1 Woodruff
 1+1 is 2 Mambo V+1 Worlock
 11 Months and 29 Days West Coast Swing V+2 Wulf
 12th Street Rag Rag II Simmons
 16 Tons (Barbara Blackford) Foxtrot V Blackford
 2 times Cha III+2+1 Woodruff
 2000 Blues Jive IV Nelson
 33 Anos Rumba V+2 Ito
 4 My Angel STS IV+2+3 Rotscheid
 5 O'Clock Rumba Rumba IV Seurer
 5, 6, 7, 8 Cha IV+1 Woodruff
 500 Miles-Eum Slow-2-step IV+0+3 Eum-Ray
 76 Trombones Square Dance Eum-Hadley
 76 with a Miss 2-step II+1 Jim Hattrick, cue-cards
 A Beautiful Song Waltz IV+1 Hichman
 A Daisy in December Waltz VI Hurd
 A Doodlin' Song Foxtrot III+2 Chadd
 A Fooler, A Faker 2-step II+2 Hichman
 A Guy Is A Guy (Preskitt) Jive V+0+1 Preskitt
 A la Playa Cha VI Worlock
 A Letter to You Murphy Jive V Murphy
 A Letter to You Jive V Worlock
 A Little Bit Of Mambo Mambo V Woodruff
 A Memory like I'm gonna Be Slow cha IV Speranzo
 A Million Tomorrows WZ III+2 Norris
 A New Day Has Come Cha IV+1 Warner
 A New Kind Of Love Rumba IV Ross
 A Night Like This (Worlock) Cha-Rumba V+2 Worlock
 A Place In My Heart Rumba IV Woodruff
 A point of light 2-step II Smith
 A Prayer Waltz IV+1 Herr
 A Shot in the Dark Fox IV+2 Woodruff
 A six Pack to go 2-step-5count II Springer
 A Sleigh Song cued by Gus DeFore 2-step III+1 Woodruff
 A Song In The Night Cha IV Woodruff
 A Taste Of Bolero Bolero IV+2 Rother
 A time for Love (cued by Susie) Waltz III+2 Rotscheid
 A time for Love (Sharon Parker) Waltz VI Parker
 A Tisket a Tasket (Mike Sheridan) Samba V+1 Sheridan
 A Walk In The Black Forest Quickstep VI Lamberty
 A Waltz in Heaven Waltz IV+2 Worlock
 A Wink and A Smile (Rumble) Foxtrot V Rumble
 A Wink and a Smile (Weiss) Fox V Weiss
 Abba Dabba Honeymoon 2-step II+1 Woodruff
 Abracadabra Foxtrot V+1 Cantrell
 Abrazame (cued by Susie) Bolero V+2 Worlock
 Abundant Joy Slow-2-step IV+1+1 Schmidt
 Adagio IV Waltz IV Lamberty
 Adagio VI - Scott Rumba VI Scott
 Addams Pandemonium 2-step II Wooduff
 Addicted To You Merengue V+2+1 Kincaid
 Adeline Slow-two-step VI Shibata
 Adiemus Waltz V+2+2 Woodruff
 Adios Amigo III Rumba III+1 Shotting
 Adios Amor Rumba VI Dechenne
 Adios Muchachos (Worlock 2019) Tango VI Worlock
 Adios Waltz IV+2 Norman
 Afro Cubano (cued by Paul Robinson) Rumba V+2 Noble
 Afro-Cubano Rumba V+2 Noble
 After All these Years Slow Two Step IV+1+1 Gloodt
 After The Ball is Over Viennese Waltz V+1 Shibata
 After the Disco Merengue V+1+1 Townsend-Manning
 Agua De Mar Bolero V+1 Goss-Figwer
 Ain't Got Nothing Jive IV+2 Raye
 Aint She Sweet V Foxtrot-Jive V Heiny
 Ain't she sweet Foxtrot - Jive IV+2 Heiny
 Ain't That A Kick Fox V+1 Cantrell
 Alacazam Jive III+2 Nelson
 Alfie Cha-Merengue III+2 Woodruff
 Algo Tienes Bolero V+1 Lankuttis
 Alhambra IV Waltz IV+2 Tani
 Alhambra V (Shibata) Waltz V+1+1 Shibata
 Alhambra Waltz IV+1 Lamberty
 Alhambra-Richard Waltz IV+1 Lamberty
 Alice Blue Gown Waltz III+1 Utley
 Alice Green Gown SQQ Waltz III+1 Utley revisited
 Alive and Kickin 2-step II+1 Wacker
 All About that Bass CH IV+2+1 Powell-Brosie
 All About That Cha (Worlock) Cha VI Worlock
 All Around the World Jive IV+1+3 Cantrell
 All fall down Bolero III+2 Nelson
 All His Children Waltz IV Smelser
 All I Ask of You (McGee) Rumba V+1 McGee
 All I ask of You III Rumba III+1 Drake
 All I do is Jive Jive IV+2+1 Hurd
 All I have to do WCS V+1 Woodruff
 All in the Game Waltz IV+2 Buck
 All kinds of Everything 3 Waltz III+2 Molitoris
 All Kinds Of Everything Waltz VI Vogt
 All That Jazz II 2-step II+1 Springer
 All That Jazz III to STAR 2-step-jive III+2 Pilachowski
 All That Jazz III 2-step III+2 Pilachowski
 All That Jazz V Jive V Sechrist
 All Time High Slow-2-step V Prow
 All To Myself Foxtrot VI Bahr
 Almost a Year WCS VI+0+2 Taylor
 Almost Bolero Bolero III+2 Collipi
 Almost Like Being in Love - Brewer Quickstep IV Brewer
 Almost Like Being in Love-Chris Cantrell Quickstep IV+1 Cantrell
 Always (Eum-Ray) Waltz V+2+4 Eum/Ray
 Always, a Taste of Samba Multi IV+2 Dufrene
 Always Foxtrot IV+1 Kincaid
 Am I blue - Slater Fox IV+2 Slater
 Am I Blue V Foxtrot V Filardo
 Am I Blue VI Foxtrot VI Lamberty
 Amame Rumba V+2 Kincaid
 Amanda Waltz II Koozer
 Amapola Rumba VI Rumble
 Amapola3 Rumba III+2 Kennedy
 American Bandstand II 2-step II+1 Easterday
 American Boogie Single swing III Parker
 Amor Cha Golden Classic Cha VI Barton
 Amor, Amor, Amor (Weiss) Rumba-cha V+1 Weiss
 Amore Secondo Rumba IV+1 Moore
 An American Dream Rumba IV+0+1 Hichman
 Anacapa Farewell lite Waltz IV+0+1 or V+0+1 Otto
 Anastasia Rumba VI Worlock
 And I Love Her (RB) Rumbba IV+2+1 Noble
 And I love Her Bolero IV Doi
 And I Love You So Rumba VI Childers
 Andorea IV Tango IV+1 Lamberty
 Angel on my Shoulder Fox IV Gloodt
 Angel Wing Bolero IV Gerdes
 Angel Waltz VI Dechenne
 Angelina Cha V+2 Worlock
 Annabelle IV Waltz IV+2 Woodruff
 Annie Laurie (Japan) Cha IV+1+1 Doi
 Annientamento 4 Tango VI Cunningham
 Annie's Song (cued by Tim) Viennese waltz VI Eum
 Another Day In Paradise Rumba IV+2 Woodruff
 Another Somebody Foxtrot IV+1 Woodruff
 Another You Foxtrot VI Lamberty
 Answer Me Cha Cha III+1 Anderson
 Answer Me My Love Waltz VI Reinhard
 Answer me Waltz III + 1 Palmquist
 Anticipation Waltz VI Goss
 Any Dream Will Do Foxtrot IV Folwell/Butcher
 Any Time Fox IV+1 Woodruff
 Anything but Love Foxtrot IV+2 Slater
 Anytime Jive-foxtrot IV Sperry
 Apologize Slow-2-step IV+2+1 Valenta
 Appalachian Lullabye Waltz VI Worlock
 Apres L'etreinte 2-step III+1 Dahl
 Are you Lonesome Tonight Waltz IV Chico
 Arizona Waltz III+1 Harris
 Arms of Mary Rumba IV+1 Wright
 Artificial Flowers Quickstep V+1 Woodruff
 Artists Life Viennese IV Garza
 As Long As You Belong Jive IV Woodruff
 As Long As You Love Me Rumba IV+2 Kincaid
 Ashokan Farewell Waltz VI Eum
 Asi Asi Mambo (Hichman) Mambo IV+0+1 Hichman
 Asi Asi Mambo Mambo VI Shibata
 Au Revoir Paris Waltz VI Preskitt
 Au Revoir Foxtrot V+1+1 Fisher
 Autumn Leaves Tango (Preskitt) Tango VI Preskitt
 Baby Chicks 2-step II (Easter) Woodruff
 Baby Dream Your Dream Foxtrot-Jive V+2 Molitoris
 Baby O' Mine (Billy Vaughn) Rev 2-step II Fiyalko
 Baby Please Come Home Jive IV+2+1 Gloodt
 Baby You've Got What it Takes Jive V Unknown
 Babysitter Boogie Jive IV+2 Sheridan
 Back in Baby's arms (Cha) Cha III+0+1 Helton
 Back in Baby's Arms Quickstep IV+1 Callen
 Back Porch Frolic 2-step II, same footwork Woodruff
 Back where I belong Fox IV+2 Read
 Bad Dog, No Biscuit 2-step II Speranzo
 Bahama Mama Cha IV+2 Rumble
 Bahia Blanca Arg Tango VI Dechenne
 Baila Baila Salsa Merengue/Salsa IV ?
 Baila Conmigo Cha Cha IV Pinks
 Bailamos Salsa V+2 Kincaid
 Baker Street Rumba IV+1 Volkaert-Hautman
 Bambino Waltz IV+1 Baldwin
 Bamboozle Mambo IV+1 Teague
 Bamboozled By You Viennese Waltz IV+1 Hurd
 Banana Boat Cha V+2+1 Anderson
 Bandido Cha Cha V+2 Goss
 Banjo Polka Two-step II+2 Woodruff
 Barbara Ann Jive IV+1+2 Pierce
 Basie Mood Foxtrot V+1 Schmidt
 Bayroo Bayou, Betty Easterday Cha IV+2 Easterday
 Beale Street Blues Jive V+1 Lillefield
 Beat of your Heart STS V+1 Preskitt
 Beautiful Maria Rumba V Lamberty
 Beautiful Things Foxtrot VI Lamberty
 Beauty And The Beas tIV Bolero IV+2 Kincaid
 Beauty On The Tv Screen Jive V+2 Woodruff
 Because I'm Accustomed To You Bolero VI Goss
 Because You Loved Me Slow-2-step V Robinson
 Bee Bop 'n Boogie Jive III+2+1 Pierce, cued by Susie
 Behind Closed Doors Slow-2-step IV+1 Helms
 Bei Mir Bist Du Schoen Argentine Tango and Cha VI Hicks
 Belle Star Cha IV Weiss
 Bells of Angelus Waltz V+2 Molitoris
 Besame Mucho IV Rumba IV+1 Chico
 Besame Mucho VI Rumba VI Armstrong
 Besame Tango Tango III+1 Chico
 Best Of My Love Rumba IV+2 Shibata
 Beth Foxtrot IV Couey
 Better Listen To Me Now Jive V+1+2 Schmidt
 Betty's being bad Two-step II+1 Hattrick
 Bewitched-Richard Quickstep IV+1+1 Lamberty
 Beyond the Sea IV Fox IV - slight changes Kennedy
 Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo Foxtrot V Chadd
 Biding my Time Foxtrot V Noble
 Big Blonde and Beautiful Westcoast Swing V+2 Goss
 Big Blue Frog 2-step II+2 Scherrer
 Big Blue Note Cha IV Speranzo
 Big Daddy Quickstep IV+1 Worlock
 Big Girls You are Beautiful 2-step & cha II+1+1 Grob
 Big Spender Fox VI Vogt
 Billy Bayou 2-step II+2 Shibata
 Billy-a-Dick Quickstep V Worlock
 Billy's got his beer goggles on Cha III+2 Woodruff
 Bimbombey 2-step II Molitoris
 Bingo Waltz Waltz mixer Cued by Bill Castner
 Bisou Zou Bisou Cha Cha VI Froelich
 Black and White Rag 2-step II+2 Smith
 Black Bottom Cha IV+1 Woodruff
 Black Coffee Rumba V+2 Stowe
 Black Horse And The Cherry Tree Cha IV Jim Hattrick
 Black Horse WestCoast Swing VI Worlock
 Black Satin Jive IV+2+1 Gloodt
 Blown Away Foxtrot VI Worlock
 Blue Canary 2-step II+2 Woodruff
 Blue Dance Jive V+1+1 Pelton
 Blue Heaven Waltz Waltz IV+1 McGee
 Blue Montana Moon Foxtrot IV+2 Weiss
 Blue Moon Slow-2-step IV+1 Woodruff
 Blue Night Shadow Cha IV+1+1 Woodruff
 Blue Roses (cued by Ron Noble) Waltz IV+2 Lamberty
 Blue Roses (Lamberty) Waltz IV+2 Lamberty
 Blue Roses Waltz IV+2 Schmidt
 Blue Skies Rumba Rumba V+2+4 Hichman
 Blue Wings Waltz IV Moore
 Blue World Foxtrot VI Taylor
 Blueberry Hill WCS V+1 Buck
 Bluer Skies (Worlock) Tango V+2 Worlock
 Bolero Un Usual Bolero IV+2 Max Bassett
 Bonnie & Clyde Quickstep IV Armstrong
 Bonnie Jean Waltz III+2 Chico
 Bonnie Portmore Waltz IV+1 Lamberty
 Boogie Blues cued by Rumble Jive VI Easterday
 Boogie Blues Jive VI Easterday
 Boogie Bumper Quickstep IV+1+1 Schmidt
 Boogie Time Jive IV+1 Gloodt
 Boogie With Me Jive V+2 Worlock
 Boogie Woogie Blues 2-step II Hurst
 Boogity Woogity Jive III+2+2 Woodruff
 Boom Boom Merengue Merengue IV+2 Kincaid
 Boom Boom went my Heart Jive-fox IV+2 Weiss
 Boom Boom Cha-Merengue V+1 Rumble
 Boom Foxtrot V+2 Schmidt
 Born to be Blue Cha IV+2+2 Sperry
 Both Sides Now Rumba IV+2 Hixson
 Bottle It Up Jive-WCS IV+1 Von der Heide
 Boulavogue Waltz VI Lamberty
 Boulevard of Broken Dreams Tango VI Goss
 Boy from NY City Jive V+1 Dechenne
 Boyfriend Mambo IV+2 Hilton
 Brahms' Dream Waltz IV+2 Woodruff
 Brand New Key 2-step II+1 Woodruff
 Break my Stride Cha IV Seurer
 Breakaway Hes-Can Waltz IV Kincaid
 Breathless (Cued by Susie) Foxtrot VI Moore
 Brown Girl in the Ring Cha & samba IV+1 Woodruff
 Brussels Lights Quickstep-samba IV Woodruff
 Bubbles in the Wine (IV) Foxtrot IV+2 Kincaid
 Bubbles in the Wine Foxtrot V Bingham
 Burlesque Tango V Garza
 Burnin' Two-step II Rumble
 Butterfly II 2-step II Woodruff
 Butterfly Waltz (Goss) Waltz VI Goss
 Bye Bye Baby Robertson Foxtrot IV+1+2 Robertson
 Bye Bye Baby Valenta Fox IV+2 Valenta
 Bye Bye Mambo (cued by Ron Rumble) Mambo VI Rumble
 Cab Driver Jive V Alldredge
 Cabaret QS-TS III+1 Floden
 Cactus Christmas WCS IV (cued by Sears) West Coast Swing IV+1 Davis
 Cadillac Red 2-step II+1 Springer
 Cajun Fiddleman 2-step II Hintz
 Cake By The Ocean (Worlock) West Coast Swing VI Rumble
 California Dreamin Rumba VI Goss
 Call Me Irresponsible (cued Rumble) Fox VI Rumble
 Call Me Senorita Rumba V+0+1, Lewis-Olson
 Calle Preciados Cha IV+1+1 Woodruff
 Cambio Dolor Samba IV+ Patik
 Caminito Tango (cued by Curd) Tango V+2 Worlock
 Caminito Tango (cued by Richard) Tango V+2 Worlock
 Caminito Tango V+2 Worlock
 Can You Feel the Love Tonight Rumba III+1 Seurer
 Canadian Sunset Foxtrot IV Pell
 Candida Rumba III+1 Hinsley
 Candy Kisses Foxtrot-Jive IV+1 Molitoris
 Can't Help Falling In Love (STS) Slow-2-step V Rumble
 Can't Stop The Feeling (Worlock) West Coast Swing VI Worlock
 Can'tTake My Eyes Off You 5 (Preskitt) Cha V+1+1 Preskitt
 Capone 5 Foxtrot V+1 McKenrick
 Capone IV Foxtrot IV Beck
 Capone Foxtrot V+2 Capone
 Caramel Rumba IV+0+1 Byars
 Caribbean Sunset (Preskitt) Rumba V Preskitt
 Carmen samba/cha III+1+2 Walker
 Carnival Rumba IV+1 Rumble
 Caro Mio Waltz III Bond
 Carolina Moon Waltz VI Rumble
 Casey Jones Quickstep IV Ross
 Castles and Kings WZ V+1 Waltz V+1 Lee
 Cat Daddy Jive VI Blackford
 Catch a Falling Star Fox-Jive IV Buckardt
 Catch A Moonbeam Waltz VI Casey
 Cell Block 3 Tango III+1 Woodruff
 Cell Block Tango (Worlock) Tango VI Worlock
 Cell Block Tango Tango V+1+1 Woodruff
 Celtic Anniversary Viennese waltz III+1+1 Woodruff
 C'est Magnifique (Oh La La La) Foxtrot V Valenta
 C'est Magnifique Foxtrot V Valenta
 C'est si Bon Cha IV+2 Nelson
 Cha Cha Corrida Cha V+2 Nelson
 Cha Cha Frenesi Cha IV+2 Slowenski
 Cha Cha Torrero Cha V Moore
 Chain Gang 2-step II+1 Eum
 Chain of Fools JV/WCS IV+1+1 Cantrell
 Chaka Chaka Cha IV+2+1 Phillips
 Chalita (Goss) Argentine Tango VI Goss
 Chanel (Preskitt) Waltz VI Preskitt
 Chanel (Worlock) Waltz VI Preskitt
 Change everything Rumba IV+1+1 Hager
 Change of Seasons Waltz VI Blackford
 Change Partners (Lamberty revisited 2005) Foxtrot VI Lamberty
 Change Partners Foxtrot VI Rumble
 Change the World Cha V Scott
 Chanson d'Amour Slow-2-step IV+2 Gloodt
 Chapel By The Sea Foxtrot V Kenny
 Charade IV Waltz IV Slater
 Charade Waltz III+2 Kammerer
 Chardonnay Waltz VI Easterday
 Charlie Chaplin Fox III+2 Woodruff
 Charlie' Sundown Cha V+1 Woodruff
 Charlie's Guitar Rumba IV+0+1 Woodruff
 Charmaine Foxtrot V+1 Adcock
 Cheek to Cheek Chadd Foxtrot IV+1 Chadd
 Cheek to Cheek Foxtrot IV+1 Chadd
 Cherry Pink Cha IV Bahr
 Childhood Waltz IV+1 Lankuttis
 Children Children(Hicks) Waltz VI Hicks
 Chilly Cha Cha V+2 Valenta
 Chilly Chilly Cha Cha VI Shibata
 Choo Choo Bam Bam Slow-2-step IV +2 Woodruff
 Choo Choo Boogie Jive VI Goss
 Cider House Rules - cued by Susie Waltz VI Rotscheid
 Cinderella (Worlock) Hesitation Canter Waltz VI Worlock
 Clapping Fiesta Cha V+1+1 Young/Woodruff
 Clavelis Paso-doble IV+1 Mandel
 Clementine Swing Multi -Swing IV+2, Woodruff
 Close to You (BL IV) Bolero IV+1 Heath
 Close Your Eyes Foxtrot V+1 Noble
 Closest thing to crazy Waltz IV+2 Baldwin
 Cocktail Timr Foxtrot VI Moore
 Coco Beach Foxtrot VI Prow
 Coco Jambo Salsa-reggae Cibula
 Cold Kisses Bolero IV+2 Sprostsy
 Colours IV Rumba IV+2 Read
 Come Along With Me Waltz IV Read
 Come Closer To Me (written & cued by Shibata) Rumba VI Shibata
 Come Dance With Me (Shibata) Cha VI Shibata
 Come Monday Rumba III+1 Orme
 Come On A My House Cha IV+2+2 Lamberty
 Come On A My House-Richard Cha IV+2+2 Lamberty
 Come Tango with Me TG IV+2 Maguire
 Come to me (A) Waltz VI Lamberty
 Come to Me Waltz VI Lamberty
 Come! Cha-Merengue IV Woodruff
 Comme ci, comme ca 5-count treated as cha/jive IV+2 Woodruff
 Comme un Garcon Cha-fox III+2 Woodruff
 Como Dos Tontos Bolero V+2 Goss
 Company Store Foxtrot IV+2 Prow
 Coney Island Waltz V+2 Shibata
 Coney Island IV Waltz IV Gloodt
 Conquest of Heaven Waltz VI Hurd
 Continental Goodnight 2-step II Murbach
 Cool and Sweet Cha IV+1 Halbert
 Cool Yule Jive V Goss
 Coppelia Waltz VI Palmquist
 Corazon V (Woodruff) Cha V Woodruff (cue-cards)
 Corazon Cha VI Rumble
 Corn Silk Foxtrot VI Sears
 Corrida IV Cha IV Hickman
 Cotton Jenny 2-step III Myers
 Couldn't Get it Right Cha-Jive IV+1 Simpson
 Cracklin' Rosie Cha IV+2 Woodruff
 Crazy 'Bout My Baby Jive V Voelkl
 Crazy Enough Rumba IV+1 Simpson
 Crazy World (Lamberty revisited 2005) Waltz VI Lamberty
 Crazy World 2001 Waltz VI Finch
 Crepe Suzette Foxtrot IV+2 Lamberty
 Crush on You Foxtrot V Robinson
 Cry Myself to Sleep Cha V+1 Woodruff
 Cry to me Rumba IV+2 Kincaid
 Crying in the Rain Rumba IV+1+1 Molitoris
 Crying Rumba IV Maguire
 Cuando Me Enamoro Rumba IV+1 Gloodt
 Cuando Pienso en Ti Bolero IV+2 Harris
 Cuban Pete Samba Samba V+1 Hurd
 Cubana Tango Tango III+2 Meyer
 Cumparsita Argentina Tango V+1 Hurd
 Cuppa Joe (Goss) West Coast Swing VI Goss
 Cute Girl Tango V Prow
 Cute Little Wiggle 2-step-fox-jive III+1 Brownrigg
 Daddy Foxtrot Foxtrot V+0+1 Moore
 Daddy Medley Cha IV Lamberty
 Dance a little Closer (Instrumental) Fox V Woodruff
 Dance A Little Closer Fox IV+2 Woodruff (cue-card)
 Dance and Dream Foxtrot VI Buck
 Dance Ballerina Dance Cha IV+0+1 Hichman
 Dance in Portugal (2) RB-TG-CH IV+2 Hurd
 Dance in Portugal Multi IV+2 Hurd
 Dance Me To The End of Love Slow-2-step IV+1+1 Dierickx
 Dance of Sugar Jive III+2+2 Doi
 Dance of the Hours Cha-Tango IV+2 Bingham
 Dance the Night Away Argentine TG & Cha VI Worlock
 Dance to the Heartbeat Mambo IV+0+2 Shibata
 Dance with Me Cha IV+2 Mueller-Hessler
 Dance with the one who brought you 2-step II Koozer
 Dancez Merengue Merengue Shibata
 Dancin' Discofox Discofox unphased Woodruff
 Dancing in September Cha V Rumble
 Dancing in the Dark Foxtrot V Hichman
 Dancing Like Lovers VI Waltz VI Pratt
 Dancing Like Lovers Waltz IV+1 Hurst
 Dancing On A Saturday Night 2-step II+2 Bond
 Dancing the Tango Tango VI Sechrist
 Dancing With Tears Waltz V+1 Raybuck
 Dancing with The Mountains Cha IV Healea
 Danke Schoen (Double Reverse) Fox IV+1, drill Woodruff, cue-cards
 Danke Schoen V Foxtrot V+1+1 Dechenne
 Danny Boy Bolero V+2 Weiss
 Daria Cualquier Cosa Rumba IV+2 Gloodt
 Dark Waltz Waltz VI Vogt
 Darlin' Jive IV+2+2 Hichman
 Days of Wine and Roses Foxtrot V Toth
 De La Mer Waltz IV+2 Nolen
 Dear Heart Waltz VI Kurczewski
 Debajo De La Mesa Bolero IV+2 Herr
 Dedication Waltz IV+2 Rumble
 Deep inside your Dreams Foxtrot VI Noble
 Deep Love Rumba V+2 Schmidt
 Delusion Tango Argentino (Elaine Masich) Arg tango IV Masich
 Denk Je Nog Wel Eens Aan Mij Slow-2-step V+1 Van Acker
 Desert Breeze Waltz VI Moore
 Destiny Tango VI Ross
 Devoted to You STS IV+1 Elder
 Dew Drops Waltz IV+1 McKenrick
 Diamonds IV (Parker) Quickstep IV+1 Parker
 Diamonds V (Dechenne) Quickstep V Dechenne
 Diana (Malthouse) Cha IV Malthouse
 Did You Ever Bolero V Davis
 Didnt know how Foxtrot IV+2+1 Van Acker
 Diggin' up bones Cha-2-step III Spires w/ some changes
 Dinah Might IV Foxtrot-cha IV Tirrell
 Ding Dong Mambo Mambo IV Collipi
 Diosa Marina Tango V+1 Schmidt
 Dirty Bird 2-step-jive III Raye
 Distant Drums Fox IV, Foxcroft
 Do it Rat Now Jive IV+1 Woodruff
 Do Nothing Till you Hear from Me Fox-Jive V+0+2 Woodruff
 Do the Mambo Mambo IV+1 Parker
 Do You Know What It Means Foxtrot-jive V Woodruff
 Do You Love Me (Tremoloes) Jive V+1 Slotsve (Better music
 Do You Love Me Jive V+1 Slotsve
 Domingo Cha IV+1 Packman/Drafz
 Don Diego Tango VI Moore
 Don't Be That Way Foxtrot V+2 Hurd
 Don't Bogart that Joint Slow-2-step III+1 Woodruff
 Don't Break my Heart Rumba V+1 Francis
 Don't Color me Blue STS IV+2 Crapo
 Don't come crying to me 2-step/fox IV Miller
 Don't Cry For Me Tango III+1 Palmquist
 Don't Forget Foxtrot-Jive IV+1+1 Maguire
 Don't get Around Much Any More (Williams) Fox-jive V Williams
 Don't Get Around Much Anymore (Chico) Fox-Jive IV+1 Kincaid
 Don't Get Around Much Anymore (Kincaid) Fox-Jive IV+1 Kincaid
 Don't Know Why (Lamberty) Rumba V+2 Lamberty
 Don't Tell Mama Quickstep V+1 Finch
 Doolittle Cha Cha IV+1 Goss
 Dornroschen (Sleeping Beauty) Rumba V+1 Bradt
 Dos Ritmos Rumba-cha IV Lavoie
 Double Bogeyd Blues West Coast Swing - Jive V Woodruff
 Down by the Riverside (Belgo-Japanese Curiosity) Quickstep-Single Swing IV+1 Doi-Woodruff
 Down in Mexico Cha V+2 Finch
 Down Mexico Way Cha V+2 Slater
 Downtown Cha Cha IV+1 Kirsch
 Draggin' The Line Westcoast V+ Prow
 Dream a little dream of me Foxtrot V Shibata
 Dream A Little Dream Foxtrot III+1 Pinks
 Dream Awhile Classic waltz III Elllis
 Dream On Foxtrot V+2+1 Read
 Dreaming Cha Cha III+1 Powell/Brosie
 Dreaming my Dreams With You Waltz II+2 Unkn
 Dreaming of You (Worlock) Waltz VI Worlock
 Dum Dum Jive Jive IV+2 Scott
 Dumas Walker Jive V Robertson
 Dysfunction (Halloween) Slow Cha III Woodruff
 Eager Beaver Foxtrot V+1 Moore
 Early in the Morning Cha-Jive (Chive) IV+2+1 Woodruff
 Easy Money WCS V+1 Goss-Figwer
 Ebb Tide (Scott) Rumba IV+2+1 Scott
 Echoes of Spain Paso VI Easterday
 Ecstasy Tango VI Read
 Edelweiss (Shibata) Waltz IV+2 Shibata
 Edelweiss (Vienna Boys Choir) Classic II Kullman
 Edelweiss IV (Clayderman) Waltz IV/drill Woodruff
 Edelweiss IV (Richard Abel) Waltz IV Woodruff
 El Amor Cha Cha IV+2 Callahan
 El Burro en la Playa Cha IV+1 Woodruff
 El Choclo (101 Strings) Tango IV+0+1 Morrison
 El Choclo (Goss 2018) Tango V+1 Goss
 El Choclo (Karel) Tango V+1 Patik
 El Choclo Tango Tango IV Szabo
 El Mosquito Tango V+1+1 Moore
 El Pico IV Paso IV+1 Finch
 El Sombre Verde Paso Doble IV+2+2 Hilpert-Pohl
 El Toro Rojo Paso Doble VI Linden
 Emmanuelle Foxtrot V+1 Woodruff
 Encadenados Bolero V+2 Goss
 Enchanted Boy Rumba IV+1 Anderson
 End of the Road Jive IV Ross
 Eres Tu (Kincaid) Merengue V+2+1 Kincaid
 Erotica Rumba V+2 Moore
 Escape Cha III+1 Baldwin
 Eskimo Tango (Cued by Susie) Tango III+2 Molitoris
 Eso Beso Samba V+1 Shibata
 Espana Cani Paso VI Garza
 Esta Rumba Rumba III+2 Barton
 Estas en mi Corazon Rumba-Cha III+2 Woodruff
 Estuvieras Tu Rumba IV+1 Moore
 Eternal Flame Slow-2-step V Bond
 Eternally Waltz IV+2 Clark
 Eternity Bolero V Lamberty
 Euro Tango Tango V+2 Ito
 Evening Kiss Waltz IV+2 Moore
 Evening Star Waltz VI Sandeman
 Every Day I Love You 4 Bolero IV+1 Prow
 Every Day I Love You Bolero VI Prow
 Every Day of My Life Bolero V Hapeman
 Every Day with You Girl Rumba-foxtrot IV Woodruff (cue-card)
 Every Spring Day Waltz IV Haworth
 Everybody Has The Righ tTo Be Wrong Foxtrot V Ross
 Everybody Loves to Cha Cha Cha V Rumba-Cha V+1+1 Meyer
 Everybody Loves To Cha Cha-Richard Cha IV+1 Lamberty
 Everybody Wants to Be a Cat II 2-step II Pilachowski
 Everything Cha Cha IV Robertson
 Ev'rybody Wants To Be A Cat 2-step-jive IV Pilachowski
 Exactly Like You Foxtrot Foxtrot V+2 Goss
 Exactly Quickstep Quickstep V Read
 Excuse my French Foxtrot IV+2 Woodruff
 Ex''s And Oh's (Worlock) Jive VI Worlock
 Fabulous Places Foxtrot VI Charlotte Jorgensen
 Fall in love with your wife 2-step II Knight
 Fallin' Slow-2-step IV+1+1 Parker
 Family Affair Cha III Woodruff
 Fangled Tango Tango III Broadwater
 Fascinating Rhythm Foxtrot VI Vogt
 Fascination Rhythm 2-step II Harris
 Fat Cat Boogie Jive VI Dechenne
 Fat Mama Cha IV Ross
 Favorite Things Viennese Waltz VI Goss
 Feelin' It Cha IV Kline
 Feelin' Waltz II Barbee
 Feeling Good (Cantrell) WCS V+0+Bunch Cantrell
 Fever Jive VI Easterday
 Fibre De Verre Foxtrot V+1 Weiss
 Fields Of Gold Rumba V Lamberty
 Fifth Of Beethoven Cha IV+2 Dunn
 Fine Brown Frame Jive IV+2+1 Hurd
 Fingersnap WCS-Jive V+1+1 Woodruff
 Fireflies Samba VI Goss
 Fish and whistle 2-step II+2 Walz
 Five Guys Named Moe Quickstep V+1 Goss
 Five O'clock World WCS IV Lamberty
 Flower that Shattered the Stone Waltz V+2 Maisch
 Flowers on the Wall Cha III+1 Baldwin
 Fly right Foxtrot V+1 Read
 Flying (cued by Ron Rumble) Waltz V+2 Sechrist
 Foggy Dew Waltz V Cibula
 Follow Me Cha Cha IV Scarlatella-Shanks
 Fools Rush In Foxtrot V Lamberty
 Foot Tapper Jive V+1+3 Sechrist
 Footprints In The Sand Rumba VI Hicks
 For a Moment Bolero IV+1+1 Molitoris, cued by Susie
 For Sentimental Reasons Foxtrot V+1 Storm
 For the Good Times Bolero V Gloodt
 Forces Sweetheart Foxtrot Fox IV Pinks
 Forever And Ever Rumba V Heiny
 Forever We'll Be In Love Waltz V+1+1 Gloodt
 Forget me Not Rumba IV+2 Moore
 Forrest Gump Waltz V Moore
 Fortuosity Quickstep V Rother - cued by Worlock
 Foxtrot Tonight Foxtrot V Goss
 Fragilidad Mambo V+0+1 Suess
 Freedom Cha Cha V Pinks
 Freedom's waltz (short) Waltz V+1 Hoffman
 Freeze My Mind (Japan) Rumba III Doi
 French Poodle Foxtrot V+2 Moore
 Friends for Life Rumba-cha IV+2 Woodruff
 Froelicher Landman QS IV+1 Doi
 From a Jack to a King Jive III+1 Malthouse
 From My Guy Fox V Goss
 From Sarah with Love STS IV+2 Pruefer-Magnier
 From the Soul (cued by Ron Noble) Tango-Vals Boble
 From The Soul Arg Tango-Vals Noble
 Fun, Fun, Fun Jive V+1+1 Davis
 Funky Cowboy Cha IV, Hattrick Cue-card only
 Fur Elise Waltz IV+1 Rumble
 Gaelic Morning Waltz II, Acherman Morning Has Broken, Nana
 Galaxy Jive Jive-Viennese IV+0+1 Woodruff
 Galloping Guitars 2-step II+1 Woodruff, cue-card only
 Gardenia Tango Tango IV+1 Parker
 Gelato Cha Cha V+1 Schmidt
 Georgia Brown Quickstep IV Pinks
 Get It On. West Coast Swing V+1+1 Lewis-Olson
 Ghost in this House Rumba-Cha V+1 Woodruff
 Gigi L'Amoroso 2-step II+1 Woodruff
 Ginny Come Bolero Bolero III+1 Galbraith
 Girl Crush Slow-2-Step IV+1+1 Ahart
 Girl of my Dreams Foxtrot V+1 Slater
 Gitchy Goomy Jive Jive IV+2 Mitchell
 Glory of Love WCS V+2+1 Woodruff
 Go away Little Girl Fox IV Loehr
 Go Down Swingin' 2-step II Trankel-Gilder
 Go on By Quickstep IV Hurd
 Going Loco Cha V+1 Maguire
 Going to France WCS V+2+1 Woodruff
 Golden Years Cha IV+2 Woodruff
 Gone with the Wind Foxtrot VI Worlock
 Good To Go To Mexico Cha V+1 Malthouse
 Goody Goody Foxtrot V Woodruff
 Grace Kelly Redux Jive-Foxtrot V+1+1 Goss-Figwer (cued by Worlock)
 Grace Kelly Jive - Fox V+1 D. Goss
 Gravity Storm Merengue IV Fisher
 Great Balls of Fire Cha IV+1+3 Woodruff
 Grecia's Waltz Waltz VI Blackford
 Green Door Jive Jive VI Kilner
 Green Waves Waltz V+1 Bingham-Roller
 Grim Grinning Ghosts Quickstep/2-step III+1 Woodruff
 Groovin' Rumba V Schmidt
 Guantanemera Cha VI Easterday
 Guy What Takes His Time Westcoast swing VI Garza
 Hakuna Matata Mambo V Read
 Hakuna Salsa Salsa/Merengue IV Brewer
 Half a Moment Waltz V+2 Finch
 Halfway to Heaven Bolero V+2 Robinson
 Hallelujah Waltz Hesitation Canter Waltz VI Read
 Hallelujah 2-step- fox III Classic by Reeder
 Hammer and Nails (Ski) Foxtrot V Kurcezewski
 Hammer and Nails Foxtrot V Kurczewski
 Hands Off the Man Fox-jive IV Woodruff
 Hands Up Cha IV Woodruff
 Hang On Little Tomato Foxtrot IV Treichler
 Happy Ever After Rumba V+2 Buck
 Happy Feet at the Codfish Ball (Fred Penner) 2-step II+1 adapted from Bingham
 Happy happy birthday baby Fox IV+1 Woodruff
 Happy Together-cued Bolero VI Sheridan
 Happy Trails 2-step & fox III Woodruff
 Happy Jive V Halbert
 Harper Valley Cha Slow cha III+1 Seurer
 Haunted Guitar Sheridan Waltz V+2 Sheridan
 Haunted Guitar Waltz IV+2 Moore
 Have a Cuppa Tea 2-step II+2 Woodruff
 Have I Told You Lately Foxtrot IV+2 Prow
 Have You ever been in Love Foxtrot V Francis
 Hawaiian Two-Step 2-step II+1 Molitoris
 Hawaiin Wedding Song Fox V+1 Lovelace
 Head over Heels Tango V+1 Rotscheid
 Heart of Glass Cha VI Pierce
 Heartache Cha III Cha III+2 Ivins
 Heartache Tonight Jive IV+2+1 Gloodt
 Heaven Can Wait (Ski) Foxtrot-Jive IV+1 Kurczewski
 Heaven Can Wait Foxtrot-jive IV Pinks
 Helen Cha IV Yakimowski
 He'll Have to Go Walz IV+1 Rumble
 He'll have to stay Waltz IV+1, Rumble Originally He'll have to Go
 Hello Mary Lou Cha III+2 Scott
 Here Comes Lolita Cha III Seurer
 Hernando's Hideaway Tango IV+1 Chico
 Hero Slow-2-step IV+2 Filardo
 He's a Tramp Foxtrot V+2+1 Sheridan
 Heureka Paso Doble V+2+1 Schmidt
 Hey Baby Swing Mambo - Single Swing V+2 Worlock
 Hey Baby Cha V Rumble
 Hey Daddy Cha IV Easterday
 Hey Ho Aleena 2-step II+1 Woodruff, cue-cards
 Hey Oh Cappuccino Mambo IV Woodruff
 High On A Mountain Jive VI Rother
 High On Love IV Jive IV+1 Jones
 Highlands Waltz V Chadd
 Hit The Road Jive Jive V Hicks
 Hit the Road, Jack 2-step II Booz
 Hola Chica Jive V Worlock
 Hold it 2-step II+1 Scott
 Hole in my Pocket Two-step II Fisher (Canada)
 Home (Goss) Slow-2-Step V Goss
 Home on the Range Waltz IV+0+1 Hichman
 Home Slow-2-step IV+2 Woodruff
 Hometown Honeymoon 2-step II+1 Wacker
 Honey on the Vine Foxtrot V+1+1 Read
 Honky Tonk Angel Waltz III+2 Hager
 Honky Tonk Moon WCS IV+2 Woodruff
 Honor And Respect Waltz VI + 1 Kenny
 Hooked On Cha Cha IV+2 Woodruff
 Hopelessly Yours Waltz soft IV Woodruff, Valentine dance
 Hot Hot Merengue Merengue III+2 Kincaid
 Hot Tamale Cha IV+2 Filardo
 Hotel Happiness WCS V+1 Gloodt
 Hotta Chocollatta Cha (Hicks) Cha V+1 Hicks
 Hound Dog Jive Jive V+2+1 Read
 House of Blue Lights Jive IV Kathy Oliver
 How Deep is your Love (Lamberty) STS IV+1+1 Lamberty
 How Deep Is Your Love (Worlock) Rumba IV+2+3 Rumble
 How Deep is Your Love Rumba VI+1 Gilder-Trankel
 How do You Like me now (WCS) Westcoast swing VI Rumble
 How Do You Like Me Now Westcoast VI Noble
 How Lucky can One Guy Be Jive V+0+2 Preskitt
 How Sweet It Is Jive III+1+1 Cantrell
 How to Spot a Vampire Tango V+1+1 Robinson
 How'd I Wind Up in Jamaica Cha IV, Talbott Cha III+1, Baldwin
 Hurricane Swing (Dan Finch cueing) Eastcoast swing Humphryes
 Hurricane Tango Tango V Lamberty
 Husbands and Wives Waltz V Hichman
 Hushabye Mountain Waltz III+1 Schmidt
 Hustle Around Hustle II Ward
 I am just a girl Foxtrot V+1 Worlock
 I Believe In Love Jive VI soft Shibata
 I can love you like that Bolero-cha IV Woodruff for R. Knight
 I Can Tell Jive V+2 Hichman
 I can't Believe that you are in Love with Me Foxtrot IV Beck
 I Can't Take My Eyes Cha IV+2 Kammerer
 I Can't Tell You Why (Townsend-Manning) Bolero III+2+1 Townsend-Manning
 I could have danced all night Cha III+2 Gomez
 I could write a book Foxtrot VI Rumble
 I don't Do Floors (Golden Classic) 2-step II Callahan
 I don't Know (Lamberty) WCS VI Lamberty
 I don't know a thing about love 2-step III Philson
 I don't know enough about you Foxtrot V Ross
 I don't want to walk without you (Barry) Foxtrot III+2 Easterday - changed, other music
 I don't want to walk without you Foxtrot III+2 Easterday
 I feel like a Woman Westcoast Swing VI Shibata
 I Fell in Love Again Slow-2-step IV+2+3 Taylor
 I found a million dollar baby Fox IV Rogers
 I Got A Girl Mambo IV Preskitt
 I Got Rhythm Fox V+1 Noble
 I Have a Dream (Hichman) Slow-2-step IV+2+1 Hichman
 I have a Dream Waltz V+0+1 Rotscheid
 I hear you knocking WCS IV+2 Kurczewski
 I Heard It West Coast Swing V+2+3 Lewis-Olson
 I just want to dance with you V Rumba V+2 Buck
 I like it I love it Jive-cha III+1 Norris
 I Like to Lead When I Dance Foxtrot V Vogt
 I Like You Cha-merengue IV+2 Herr
 I Love Beach Music WCS IV+1 Raybuck
 I Love The Nightlife Jive IV D'Aloiso
 I Love to Dance with You Rumba-cha III Nelson
 I love to See you Smile WCS V+1 Woodruff
 I Love You Baby Quickstep IV Ross
 I Love You Because Bolero IV+2 Woodruff
 I love you 'cause I want to Jive V Cunningham
 I Need to Know (Malthouse) Rumba IV Malthouse
 I Need you tonight Cha-foxtrot IV+2 Simpson
 I never will marry Waltz III Scherrer
 I Only Have Eyes For You (Garza) Jive V+1 Garza
 I Only Want to Be With You Rumba V+1 Lamberty
 I Really Dont Want To Know Waltz IV+2 Sperry
 I see fire Rumba VI Schidler-Trinkaus
 I See The Light Slow-2-step IV+1+3 Evans
 I Swear Bolero IV Ross
 I talk to the trees Rumba IV+2 Bradt
 I told you Bolero Bolero IV+2 Ayres
 I told you Bolero IV+2 Ayres
 I wanna be like you QS VI Worlock
 I wanna go home Slow-2-step IV Woodruff
 I wanna Jive With You Jive III+2 Christiansen
 I wanna to Be Loved by You Foxtrot IV+1 Lamberty
 I want a Love I can See Cha V Weiss
 I Want A Quickstep Quickstep III+1 Palmquist
 I Will Do It All Over Again Slow-2-Step - Foxtrot IV Defore
 I will wait for You Foxtrot V+2 Nelson
 I Wish I Were in Love Again Foxtrot V Ross
 I Wish You Love Rumba IV Preskitt
 I Wonder Why Waltz IV Ross
 I wont forget you Waltz IV Paull
 I won't Send Roses Rumba III+2 Buck
 Ice Cream Viennese Waltz Lamberty
 I'd be Surprisingly Good for You Tango V+2 Goss
 If ever you're in my arms again Bolero IV Ross
 If God Takes my Life Rumba V+2 Shibata
 If I could Love you More Bolero IV+2 Sonnier
 If I could Bolero V Lillefield
 If I Had my Way Foxtrot V Slater
 If I Love Ya, Then I Need Ya Quickstep VI Hicks
 If I Love You Foxtrot VI Palmquist
 If I said 2-step III Woodruff
 If I were a Painting Waltz VI Read
 If I Were A Rich Man Cha VI Rumble
 If I Were You Slow-2-step VI Worlock
 If One Day Bolero V Armstrong
 If she doesn't come back (Truus de Jong) STS-cha V De Jong/Schoenig
 If you could see me now Slow-2-step IV+1+2 Prep for Beat of Your Heart
 If You Don't Know Me By Now WZ IV+1 Waltz IV+1 Lee
 If you Take me to your Heart Foxtrot V+1 Callen
 Iko All Day Samba Samba V Molitoris
 Il Tangacio Tango V+2 Schmidt
 Ilia's Theme (Bingham) Waltz VI Bingham
 I'll Always Love You Foxtrot-Jive V Defore
 I'll be seeing You Foxtrot V Filardo
 I'll Do It All Over Again - Gus DeFore Slow-2-step - foxtrot IV Defore
 I'll Forgive But I'll Never Forget Waltz IV Woodruff
 I'll Never Love Again (Hicks) Slow-2-step V Hicks
 I'll Never love again Rumba V Noble
 I'll Take Manhattan Fox III+2 Kincaid
 Illusion of my Life Tango Vals Noble
 I'm A Man In Love Westcoast IV+1 Cunningham
 I'm a middle-aged woman 2-step-cha III Woodruff (Cue Card only)
 I'm Accustomed to You (Worlock) Bolero VI Goss
 I'm Alive Cha-fox IV Renauld
 I'm All Right Foxtrot VI Cantrell
 I'm Beginning to see the Light Jive VI Vogt
 I'm Coming Home Bolero V Scott
 I'm Confessin' Foxtrot V+1 Rogers
 I'm Falling 4 You (Worlock) Rumba IV+2 Worlock
 I'm Gonna Getcha Good Cha VI Shibata
 I'm Gonna Sit Right Down (Goss) Foxtrot V+2 Goss
 I'm gonna Sit right Down Jive Jive VI Hutchison
 I'm in a dancing mood (cued by Susie) Quickstep V+1 Preskitt
 I'm In A Dancing Mood Quickstep V+1 Preskitt
 I'm in Chains (cued by Ron Rumble) WCS VI Read
 I'm Just Another Sweetheart Fox V Callen
 I'm Not Giving You Up Rumba V+1 Rumble
 I'm Sorry I Answered The Phone Waltz-jive III+2 Logan
 Imaginations Waltz VI Hata
 Impossible Dream Two-step III Procter
 In a Little Spanish Tune 2-step II+1 Bingham
 In A Mellow Tone Foxtrot VI Sandeman
 In it for the Love (Conlee music) Jive III+2 Brown
 In It For The Love Jive III+2 Brown
 In my Dreams WaltzIV+1 Palmquist
 In my own Tears WZ III+2 Scherrer
 In Our Haunted House Waltz II+1 Weiss
 In The Arms Of An Angel Viennese Waltz VI Goss
 In the Navy Cha IV+2+1 Silvia
 In These Shoes Cha V Lillefield
 In this Life Slow-2-step IV+2+1 Gloodt
 In Times like These Westcoast Swing VI Shibata
 Indian Lake (Easy 2 Stp) 2-step II Charlie Brown
 Intrigue Waltz IV+1 Robinson
 Invisible Tears Foxtrot V Cunningham
 Ipanema Rumba V+1 Garza
 Irresistible Rumba IV+1+1 Hichman
 Irresponsible Me Foixtrot V+1 Nelson
 Is it Really Over Slow-2-step IV+1 Kropf
 Is You Is Jive III Clements
 Island Song 2-step II+1+1 Woodruff
 Isn't It Romantic-Cantrell Foxtrot V Cantrell
 Istanbul quickstep (Voelkl) Quickstep IV+0+1 Voelkl
 Istanbul 2-step II Clark
 It Ain't Necessarily So WCS IV+2 Cantrell
 It don't mean a thing - 10pc Quickstep V+1 Rumble
 It had to be you (cued by Susie Rotscheid) Foxtrot IV+1 Rotscheid
 It Happened In Monterey Waltz VI Ross
 It is You I have Loved - 8% Waltz IV+1, long Patzelft-Pohl
 It is You I have Loved Waltz IV+1, short Patzelt-Pohl
 It is You Foxtrot V+1 Moore
 It Must Be Him Rumba V+2 Scott
 It never Rains in South California Cha IV Woodruff
 It Only Took a Kiss Foxtrot-Jive V+1 Weiss
 It Should Have Been Easy cued by Gus DeFore Rumba IV+1+2 Defore
 It takes Two to Tango Cha V+1 Woodruff
 It Takes Two Slow-2-step IV+2 Goss
 It's 4 Cha Cha (cued by Worlock) Cha IV+2 Preskitt
 It's 4 Cha Cha Cha IV+2+1 Preskitt
 It's about Time (Shibata) Westcoast Swing VI Shibata
 It's all Right (Goss) Jive V+2 Goss
 It's Alright W-Me Quickstep V Rumble
 It's In His Kiss Cha IV+1 Bradl
 It's in the Rain Waltz IV Wilaby
 It's Just Cha Cha Cha IV+1 Broadwater
 Its The Same Old Song Jive V+0+2 Ross
 It's Time to Go Waltz V Pinks
 It's What We Love to Do 2-step II Mouser
 It's Wonderful 2-step-Cha IV Woodruff
 I've got $2.00 In The Jukebox (Eddie Rabitt) + 3pc 2-step II+1 Woodruff - cue-card only
 I've Got A Rock And Roll Heart Cha IV+2 Gloodt
 I've Got The World On A String-Easterday Jive V Easterday
 I've never loved anyone more Waltz II+1 Haury
 Jacalyn's Waltz (diff seq) Waltz II to Mancini Wilhoit, diff seq
 Jack Is Back Mambo V+2 Worlock
 Jacky Paso Doble V Ross
 J'ai deux Amours Fox IV+2 Woodruff
 Jailhouse King Jive IV+2 Woodruff
 James Jive IV Woodruff
 Jamestown Ferry STS IV+1 Koozer
 J'attendrai Fox V Grahm
 Java Jive VI WCS VI Childers
 Java-2-step 2-step II+2 Bond
 Je ne veux pas travailler 2-step II+0+1 Woodruff
 Jealous Foxtrot V+1 Slater
 Jeeves Quickstep Quickstep IV+0+3 Clements
 Jelly Roll Quickstep VI Hurd
 Jesse (Shibata waltz) Waltz V+0+3 Shibata
 Jesse Waltz soft IV A Woodruff cue-card
 Jivin' to Kansas City Jive IV Taylor
 Josephine Jive Jive V+1+1 Hichman
 Journey To The Past (Worlock) Rumba VI Worlock
 Judy Jive +0+2 Woodruff
 Jukebox in my mind 2-step II+2 Jones
 Jukebox Junkie Jive V+1 Woodruff
 Julia Jive Jive IV+2+3 Voelkl
 Jurame Rumba V+2 Worlock
 Jurassic Rumba Rumba V+1 Clements
 Just a Closer Walk with Thee STS IV+!+! Woodruff
 Just A Tango Tango V Childers
 Just another little waltz Viennese III+1 Woodruff
 Just Another Woman in Love Rumba VI Anderson
 Just As I Am Waltz III+1 Woodruff
 Just In Time (Moore) Fox IV+2, Moore
 Just In Time For Love Fox V+2 Shibata
 Just In Time Fox IV+2 Norton
 Just Loving You 2-step II+1 Hooper, adj for Mary Duff
 Just My Luck Cha VI Rumble
 Just Smile Foxtrot VI Worlock
 Keeper of the Stars Cha IV Malthouse
 Kewpie Doll Jive III Hutchison
 Kicks In The 6ix(Goss, cued by Worlock) Quickstep VI Goss
 Kindred Spirits (Gloodt) Bolero IV+0+1 Gloodt
 King of the Road WCS West Coast Swing V+0+2 Van Acker
 King of the Road Jive V+1+1 Woodruff
 Kiss (Shibata - cued by Worlock) Cha V+1+2 Shibata
 Kiss me Slow Foxtrot IV+2 Nelson
 Kiss of Fire Argentine Tango Lamberty
 Kiss Cha IV Woodruff
 Knee Deep Two-Step 2-step II+1+1 Defore
 Knock Me A Kiss WestCoast Swing V+1+3 Schmidt
 Kokomo Rumba V! D'Aloiso
 Kokonuts (simplified) Polka II, simplified Brown
 La Bamba Mambo IV Rumble
 La Barca Bolero V+1 Goss
 La Cuca Cha Cha Cha Mixer IV+2 Shibata
 La Distancia (Brent Moore) Bolero VI Moore
 La Media Rumba Rumba III+2 Molitoris
 La Morena De Mi Copla Paso Doble VI+4 Ross
 La Paloma Bolero Bolero V+1 Molitoris
 La Papaya Cha VI Easterday
 La Petite Valse slow Waltz III+1+1 Woodruff
 La Petite Valse WZ Viennese III+1+1 Woodruff
 La Pura Cha V+1 Goss
 La Pura2 Cha V+0+1 Goss
 La vie en rose (cued by Susie) Fox IV+1 Grahm
 La vie en rose Foxtrot III+2 Molitoris
 La Vita e Bella (IV) Rumba IV Woodruff
 Lady in Red - Valenta Rumba VI Valenta
 Lady in Red Rumba IV+2 Neumann
 Ladyhawk Waltz V+2, Armstrong
 L'Appuntamento Rumba V+2+1 Weiss
 Las Clases Cha Cha Cha Cha III+1 Bradt
 Lasso the Moon Waltz IV Chadd
 Last Cheater's Waltz Waltz II (tough) Woodruff
 Last Dance for Me Cha III+1 Imamura
 Last Date Slow-2-step IV+1+2 Molitoris
 Last Night Cha Cha V+1 Worlock
 Last Night Rumba VI Lamberty
 Last Teardrop Wcs Westcoast V Bahr
 LatikasTheme Rumba V+2 Nolen
 Laurann Waltz IV+2 Preskitt
 Lay Down Beside Me (Johnson) Waltz V+1 Johnson
 Lay Down beside Me Waltz II Labau
 Lazy Crazy Days (cued by Susie Rotscheid) Quickstep VI Vogt
 Lazy Crazy Days Quickstep VI Vogt
 Lazy Swinging (Hicks, cued by Worlock) West Coast Swing VI Hicks
 Le plus Beau Tango du Monde Tango V Ross
 Le Tue Parole Bolero IV+2, Weiss
 Leave A Little Room For God Jive IV Weiss
 Lefty Louie Jive IV Bond
 Legends Of The Fall Waltz IV+2 Gloodt
 Lejos de Ti (Lamberty) Tango V+1 Lamberty
 Lejos de Ti Tango V+1, Lamberty
 Let it be Me Slow-2-step III+2 Morrison
 Let It Roll Let It Ride Jive IV+1 Bahr
 Let me Call you Sweetheart Waltz IV+1 Szabo
 Let There Be Love Fox VI Lamberty
 Let There Be Fox IV+2 Hurd
 Letkiss II 2-step II+1 Woodruff
 Letkiss mambo-2-step IV+1 ECTA
 Let's Dance Quickstep IV+1 Stone
 Let's Fall in Love - Gloodt Foxtrot-Jive IV+1 Gloodt
 Let's Fall in Love Fox V Noble
 Let's Get It While The Gettin's Good 2-step II+1 Woodruff
 Let's get Loud Cha IV+1 Hannah
 Let's go Hoppin' TS II+1 Heiny
 Let's Mambo Mambo IV+1 Herr
 Let's Merengue Merengue V Barton
 Let's Smile Foxtrot IV Hicks
 Libertango-cued by Rexl Tango V+1 Lamberty
 Liebestraum Waltz V+1 Shibata
 Life FT VI Sears Foxtrot VI (very short) Sears
 Life Goes On Cha V+2 Dechenne
 Life Is A Slow Dance (Worlock) Waltz IV+2 Worlock
 Life is Beautiful (V+2+1) Rumba V+2+1 Woodruff
 Light Up my Life (II) Waltz II+1 Cunningham
 Lightning Strikes 2-step-fox-cha III Booz
 Lights Of London Waltz V+2 Schmidt
 Like I Love You Cha IV+1+1 Prow
 Lili Marleen Samba Samba IV+2 Molitoris
 Limbo Rock Samba III+2 Kincaid
 Linda Lou 2-step 2-step II Ogasawara
 Linger Awhile (cued by Richard) Quickstep IV+1 Lamberty
 Linger Awhile Quickstep IV+1 Lamberty
 Liquid Lunch Cha-Rumba III Woodruff
 Listen to the Man West Coast Swing VI Van Acker
 Little Big Horn 2-step-single swing III+1 Woodruff
 Little Black Book 2-step II+1 Mouser
 Little Boxes II Waltz II+1+1 Woodruff
 Little Boxes III Waltz III+1 Woodruff
 Little by Little Jive IV+0+1 Brewer
 Little Papillon Waltz IV+2 Schmidt
 Live and Learn 2-step III-ish Woodruff
 Lolita Cha Cha V+2 Herr
 Lolita Waltz III+2 Hartung
 London By Night (Ph Iiii) Waltz III Woodruff
 London By Night (Ph VI) Waltz VI Goss
 London Town (Easterday) Foxtrot III+2 Easterday
 Long as I live Slow-2-Step VI Worlock
 Long Before Your Time - Otto Slow-2-step V+2+3 Otto
 Long Before Your Time STS V+2+3 Otto
 Long Cool Woman (Tim) Jive IV+0+1 Eum
 Look at Me I'm Sandra Dee - 4 pc Viennese waltz V Goss
 Look at You Girl Rumba IV Chadd
 Look What They've Done (2-step) 2-step II+2 Woodruff
 Looking Through Your Eyes Rumba IV+1 Read
 Los Rayos del Sol (Cued by Ron Rumble) Rumba V+2 Moore
 Louie Louie Bolero III Stillwell
 Love Ain't Here Anymore ( Ph V) Waltz V Schmidt
 Love And Marriage Fox IV+1 Easterday
 Love Bubbles Rumba IV Woodruff
 Love Changes Everything Bolero V Pierce
 Love don't Live Here Any More 2-step II Woodruff
 Love for Sale IV Foxtrot IV+2 Hichman
 Love For Sale Jive IV Moore
 Love Grows Cha V+1 Worlock
 Love Has no Pride Waltz IV Brewer
 Love in my Eyes Waltz IV Halbert
 Love is a Beautiful Song Waltz III+1 Snell
 Love is Waiting Waltz VI + 1 Kurczewski
 Love IV Foxtrot Foxtrot IV+2 Molitoris
 Love Lifted Me Waltz IV+1 Baldwin
 Love Looks so Good on You Cha VI Nelson
 Love Me Do Jive IV Lamberty
 Love Pleasure Waltz IV Ross
 Love Potion Nr 9 Cha V+1+1 Anderson
 Love Potion West Westcoast V+1, Prow
 Love Quickstep Love Quickstep Callen
 Love Runs Out Cha IV Healea
 Love Somebody Like You Cha III+1 Defore
 Love Story Bolero Bolero IV+2, Buck Not original music
 Love The Tango Tango V+1 Goss-Figwer
 Love will Conquer All Cha IV+0+1 Reinhard
 Loveliest Night Waltz IV Bingham
 Lovely Way Foxtrot Foxtrot V+2 Pinks
 Lovers' Chain Foxtrot IV+2 Kennedy
 Love's Forgotten Bride (Goss) Waltz V Goss
 Love's Hymne Waltz V+2 Oren
 Lovey Dovey WestCoast Swing IV+2 Blackford
 Loving You is the Best Thing 2-step II+1 Baldwin
 Lucky Old Colorado Waltz II+1 Dewayne
 Luna En El Malecon Bolero VI Ross
 Macarena III Cha III Aschenden
 MacNamara's Band 2-step II+1 Woodruff
 Maddest Kind Of Love Foxtrot V+1 Herr
 Magic Moments (Pelton) Foxtrot V Pelton
 Make Believe a Dream Foxtrot VI Patrick
 Make Love to Me Again WestCoast Swing VI Finch
 Make Love to Me Jive V Francis
 Make me Rainbows Foxtrot VI Lamberty
 Making Love Out Of Nothing VI Foxtrot VI Eum
 Making Love Out of Nothing Foxtrot VI Eum-Hadley
 Making Memories Foxtrot V Pinks
 Malt Liquor V WestCoast Swing V+1 Buck
 Mambo Bamboo Mambo III+ Barton
 Mambo in Paris Mambo IV Hicks
 Mambo Istanbul Mambo IV Collipi
 Mambo No.8 Mambo V+1+2 Shibata
 Mambo Tequila Mambo IV -8% Schmidt
 Mambo With Me Mambo V+1+1 Kincaid
 Mame (Herb Alpert) 2-step II+2+1 Bingham
 Man I Feel Like A Jive Jive IV+1 Rotscheid
 Man in Love Jive V+1+1 Hilton
 Man Wanted Quickstep IV+2 Hurd
 Manana (Samba-Merengue) Samba-merengue Chico
 Mandulinata Waltz IV+1 Garza
 Manuela Waltz IV+1 Rumble
 Many Kisses Rumba III Lamberty
 Maps (Goss) Cha VI Goss
 Maria Elena bolero (Cued by Susie) Bolero III+2 Palenchar
 Maria Elena Fox V Ward
 Mariana Mambo (Worlock cueing) Mambo IV+2+2 Goss-Fogwer
 Marie Fox VI Lawson
 Marilyn Waltz IV+1+1 Palmquist
 Marinella Cha III Doi
 Marshmellow World Foxtrot V Gomez-Lee
 Mary Claire Melvina Rebecca Jane 2-step II Hattrick
 May Each day Be A Good One WZ III Waltz III Lee
 May Each Day Waltz VI Shibata
 Me and Mrs You Foxtrot V+2 Goss
 Me and My Shadow Cha Cha IV+1 Fisher
 Me and my Sister Waltz IV+2 Read
 Mean and Evil Westcoast Swing V+1+2 Schmidt
 Meditating Waltz VI Ito
 Mediteranean Eyes Cha IV+2 Woodruff
 Meet me Tonight Waltz VI Ito
 Meet Miss Jones Foxtrot IV+2 Moore
 Memories are made of this Slow-2-step III+2 Chico
 Memories of You (cued by Ron Noble) Fox V+2 Slater
 Memory Rumba (cued by Curt Worlock) Rumba III+2 Molitoris
 Memphis Tennessee Jive V+2 Woodruff
 Mexican Moonlight Rumba V+1+1 >>>
 Mexico Single Swing V Herr
 Mi Chico Latino Samba IV+2+1 Schmidt
 Mi Vida sin tu amor Bolero IV+2 Gloodt
 Mi vida Rumba IV+2 Read
 Mia Bolero (Worlock) Bolero VI Worlock
 Mia Bolero Bolero VI Worlock
 Michellle Foxtrot V+1+1 Gloodt
 Midnight Blue 4 STS IV+2 Woodruff
 Midnight Blue Slow-2-step V+0+3 Woodruff
 Midnight Cowboy Hesitation Canter Waltz IV Prow
 Midnight in Moscow II 2-step II+2 Scott
 Midnight Man Jive IV+1+1 Parker
 Midnight Sun Rumba V+1 Moore
 Midnight Tango Tango VI Vogt
 Milica VI Fox VI Woodruff
 Mind your own business 2-step II+1 Woodruff
 Miracle Salsa Salsa VI Shibata
 Miracles Waltz VI Brenton
 Misbehavin' WCS IV+1 Barton
 Missing Angel Rumba III+2 Bassett
 Mississipi Home 5-count-2-step III Woodruff
 Missouri Waltz Waltz IV+1 Waldal/Bushue
 Misty Fox IV Fox IV Jaworski
 Misty Morning cued by Rumble Waltz VI Rumble
 Molly Maguire Waltz IV+2 Lamberty
 Moment to Moment Rumba VI Goss
 Money, Money, Money Cha IV Woodruff
 Monsters, Inc(Preskitt) Quickstep V+1+2 Preskitt
 Moolah lah (cued by Susie) Mambo IV+1+1 Finch
 Moon over the Andes Tango VI Linden
 Moon River Waltz III Doi
 Moondance IV Foxtrot IV+2 Lillefield
 Moondance With You (III) Foxtrot III+2 Scott
 Moonlight Memories (Worlock) Foxtrot VI Worlock
 Moonlight Memories Foxtrot V Woodruff
 More (Bradl) Foxtrot V Bradl
 More (Rumble) Fox IV+2, Rumble
 More And More Fox V+2 Lawson
 More than You'll ever Know Rumba IV Matthews
 Moreton Bay WZ II+2 Waltz II+2 Lee
 Morning has Broken (Pierce) Waltz III+2 Pierce
 Morning of the Carnival Rumba V+1 Slater
 Morning on the Meadow Waltz V+2 Kurczewski
 Morse Code Of Love Jive IV+1 McGee
 Moscow Nights adaptation Fox IV, adapted Brown
 Mother's Day Cha III Woodruff
 Move On Rumba IV+1 Molitoris
 Moves Like Jagger Cha IV+1 Kincaid
 Movie Themes Multi IV modified
 Movin' On Up Cha Cha V+1 Scherrer
 Movin on Up Cha IV+0+1 Shibata
 Movin' Cha III+2 Martin
 Mr Arrow Key Cha V+2 Woodruff
 Mr. Alladin Quickstep IV Easterday
 Mr. Trumpet Man 2-step II+2 Knowles
 Mr.Success (Goss) Foxtrot V+2 Goss
 Mucho Corazon Rumba IV+2+1 Sperry
 Mucho Mambo (Worlock) Cha-rumba IV+2 Worlock
 Mujer Rumba VI Read
 Mull of Kintyre Waltz V+2 Kincaid
 Murder He Says (Annette) Lindy VI Lamberty
 Murder on the Dance Floor Cha V+1+1 Maguire
 Murder, he says (Rexl) Lindy VI, Lamberty Cued by Richard
 Music Music Music Quickstep III Woodruff
 Must be Catchin' Foxtrot V Blackford
 Must You Dance Foxtrot IV Heiny
 Mustang Sally Westcoast Swing VI Prow
 My Angel (Malaika) cued by Susie STS V Rotscheid
 My Angel Westcoast Swing V+2+2 Ito
 My aphrodisiac is you WCS V+1 David
 My Baby Just Cares For Me (Worlock) Foxtrot VI Goss
 My Baby Just Cares for Me Jive III+1+1 Rotscheid
 My Beautiful Dreamer Waltz IV+1 Noble
 My Blue Heaven 2-step II+1 Woodruff
 My Clarinet Quickstep IV Doi
 My Confession (Rumble) Bolero VI Rumble
 My Endless Love (Barbara) Rumba VI Blackford
 My First, my Last, my Everything Foxtrot VI Preskitt
 My Friends Quickstep V+1 Barr
 My Heart Will Go On ( IV) STS IV+0+1 Gomez-Salas
 My Heart Will Go On V Bolero V Ryder
 My Heart Won't Listen to Me Foxtrot V Woodruff
 My Kind Of Girl Fox V Blackford
 My Little Friend 2-step II+1 Carpenter
 My Love For Evermore Cha IV+2+1 Woodruff
 My Sweet Catherine Waltz VI Goss
 My Tango Baby Tango IV+2 Finch
 My True Love Waltz IV+1 Slater
 My, My, Time Flies Mixed V+1 Woodruff
 Nada Personal-cued Bolero VI Garza
 Nada Rumba Rumba III+1 Seurer
 Nadia's Theme Fox III Goss
 Nah Neh Nah Cha III+1 Woodruff
 Naughty Lady Rumba-paso IV+1 Woodruff
 Near You Foxtrot V+1 Gloodt
 Nessuno Mai IV Fox IV+2 Goss
 Neutron Dance (Hilburn) Quickstep V+1 Hilburn
 Never do a tango with an Eskimo Tango V+1+1 Woodruff
 Never Givin' Up Cha V+1 Woodruff
 Never Gonna Give You Upt Discofox Schmidt
 Never Let me Go Waltz IV+2 Race
 Neville's Waltz (Eum) Waltz V+1 Eum-Hadley
 Neville's Waltz Waltz IV Parker
 New Fever Waltz Waltz V+1 Davis
 New Mexico Rumba III+2 Woodruff
 New Orleans Hula 2-step - quickstep III Woodruff
 New York City Blues WestCoast Swing V+1+1 Gloodt
 Next to Me Cha IV Ross
 Nice and Easy Foxtrot VI Goss
 Nice Work if You can Get it Foxtrot V Lamberty
 Night Fever (Schmidt) Disco-fox V Schmidt
 Night Lights Fox V+1 Slomslensky
 No Arms Can Ever Hold You Slow-2-step III+1 Morrison
 No Easy Lady WCS IV+2 Williams
 No Good WCS V+1 Schmidt
 No Matter What (IV) Rumba IV Martin
 No More Boleros Bolero V+1 Prestridge
 No One But You In My Heart Waltz V+2 Kurczewski
 No Problem Jive V Randall Lewis
 No Shoes, no Shirt 2-step II+2 Trankle-Gilder
 No Tengo Dinero (V) Cha V+1 Ito
 No Tengo Dinero Cha - Merengue III Cibula
 No Walls Waltz IV+2 Worlock
 Nocturne Waltz V Lamberty
 Non Pensare a Me Rumba V+2 Griffin
 Nos Conocimos (Worlock) Bolero V+2 Fisher
 Nos Conocimos Bolero V+2 Fisher
 Nosey Joe Jive IV Easterday
 Nostalgie Multi IV+2 Hay
 Nothing Feels So Good Foxtrot V+1 Schmidt
 Novio Rumba VI Sheridan
 Nueve de Julio Argentine Tango V+0+2 Doi
 O Mio Bambino Caro Waltz V Weiss
 O Tu O Ninguna Bolero V+2 Parker
 Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da Cha III+1 Rumble
 Oblivion Waltz V+1 Ito
 Oceans Of Love Waltz IV+2 Storm
 Ocho Rios (VI) Rumba VI Draper
 Ocho Rios 4 Rumba IV Stanley
 Oh Charlie Quickstep V+1+3 Bahr
 Oh God Rumbba VI Imamura
 Oh How I Miss You Tonight Waltz V Callen
 Ok Boogie Jive drill VI Woodruff
 Okie from Muskogee 2-step II Hilton
 Old Friends Waltz III+2 Woodruff, I think
 Old Time Rock'n Roll Jive IV+2 Hilton
 Old Vienna Viennese II Adams-Johnson
 Ole Guapa VI Tango VI Hurd
 Ole Guapa Mixed Tango V Cunningham
 On an Evening in Roma Quickstep VI Hichman
 On and On (Shibata) Rumba IV+2 Shibata
 On Days Like These Bolero VI Preskitt
 On my Journey Bolero V+1+1 Shibata
 On the Street Where You Live (Brewer) Quickstep IV Brewer
 On the Street Where You Live (IV) Foxtrot-Jive-Two-Step IV Parker
 On The Street Where You Live Foxtrot VI DeChenne
 On the Sunny Side of the Street Foxtrot-Jive V Parker
 Once in a While Foxtrot V Gloodt
 Once Upon a Dream Viennese waltz unphased Schmidt
 Once You Had Gold Waltz IV+2 Rotscheid
 One (2-step) 2-step II+1 Yakimowski
 One Day in Your Life Rumba V Ross
 One Moment in Bolero Bol.+STS+Fox IV+1 Nelson-Lowder
 One Moment in Time Worlock Bolero VI Worlock
 One Moment in Time Rumba IV+1 Pinks
 One More Bolero Bolero V+1 Buck
 One More Tequila Mambo IV +1+1 Kincaid
 One More Time 2-step-rumba IV Baldwin
 'One' MoreTime (cued by Worlock) Mixed V+2+1, Shibata  
 One Night in Bangkok Cha V Woodruff
 One Step at a Time Cha IV+1 Defore
 One Way Ticket Remix Cha V+1 Woodruff
 One Way Ticket C ha V+1 Woodruff
 One Multi IV+2 Shibata
 Onedine Waltz Waltz VI Kennedy
 Only A Paper Moon Fox IV+2 Rumble
 Only Time Bolero Bolero VI + U Warner
 Ooh...La La Samba V Sechrist
 Operator Operator V Jive V+0+2 Hichman
 Operator, Operator 2-step II+2 Cronkite
 Orient Express Fox V Moore
 Orinoco Flow Rumba IV+1+2 Woodruff
 Otra Noche Argentine Tango IV Clements
 Our Crazy World Waltz V Robertson
 Our Love Affair Foxtrot VI Sheridan
 Our Love Melody Waltz VI Bahr
 OurTime(Goss-Figwer) Blue Angels Dancesportcup
 Out of Africa Waltz IV Shibata
 Out of Your Shoes Rumba V Francis
 Out on the Mira - 5 pc Waltz IV+1 Woodruff
 Over And Over Fox V Goss
 Oye Como Va Cha VI Noble
 Pacto De Amor Rumba VI Shibata
 Papa Loves Mambo Mambo IV Easterday
 Paparazzi Cha V+0+1 Kincaid
 Paper Kisses Quickstep Quickstep IV+1 Nelson
 Papillon Waltz VI Lamberty
 Paraiso Sonado Bolero V Ross
 Parc from Sanssouci Foxtrot VI Van Acker cue-card
 Parisian Parade Waltz V+1+1 Moore
 Parle-moi Waltz V Woodruff
 Party ForTwo Cha IV+1, Voelkl Cue-card
 Pas de Bananes Polka (PD flavor) II+1 Scott
 Paso Cadiz Paso V+1 Goss
 Pastorale (Goss) Waltz VI Goss
 Pastorale Waltz VI Goss
 Pata Pata Cha IV+2 Cibula
 Patricia The Stripper JV-WCS V+2+1 Woodruff
 Patrona Bavariae Waltz IV Mouser
 Pearly Shells (Vaughn) Classic 2-step II Latta
 Peligro (Goss) Tango VI Goss
 Penelope Rumba VI Lillefield
 Pennsylvania 65000 Fox IV Glober
 Penny For Your Thoughts Fox V Slater
 People Say Jive IV Logan
 Pepino The Mouse Cha III Cibula
 Perfidia (Instrumental rumba) Rumba IV+2 C/s doctored
 Perfidia Bolero Bolero V Nolen
 Perfidia in Brazil Rumba V+2+1 Hurd
 Perhaps Bolero cha III Chico
 Peter Gunn Cha VI Goss
 Petite Fleur Fox IV+0+1 Woodruff
 Peyton Place Waltz V, Lamberty Waltz IV+1, Robinson (Intrigue)
 Phantom Of The Opera Tango V+2 Cunningham
 Phoenix cha Cha IV+1 Molitoris
 Phoenix Love Cha Cha IV+2 Raybuck
 Picardy Foxtrot Fox VI Slater
 Pick A Bale Of Cotton Jive VI Easterday
 Pinball Wizard Paso Doble IV+2+1 Lankuttis
 Pincha cued by Worlock Mambo V+2, Worlock
 Pincha Mambo V+2 Worlock
 Pink Cadillac Jive V+1 Lawson
 Pink Panther (cued by Marcel) Foxtrot V+1 Gray
 Pizzicatoostep (long) 2-step II Woodruff
 Pizzicatoostep (short) 2-step II Woodruff
 Plaisir d'Amour (VI) Waltz VI Kurczewski
 Plaisir D'Amour Waltz II+2 Waltz II+2 Lee
 Plaisir D'Amour Waltz V+1 Clements
 Play Among The Stars Foxtrot VI Kennedy
 Play Something Country Jive V+1+ Scott
 Play the Song WestCoast Swing V+1+3 Woodruff
 Playin' Spoons Cha III+2 Weiss
 Please don't talk about me Two-step II Schappacher
 PMS Blues WestCoast Swing IV+2+1 Kurczewski
 Poema Tango VI Noble
 Pontoon West Coast WCS V+1 Ayres
 Poor gigolo Tango V+2 Woodruff
 Poor People Quickstep IV McMurty
 Pop a Top Jive V Francis
 Popcorn Tango Mixed Rhythms IV Woodruff
 Por Debajo de la mesa Bolero IV+0+1 Eum
 Porque te vas (Jeanette) 2-step II+1 Woodruff
 Porque Te Vas (Star Academy) 2-step II+1 Woodruff
 Portrait Waltz VI Nelson
 Precious Dreams V Waltz V Molitoris
 Pretty Little Poppy Rumba IV Hoffman
 Pride and Joy WestCoast Swing V+1 Pierce
 Primrose Lane Fox IV+2 Scott
 Proceed With Caution Fox V Woodruff
 Promise her Anything Fox IV+2 Molitoris
 Promise Me Rumba V+2 Froelich
 Pumping Iron Jive VI Shibata
 Punta Prima (Michael Schmidt)) Paso IV+1 Langer
 Push the Button Max WCS-Jive IV+2 Woodruff
 Pussy Cat Sway Cha V+1+1 Schidler-Breuer
 Put Your Dreams Away Waltz V+2 Valenta
 Puttin On The Ritz - Goss Quickstep VI Goss
 Puttin' On The Ritz Quickstep IV+1 Pierce
 Quand Tu Chantes Samba IV+1 Schmidt
 Quando Mambo IV Krackau-Maerzke
 Queen of the Night TG III Ball
 Quick'n Easy Quickstep III+2 Moore
 Quickstep Ain't Enough Multi III+1 to "Too Much" Silvia
 Quickstep Bootcamp Cha V+1 Worlock
 Quicksteppin' Music QS III+2 Chico
 Quiereme Mucho Rumba IV+1 Stemke
 Quietly Bolero Bolero V Molitoris
 Rabbit Tango Tango V Davis
 Rachel Song STS IV+1 Stairwalt
 Ragg Mopp 2-step II+1 Prow
 Ragtime Cowboy Joe 2-step II+1 Weiss
 Rainbow Connection (long) Waltz IV Childers + additions
 Rainbow Connection Waltz IV Childers
 Rainbow Foxtrot Classic fox -jive IV+2 Blackford
 Rainbows are Back in Style Foxtrot V+2 Blackford
 Rainy Cha Cha V+1 Prow
 Rama Lama Ding Dong (Worlock) Jive V Worlock
 Ramona (Shibata) Waltz III+2 Shibata
 Ramona Waltz III+2 Hoss/Waldorf
 Rasputin Cha & 2-step III Woodruff
 Ready For Sunshine Quickstep V+1 Woodruff
 Real Live Girl Fox V+1 Slocenski
 Real Paso Dos Paso IV Rotscheid
 Recipe for love Jive V Goss
 Red Roses for a Blue Lady Fox IV Cunningham
 Reflection Rumba V+1 Worlock
 Remedy Tango-Cha V Woodruff
 Remember When Fox-jive IV Leblanc
 Remembering You (Hicks-Co, danced by Worlock) Waltz VI Hicks-Co
 Remordimiento (cued by Richard) Tango VI Lamberty
 Remordimiento Tango VI Lamberty
 Renasae Bolero VI Moore
 Respect Cha VI Goss
 Return To Me Rumba IV+2 Ryder
 Return To My Hawaii (Worlock) Slow-2-step VI Worlock
 Rhythm & Blues 2-step II+1 Kincaid
 Rhythm and Romance Rumba IV+1 Wulf
 Rhythm of Love Quickstep V+2 Goss
 Rhythm of my Heart WCS VI Read
 Rigamarole Jive VI Woodruff
 Right In My Own Backyard Cha IV+1 Baldwin
 Rimini IV Waltz IV+2 Blackford
 River Lullabye VI Waltz VI DeChenne
 Roadhouse Blues Jive unphased Easterday
 Rock Around The Clock (-17%) Jive IV Woodruff
 Rock Right Jive IV+1 Woodruff
 Rock Steady Cha IV Angress-Arab
 Rockin' Robin Jive V Macuci
 Roll Back the Rug and Dance 2-step-single swing III+2 Parker
 Rolling with the Flow Rumba III+1 McDonald-McCain
 Romantic Dream (Parker) Waltz IV+1 Parker
 Romantic Dream Waltz V+2 Moore
 Romantic Interlude Rumba V+1 Hartung
 Romantica Playa Rumba VI Nelson
 Romeo And Juliet Waltz V+1 Moore
 Rooney-O 2-step II Woolcock
 Rose Marie (review drill) Fox IV review drill Woodruff
 Rose Room Foxtrot IV+1 Winter
 Roses For Elizabeth Classic 2-step II Bliss
 Rotterdam or anywhere Multi IV+1 Woodruff
 Roy G Biv Foxtrot Foxtrot IV+2 Waldorf/Bushue
 Ruby Baby (Dion) Jive V+1+1 Woodruff
 Ruby Baby (Hawkins) Jive V+1+1 Woodruff
 Ruby Tuesday Slow-2-step IV+2 Cartwright
 Rudy Waltz IV+2 Eum
 Rumba Along The Nile Rumba IV+1 Young
 Rumba Calienta Rumba VI Shibata
 Rumba practice Rumba IV+2 Worlock
 Rumours Cha IV+1+2 Woodruff
 Run for the Roses (Tennant) Fox IV+2 Tennant
 Runaway Soul (cued by Regina) West Coast Swing IV+2+3 Eum-Hadley
 Runaway Soul West Coast Swing IV+2+3 Eum-Hadley
 Sabor a Mi (Childers, cued Worlock) Rumba VI Childers
 Sabor A Mi Bolero V Lamberty
 Saboteur West Coast Swing V+1+1 Molitoris
 Sad Movies Rumba V+1 Woodruff
 Saddle the wind Waltz IV+2 Moore
 Safronia B Jive VI Rumble
 Saginaw Michigan 2-step II+1 Hichman
 Sail Along Slow-2-step IV+1 Woodruff
 Salade de fruits (Bourvil) Rumba III+1 Woodruff
 Salsa Cachete Salsa IV Young
 Salsa Cafe Salsa IV Shibata
 Sam (Baldwin) Waltz IV+1 Baldwin
 Sam (Kannapel) Waltz IV+1 Kannapel
 Samba de Ooh La La (cued by Paul Robinson) Samba V+1 Shibata
 Sam's Song Waltz VI Shawver
 Sand In My Shoes Rumba IV Brown - Cooley
 Sans toi Ma Mie Bolero III+2, Doi
 Santa Lucia (Flemish) Fox IV Woodruff - Just a review dance
 Santa Lucia IV Waltz IV+1 Woodruff
 Sarajevo Slow-2-step III+2 Woodruff
 Save the last Waltz for Me Waltz IV Heiny
 Say You Say Me Rumba IV+1 Molitoris
 Say You'll Stay (Tom Jones) Fox IV+2 Woodruff
 Say You'll Stay Fox IV+2 Woodruff
 Saying Goodbye Rumba VI Dechenne
 Sayonara 2-step II+1 Woodruff
 Scarlet Ribbons Waltz IV Hilton
 Scotchin' with the soda 2-step-quickstep-single swing IV Murphy
 Sea Cruise ive IV+1 Molitoris/Garcia
 Secret Garden Rumba Rumba VI Goss
 Secret Love Foxtrot V Cantrell
 Secret WestCoast Swing VI Lamberty
 Secreto Amor Rumba III+1 Bahr
 Sedalia Rumba IV+2+1 Kenny
 See The Day Waltz V+1 Lillefield
 Self Control (Schmidt) Disco-fox V Schmidt
 Self-Control Discofox V Schmidt
 Sella Il Vento-cued Waltz VI Moore
 Send in the Clowns Waltz IV+2 Nelson
 Senor Meteo Cha IV+2 Cibula
 Senorita tango (cued by Susie Tango IV Rumble
 Senorita Tango Tango IV Rumble
 Sensation Tango V Bradt
 Sentimental Journey Foxtrot-Jive V+1 Rotscheid
 Senza Fine Waltz IV+2 Hurd
 September Foxtrot Foxtrot IV+1 Slotsve
 Serenade 4U Waltz IV+2 Lamberty
 Serenade Of Love Tango V+2 Prow
 Serenantella (cued-Worlock) Tango V Shibata
 Sergeant Preston Cha-Tango-Jive IV+1 Woodruff
 Seven Lonely Days Two-step II Woodruff (R trng Box)
 Seventeen Quickstep III Scott
 Shades Of Love RB-cha-bol V+1+1 Hutchison
 Shadow of Tango Tango IV+2+1 Scott
 Shake Rattle And Roll Jive V+1+1 Schmidt
 Shall We Dance VI Quickstep V+2 Goss
 Shall We Dance Quickstep VI Migliorini
 Shamey Shamey Shame Jive V+2 Woodruff
 Shape Of You (Goss) Samba V+0+3 Goss
 She Bangs Cha IV+1+1 Hurd
 She Can't Fix Grits Jive VI Macuci
 She Dances (cued Rumble) Viennese Waltz V+1 Rumble
 Sheik of Araby Fox-2-step III Roberts
 Sherry Cha III+2 Filardo
 She's a Lady (Scott) Jive-Cha IV+2 Scott
 She's a Lady Cha-Jive IV+1 Scott
 She's Always A Woman Hes-Can Waltz - Viennese Waltz V+1+3 Eum-Hadley
 She's in Love with the Boy Cha IV+1 Oren
 She's Looking Good (cued by Ron Noble) WCS IV+2 Noble
 She's Looking Good WCS IV+2 Noble
 She's My Kind O fGirl Foxtrot IV Prow
 She's Not You Foxtrot IV+1 Woodruff
 She's too fat for me (Too Fat Polka) 2-step II Woodruff
 Shift work Rumba IV Woodruff
 Short Shorts Jive IV+2 Scott
 Should I Do It (Crapo) Jive V+1 Crapo
 Should I Do It (Read) Jive IV+2 Read
 Shout (Speed - 4%) 2-step-Single swing VI Worlock
 Shout 2-step-Single swing VI Worlock
 Shut Up and Dance Cha IV+1 Kincaid
 Signed, sealed, delivered Jive IV+2+1 Hichman
 Sin Excusas Bolero V+2 Molitoris
 Sing A Long Mambo Mambo VI Worlock
 Sing Australia 2-step II+2 Maisch
 Singing The Blues Jive-fox IV+1 Valenta
 Sisters 2-step II+1 Garza
 Sixteen Tons Jive V+2 Woodruff
 Skye Waltz V+2 Kincaid
 Sleeping Beauty Bolero IV+2 Moore
 Slight Fever IV Jive IV Woodruff
 Slow Boat to China (Kolshorn) Fox IV+1 Kolshorn
 Slow Boat To China Foxtrot IV Chico
 Slow Drums Slow-two-step IV Adams
 Slow Hand Rumba V Francis
 Slow Shag Jive IV Easterday
 Slow Walk (Thing of Beauty) WCS III+2 Kincaid
 Smack Dab Jive Jive IV+1+1 Lee
 Smile Cha VI Woodruff
 Smiling Through Waltz IV+1 Karel and Zuzanna
 Smoke gets in your Eyes - STS - Blackford Slow-2-Step IV+1 Blackford
 Smoke gets in your eyes STS IV+2 Chico
 Snap Your Fingers WCS V+1+1 Gloodt
 So Near to You Rumba IV+1 Heiny
 So Rare WCS V+1+2 Woodruff
 So What's New Quickstep IV+2 Prow
 Sobre El Mar Tango V+2+1 Schmidt
 Solenzara Rumba III+2 Woodruff
 Solo Bolero Bolero V+1 Hurd
 Some Beach Cha or Rumba V Woodruff
 Some Of These Days Cha IV+1 Read
 Some People's Lives Waltz IV Woodruff
 Somebody Else's Moon Waltz IV+1 Hopper
 Someone to Call Me Darling Waltz III+2 Woodruff cue-card
 Something Good(Goss-Figwer) The Bird And The Bee I'm Into Something Good
 Something Stupid (Shibata) Rumba IV+2+2 Shibata
 Something Quickstep IV+2 Schmidt
 Somethin's goin' on in my room Single Swing IV+1 Smith
 Sometimes When it Rains Bolero IV Hopper
 Sometimes When We Touch STS IV+1+1 Noble (to Fifth Avenue music)
 Somewhere Beyond The Sea Foxtrot V+0+1 Slater
 Somewhere Somebody Rumba V+2 Scherrer
 Somos Rumba V+1 Moore
 Song for Liberty Waltz II+0+1 Woodruff
 Song For The Life Waltz IV Malthouse
 Song for the Mira Waltz III+1+1 Dierickx
 Song From a Secret Garden Bolero V+1+2 Sechrist
 Song Sung Diamond STS & fox IV Smith
 Soul Mate Bolero V Keller
 South of the Border VI Rumba soft VI Woodruff
 Spaghetti Rag Classic II Gniewek
 Spanish Eyes Bolero IV+2 Storm
 Spanish Nights Rumba IV Woodruff
 Spanish Shawl Tango III+1 Bond
 Speak Low-Richard Rumba VI Lamberty
 Speaking Of Happiness Foxtrot VI Hurd
 Spinning Wheel II Waltz II+1 Juala
 Spinning Wheel IV Smith Waltz IV Smith
 Spinning Wheel Waltz IV+1 Lamberty
 Spirals in my Heart Rumba-Cha VI soft Woodruff
 Splendored Thing Foxtrot V+2 Kannapel
 Spooky (Brent) WCS VI Moore
 Spoonful Of Sugar (Worlock) Quickstep V+2 Worlock
 Spring Serenade Waltz IV+1 Scott
 Spring Song Samba IV+1 Doi
 Springtime (Primrose Lane) Foxtrot-Jive IV Knudsen
 Springtime Foxtrot Foxtrot V+1 Molitoris
 Sprint Waltz V+2 Shibata
 Squeeze Box 2-step II+2 Hilton
 St Michael's Quickstep Quickstep V+1 Casey
 Stagger Lee Jive V+1 McGee
 Starlight Express Rumba V+2 Goss
 Starlight Waltz Waltz IV+2 Worlock
 Stars are the Windows of Heaven Waltz II Clark
 Stars Fell on Alabama Foxtrot-Jive IV Parker
 Stash Stash Rumba III Woodruff
 Stay Away From Sue Jive IV Woodruff
 Stay Awhile Bolero V+0+3 Woodruff
 Stayin' Alive (Davis) 42rpm Hustle V Davis
 Steal A Little Love Foxtrot V Blackford
 Steal Away Waltz II Spence
 Steppin Out With My Baby Foxtrot V+1+2 Todd
 Stepping Out Quickstep Quickstep III Nelson
 Steppin'out on the West Coast WCS-fox IV+1+1 Woodruff, cue-cards
 Still Rock & Roll To Me (Chuck Weiss) Jive V Weiss
 Stranger on the Shore (cued by Paul Robinson) Slow-2-step V+1+1 Read
 Stranger On The Shore Foxtrot IV Rotscheid
 Strolling around the ping pong table 2-step II+1, similar footwork Woodruff
 Stuck in the Middle Cha V+2 Woodruff
 Stuck On You Jive IV Rumble
 Stupid Cupid 2-step I A.& G. Ward
 Suavemente Merengue IV+1 Cibula
 Such A Night Quickstep V Townsend-Manning
 Sugar Daddy Rumba IV Worlock
 Sugar Sugar Cha IV+2 Worlock
 Sugarfoot Stomp Jive V+1+1 Easterday
 Sukiyaki (Acker Bilk) 2-step II Molitoris + Woodruff
 Summertime in Venice Fox V+1 Weiss
 Summertime Foxtrot VI Broadwater
 Sundown (Adv. Alemana) Cha IV+1 Woodruff
 Sunflower Jive V+2+1 Tonks
 Sunny Cha Cha IV+1 Shibata
 Sunny Side of the Street Unphased Mixed Dance Landoll
 Sunrise, Sunset (Heiny) Waltz IV Heiny
 Sunrise Rumba IV+1 Roller
 Sunshine Lamberty Waltz IV+1 Lamberty
 Sunshine Lollipops and Rainbows Quickstep V+0+1 Waldal
 Sunshine Waltz IV+1 Lamberty
 Superman Rumba V Byrd
 Surrey with the Fringe on Top Cha IV+1+1 Gatchell-Rivenburg
 Suspect Amante Foxtrot IV+2 Griffin
 Sway For Me Cha IV+2 Rumble
 Sway to Marimba Cha V+1 Cibula
 Sweet and Gentle Cha IV Armstrong
 Sweet Home Alabama Two-step II+0+1 Eum-Hadley
 Sweet Home Chicago West Coast Swing IV+2 Kincaid
 Sweet Memories Foxtrot V+1 Winter
 Sweet Old Fashioned Girl Fox III+1, fun Waldal/Bushue
 Sweetheart Waltz IV Slater
 Sweets Cha IV+2 Hurst
 Swing on a Star IV Cha IV Trakel & Gilder
 Swing Tango Multi III+1 Parker
 Swinging Cat Jive IV+1 Oliver
 Switchin' In The Kitchen Jive VI Rumble
 Sympatique 2-step II Woodruff
 Symphony Foxtrot VI Slater
 Syncopated clock Fox-Jive IV+2 Gloodt
 Tain't no sin (Halloween) 2-step II+1 Woodruff
 Take a Ride TS II Hattrick
 Take me Out to the Ballgame Jive V Davis
 Take My Breath Away (Wilaby) Rumba V Wilaby
 Take My Love WCS V+1 Cantrell
 Talkin' about that river Jive-fox IV+2 Bingham
 Tampa Jive Classic Jive V+2+1 Macuci
 Tampico Cha IV Moore
 Tango Adios Tango VI Shibata
 Tango Around The World Tango V+1 Preskitt
 Tango Atlantico 2-step-tango III Woodruff
 Tango BootCamp Routine( Worlock) Tango (hashed) Worlock
 Tango D Amore Tango VI Lamberty
 Tango Eljana Tango IV+1 Schmidt
 Tango for Alma Tango III De Jong
 Tango for Maria (cued by Curt) Tango V+2 Shibata
 Tango Milonga Tango V Ross
 Tango Mit Fernando Tango VI Ross
 Tango Musette Tango IV Woodruff
 Tango Of Gold Intro to Int Tango Schmidt
 Tango Parisienne (Brent) Tango IV+1 Moore
 Tango Pizzicato (cued by Rumble) Tango VI Lamberty
 Tango Reverie Tango IV+2 Nelson
 Tango Teneriffa Tango VI Shibata
 Tango with the Sheriff (+hash) Tango-rumba III Scott + hash cues in B
 Tango with the Sheriff Tango-rumba III Scott
 Tangobar Tango IV Moore
 Te Quiero (Worlock) Rumba IV+2 Worlock
 Te quiero Rumba V+1+1 Matthews
 Teach Me Tiger Rumba V+2 Hardy/Niven
 Teacher's Pet - Preskitt Jive VI Preskitt
 Tears in Heaven (Shibata) Rumba IV+2+1 Shibata
 Technicolor Dreams Fox IV+2 Magnier-Pruefer
 Teenage Idol Rumba III+1 Clarke
 Telling Everybody Waltz IV Noble
 Tennessee Waltz Waltz IV+0+1 Scott
 Tennessee Wig Walk 2-step II Seurer
 Tequila Sheila 2-step II Woodruff
 Thank You For The Music Foxtrot VI Ross
 That Darn Cat Fox-WCS V+2+1 Woodruff
 That Happy Feeling 2-step II Tennant
 That Man Quickstep V Worlock
 That Old Piano (Chas & Dave) Waltz IV (Not orig) Crapo
 That Song is a-Driving Me Crazy 2-step III Scott
 That's How it Goes Fox V+1 Vogt
 That's Life WCS IV+1+1 Hixson
 That's Right Foxtrot V+1+1 Woodruff
 That's What we Love to Do - Statler Bros 2-step II Mouser
 That's You (Lamberty VI) Foxtrot VI Lamberty
 That's You (Rumble IV) Fox IV Rumble
 The Addams Family Tango Tango/Jitterbug III, Lowder
 The Bard Waltz V+1 Lamberty
 The Battle of New Orleans (Donegan) 2-step II, Buckmeister-Reigel
 The Battle of New Orleans 2-step II Buckmaster-Reigel
 The Beach Bolero IV+2 Easterday
 The best is yet to come (Annette) Foxtrot IV+2+2 Finch
 The best is yet to come (Curt) Foxtrot IV+2+2 Finch
 The Best Things Happen while you are dancing Foxtrot V Bradt
 The Best You Can Jive IV+2, Read
 The Big One Jive III Koozer
 The Blackboard Of My Heart 2-step II+1 Hichman
 The Bolero Waltz Waltz II+2 Pilachowsky
 The Bolero Way Bolero V Schmidt
 The Boy from New York City 2-step II+1 on Darts Woodruf
 The Bug TS II+1 Woodruff cue-card
 The Bull Frog 2-step II+2 Carpenter
 The Bumble Bee 2-step-fox III Woodruff
 The Carousel Waltz (Hicks, cued by Worlock) Waltz VI Hicks
 The Chicken Song 2-step II for Easter Woodruff
 The Children Waltz VI Barton
 The City of New Orleans 2-step II+2 Woodruff
 The Codfish Ball 2-step II+1 Bingham
 The Don's Waltz (Annette) Waltz V Woodruff
 The Don's Waltz Waltz V Woodruff
 The Earth Song Waltz V Suess
 The End of the World (waltz, Ross Mitchell) Waltz IV+1 Baldwin
 The End Of The World 2-step III+1 Woodruff
 The Finger Points to You Foxtrot IV+2+2 Beaulieu
 The Foxtrot Way Foxtrot V Schmidt
 The Gift Slow-2-Step V+2 Worlock
 The Girl from Ipanema Rumba III Ross
 The Girl with the Sun in her Hair Waltz IV Hixson
 The Homecoming Foxtrot IVish Ward
 The Human Thing to Do Foxtrot V Sheridan
 The Irish Whistler Waltz IV Woodruff, cue-cards
 The Italian Tango Tango V Blackford
 The Lady is a Tramp (Moore) Quickstep V+1 Moore
 The Lady Is A Tramp V Quickstep V Carpenter
 The Last Time I saw Paris 2-step & fox IV+1 Cibula
 The Last to Know Rumba IV+1+1 Bartlette
 The Lonely Goatherd 2-step II+2 Croft/De Zordo
 The Marriage Of Figaro Cha IV+2 Doi
 The Masochism Tango Tango VI Goss
 The Massacre of Glencoe Waltz III+1 Woodruff (cue-card)
 The Matador (Worlock) Paso VI Worlock
 The More I Learn Cha-jive III+2 Hoss-Waldorf
 The More I see you Foxtrot V+1 Childers
 The Mountains Of Mourne Waltz IV+1 Lamberty
 The Nearest Thing To Heaven Slow-2-step V+1 Davis
 The Nearness of You Fox V Cantrell
 The Old House Waltz IV+2 Lamberty
 The Ouah Ouah Song Two-step II+1 Woodruff
 The Party's Over (Dancelife) Rumba IV Woodruff
 The Promise (Worlock) Waltz VI Worlock
 The Promise Rumba IV+2 Kincaid
 The race Cha IV+2 Woodruff
 The Rose Foxtrot VI Nelson
 The Safety Dance Cha IV+1 Woodruff
 The Song we Fell in Love to (IV) Fox-2-step IV Woodruff
 The Sound of Goodbye Cha-Foxtrot IV+0+1 Defore
 The Stalker Fox-Jive V+2+1 Woodruff
 The Sun, the Sky and the Sea Waltz IV+2, Bradt
 The Tide is High Cued by Worlock Rumba- Cha VI Worlock
 The Time of my Life Wedding dance Woodruff
 The Truth About Men 2-step II+2 Yakimowski
 The twist Jive VI Worlock
 The Unicorn Fox-jive IV Booz
 The Very Thought Of You Foxtrot VI Molitoris
 The Village Inn Rumba V Bingham
 The Water Is Wide Hes-Canter Waltz soft VI Read
 The Way I am Rumba IV Halbert-Lamberty
 The Way we Ought to Be Foxtrot IV+2 Preskitt
 The Way you Do WCS VI Shibata
 The Witch Queen Cha III+2 Chuffart
 The Wizard 2-step II+1 Woodruff
 The Work Song 2-step II Schmidt
 Theme from Bonnie and Clyde 2-step II Defore
 Theme from Frozen Waltz VI Worlock
 Theme From Sunshine Waltz VI Sechrist
 There Goes My Everything Waltz IV+2 Nelson
 There will never be another Bolero V Noble
 There's a kind of hush Classic II, alternate music Croft-De Zordo
 There's a Small Hotel Foxtrot IV Lamberty
 There's a Time for Everything (Ed Ames) Fox IV+2 Hilton
 These Foolish Things Multi IV+1 Bahr
 TheVision Waltz VI Shibata
 They Call the Wind Maria Foxtrot V+2 Naylor
 They Can't Take That Away Mixed V+1 Woodruff
 Things 2-step II+2+1 Schmidt
 Think Of Me Fox IV+2 Rogers
 This Business Of Love Jive V+1 Fisher
 This I Promise You Rumba V+2 Kincaid
 This is My Song Waltz IV Glenn
 This is not a tango Mixed III Woodruff
 This is our dance Waltz III+2 Borengasser
 This is the Life QS Quickstep VI Van Acker
 This is the Life Foxtrot IV+2 Rumble
 Those Endearing Young Charms Waltz IV Spence
 Those Old Songs Jive Jive IV+2 Kennedy
 Three O'Clock in the Morning Fox V Woodruff
 Three Penny Quickstep Quickstep IV+2 Lawson
 Thriller Cha Cha III+1, Kincaid Halloween
 Thunderball Tango V Brewer
 Ti amo Slow-2-step IV Woodruff
 Tijuana Taxi Quickstep soft VI Prow
 Till (Annette) Classic V+1 Moss
 Till There was You Foxtrot V Chadd
 Till Foxtrot VI Moss
 Time after Time (FT) Foxtrot VI Celeste
 Time on my Hands Foxtrot V Scott
 Time to say Goodbye (Ito) Foxtrot-Slow-2-step VI Ito
 Time to say Goodbye (Tim) Bolero V+0+2 Eum
 To Be Loved (Armstrong) Slow-2-Step V+1+4 Armstrong
 To Make you Feel My Love Slow-2-step IV+1 Heiny
 Today (samba) Samba VI Ross
 Todo Todo Todo Cha VI Goss
 Together Forever Always Waltz IV Garza
 Together Hand In Hand Waltz V+2 Buck
 Tonight (Waltz) Waltz V+2 Shibata
 Tonight's the Night STS IV+1 Dufrene
 Too Darn Hot Fox & Jive V Woodruff
 Too Marvelous For Words IV Cha IV+1 Fisher
 Too Marvelous For Words VI Rumba VI Fisher
 Top Hat and Tails Quickstep IV Szabo
 Toque Torero Paso V Voelkl
 Toreando Paso V+1+1 Shibata
 Tormento de Amor (cued by Richard) Rumba VI Worlock
 Touch me when We're Dancing Slow-2-step IV+1 Rivenburg-Poisson
 Traces Rumba IV+2 Noble
 Train of Love Jive IV+1 Molitoris
 Trapeze Quickstep - 3 pc Quickstep IV Bingham
 Trapeze Quickstep-5pc Quickstep IV Bingham
 Travelin' light (Woodruff) 2-step II Woodruff (cue-card)
 Travelin' Man Rumba IV+1 Buckmaster-Reigel
 Treat me Nice 2-step II Kincaid
 Tres Hombres Paraglidos III Tango III+1 Booth
 Tres Hombres Paraglidos Tango V+1+1 Noble
 Trickle Trickle Jive V+1+1 Shibata
 Trilogy Waltz unphased Lamberty
 Trouble West Coast Swing VI Hurd
 Troublemaker (cued by George Hurd) Cha IV+1+1 Simpson
 True Love Ways 2015 Slow-2-step IV Heiny
 True Love Ways Slow-2-step IV+1 Brown
 True Love Westcoast V+2 Goss
 Try Everything Hustle unphased Davis
 Try To Remember Waltz IV Woodruff
 Tu Me Rumba V+2 Preskitt
 Tulips from Amsterdam Viennese III+1 Woodruff
 Turn Out The Lights 2-step-cha III Woodruff
 Turn Your Radio On (2) 2-step II Woodruff (cue-card)
 Turn your radio on 2-step II+1 Baldwin
 Tuxedo Junction (fox-Schmidt) Foxtrot IV+1 Schmidt
 Twelfth Street Rag (QS) QS & 2-step IV+1 Woodruff
 Twilight Tango 2, cued Otto Tango V+2 Migliorini
 Two Doors Down Cha IV+1+1 Read
 Two O'Clock Jump (Harry James) 2-step-QS-SS IV Knight
 Two Old Cats like Us Two-step II Scherrer
 Two-Step for Elise 2-step II+2 Woodruff
 Two-stepping in Roma 2-step II+1 Woodruff
 Two-Stepping Texas Blue 2-step II+2+1 Weiss
 Un p'tit beguin - Woodruff mp3 Fox IV+2 Woodruff, unpublished
 Un P'tit Foxtrot Fox IV+2+1 Tucker
 Una Aventura Mas (Michael) Rumba V+2 Schmidt
 Una Aventura Mas Rumba V+2 Schmidt
 Una Carezza Rumba VI Moore
 Una Manana [Cantrell] Cha V+0+2 Cantrell
 Unchained (WZ VI, Worlock) Waltz VI Worlock
 Under The Boardwalk WCS West Coast Swing V+1 Williams
 Under The Boardwalk Rumba IV Woodruff
 Under the Bridges of Paris IV Waltz IV+2 Hichman
 Unforgettable Foxtrot VI Prow
 Until It's Time For Me to Go Waltz IV+2 Gloodt
 Until It's Time Waltz IV Maisch
 Up Westcoat Swing VI Worlock
 Usted Bolero V+2 Worlock
 Valentine Bolero VI Worlock
 Vamos Amigos Paso V+1+2 Shibata
 Vaya con Dios IV Waltz IV Woodruff
 Ven Conmigo Cha IV+2 Davis
 Venetian Serenade Waltz IV+2 Hurd
 Verano (Worlock) Arg Tango V+1 Hurd
 Vertical Expression Rumba IV+2 Woodruff
 Viva Espania Paso doble VI Rumble
 Volare Cha V Pinks
 Volcano Cha Cha IV+1 Scott
 Volcano Samba Samba-Merengue V Griffin
 Wade on The Water-Richard WCS VI Lamberty
 Wait For Me Rumba VI Hurd
 Wake Me Up before you Go (Paul Robinson) Jive V+1 Robinson
 Walk Hand In Hand Fox VI, Noble
 Walk like a man Westcoast Swing IV+1 Hale
 Walk with Me Waltz VI Sechrist
 Walkin' & Talkin' Jive III+2 Parker
 Walkin' My Baby Foxtrot IV? Lamberty
 Walkin' to New Orleans Jive-WCS IV+1 Woodruff
 Walking Back to You Rumba IV Kennedy
 Walking in the Woods 2-step II Woodruff
 Wall Street Quickstep Quickstep IV+1 Holm
 Wandering eyes Jive IV Mouser
 Warm And Willing Foxtrot VI Childers/Slotsve
 Washington Square Fox + Jive IV+1 Robertson
 Watch Over Me Foxtrot IV+1 Goss
 Waterfall Waltz VI Worlock
 Waterloo Jive IV+1 Prow
 Watermark 4 Waltz IV Brewer
 Way of Love Waltz V+2+1 Shibata
 Wedding Planner Tango IV Garza
 Weekend In New England Waltz V Maguire
 We'll Meet Again Foxtrot VI Grahm
 Wendy Waltz IV+2 Slater
 Werewolves of London Cha III+2 Woodruff cue-card
 WestCoast Swinging (cued by Susie Rotscheid) WCS IV+1 Nelson
 What A Difference Bolero VI Shibata
 What A Wonderful World II Waltz II Pilachowski
 What a Wonderful World IV Waltz IV Pilachowski
 What A Wonderful World Slow-two-step VI Shibata
 What I Miss About Heaven Cha IV+1 Baldwin
 What Is This Thing Called Love-Richard Quickstep V+1 Lamberty
 What the Cowgirls Do 2-step II+1 Bond
 Whatever Lola Wants Cha VI Blackford
 When I Dream Of You IV (Kurczewski) Waltz IV+1 Kurczewski
 When I Dream Bolero VI Hurd
 When I Fall In Love Waltz IV+1 Ross
 When I grow too old to dream waltz IV+1 Hilton
 When I see an Elephant fly Quickstep IV Valenta
 When I'm 64 2-step II Parsons
 When Irish Eyes are Smiling Waltz IV+1 Woodruff
 When It Comes to Love Foxtrot V+1 Lillefield-Fabjan
 When Love Says Goodnight Fox-jive IV+1 Scott
 When somebody thinks you're wonderful IV Foxtrot IV Ahart
 When Somebody Thinks You're Wonderful Foxtrot V Woodruff
 When the day is done 2-step II+2 Spence
 When we Touch (Cued by Ron Noble) Slow-2-step V+2 Noble
 When Will I Waltz V+2 Prow
 When You Need Love Waltz VI Bos - Bell
 When You're Alone (Susie) Waltz IV+1 Read
 When You're Alone Waltz IV+1 Read
 Where is the circus 2-step II+2 Woodruff
 Where is Your Love Rumba VI Worlock
 While You Danced Waltz IV+2 Wagenhoffer
 Whip That Kid Westcoast V+1+2 Woodruff
 Whisper Samba V Lamberty
 Whispering Pines Rumba III Koozer
 Whistling Away the Dark Waltz IV+2 Hurd
 Whistling Robin 2-step I Woodruff
 White Horse Rumba IV+2 Murphy
 White Rose of Athens FT V+2 Scott
 White Sandy Beach Slow Two Step IV+1+2 Weiss
 White Silver Sands Jive V Procter
 Who Like You RB V+1+1 Shibata
 Who Wouldn't Love you (IV) Fox-jive IV+2 Robertson
 Who Wouldn't Love You cued by Brent Foxtrot VI Moore
 Whoopie ti yi yo (Elton Britt) Waltz II Woodruff
 Who's Your Daddy Jive III Malthouse
 Whose Bed have your Boots been under Jive IV Ross
 Why Did It Have To Be Me (Preskitt) ABBA Abba - The Albums
 Why don'cha do right (cued by Susie Rotscheid) Foxtrot IV+2 Moore
 Why Haven't I Heard WCS IV Woodruff
 Willie Can 2-step-quickstep III+1 Gloodt
 Willow Weep For Me Foxtrot V+1 Lamberty
 Winter Light (Preskitt) Bolero VI Preskitt
 Winter Lullaby Waltz IV+1 Soos
 With All My Heart Tango V+2+1 Harris
 With Pen in Hand Waltz IV Pratt
 With You I'm Born Again Waltz VI Goss
 With You Bolero IV+2 Robertson
 Without Your Love (Worlock) Bolero VI Worlock
 Women In Love (Worlock) Waltz VI Worlock
 Wonder Of You Slow-2-step IV+2 Nelson
 Wonderful Tonight Bolero V+2+1 Woodruff
 Wonderful Wonderful Fox soft V+1 Woodruff
 Won't You Be My Girl (Not Orig.) Cha IV+1 Tucker
 Woo-EE Baby Jive IV+2+1 Smelser
 Would you Catch a Falling Star STS IV+1+1 Woodruff
 Wouldn't it be Lovely Cha III+2, Molitoris
 Wrap Your Troubles Cha IV+2 Rotscheid
 Wyoming Lullaby Waltz V+1 Palmquist
 Xaymaca Farewell Rumba IV+1 Otto
 Y Amor Rumba IV+2 Kincaid
 Years may Come Rumba IV+0+1 Rother
 Yellow Bird (Barton to Brothers 4) Rumba V+1 Barton
 Yellow Bird III Rumba III+2 Liberti, adjusted to music
 Yes Sir That's my Baby 2-step II Scherrer
 Yessir That's a Quickstep Quickstep III Bingham
 YiraYira Hesitation Canter Waltz VI Shibata
 Yo Mama Jive IV Jabour
 Yodeling Cowhand 2-step II+1+1 Woodruff
 You always Hurt the One you Love Foxtrot IV Sperry
 You Are The Reason Slow-2-step V+2 Worlock
 You Are My Home Rumba V+0+2 Chadd
 You Are The Reason (Worlock) Slow-2-step V+2 Worlock
 You Belong To Me Cha III+1 Noble
 You brought a new kind of love (Woodruff cues) Foxrot VI Lamberty
 You Brought A New Kind Of Love Fox VI Lamberty (his cues)
 You Call Everybody Darling STS & JV IV+1 Mix of 2 cue-sheets
 You can drive my car Cha IV+2+2 Healea
 You Can't Give Up Cha III+2 Malthouse
 You Decorated my Life Bolero IV+2+1 Gloodt
 You do Something to me Cha Cha IV+1 Woodruff
 You Do Something To Me Quickstep V+1 Fisher
 You don't You won't 2-step II Jones
 You Drive me Crazy Cha V+1+Bunch Rumble
 You Haven't Seen the Last of Me Slow-2-Step-Foxtrot V+1 Hurd
 You left the Water Running Jive IV+2 Read
 You Light the Skies Slow-2-step IV+1 Byars
 You Light Up My Life Waltz II+2 Rathburn
 You Make Me Feel Like West Coast (Worlock cueing) West Coast Swing V+2+5 Garza
 You Make Me Feel Like West Coast West Coast Swing V+2+4 Garza
 You make me feel so young Fox V Krol
 You Make my Pants Want to Get Up & Dance Jive IV+2 Hixson
 You Needed Me Slow-2-Step V+2 Worlock
 You owe me One Hustle-cha V Worlock
 You Raise me Up Slow-2-step VI Read
 You Say You Will cued by Rumble WCS V Rumble
 You Should Be Dancing Cha V Goss
 You stepped out (Barbara) Bolero V+2 Blackford
 You took Advantage of Me Jive V+2 Goss
 You Were Right Girl Westcoast Swing V+2 Shibata
 You, You, You Bolero IV+2 Lovelace
 You'd be so Nice to come Home To Foxtrot V Finch
 You'll Be in my Heart Rumba V+0+1 Taylor
 Younger than Springtime Foxtrot V+1 Nelson
 Your Man (WCS) WCS VI Worlock
 Your Cares Fox III+2 Kincaid
 Your Cash ain't nothin' but Thrash Jive IV+2 Scott
 Your Man (Parker) Cha IV Parker
 Your Man Foxtrot Fox IV, modernized Toles
 Your Man Cha IV+2 Scott
 Your Touch (Johnson) Rumba V Johnson
 Your Used To Be Quickstep-2-step III+1 Woodruff
 You're My Whole Life Rumba IV+1+1 Chadd
 You're My World (Prow) Hesitation Canter Waltz VI Prow
 You're my World Slow-2-step IV+1 Cunningham
 You're Really Mine Rumba V Ivins
 You're Still The One Slow-2-Step VI Worlock
 You're the Boss Foxtrot IV+2 Froelich
 You're The One That I Want Cha III+2 Kincaid
 You're The Top Cha V Childers
 You've got a Friend in Me Foxtrot VI Preskitt
 Yuya Martinez Cha IV+2 Fisher
 Zorba Sunday 2-step-foxtrot IV Scott
 Zou Bisou Bisou Rumba III+2 Woodruff
Asperule-X - A Jivey Little Christmas Jive V Woodruff
Asperule-X - All I Want for Christmas Rumba V Woodruff
Asperule-X - Around The Xmas Tree 2-step 2-step-cha III+1 Woodruff
Asperule-X - Barefoot Santa Claus 2-step II+1 Woodruff
Asperule-X - Blue Christmas (Brenda Lee) Bolero IV Woodruff
Asperule-X - Blue Christmas (Bright Eyes) Alternate for WCS Woodruff
Asperule-X - Blue Christmas (Humperdinck Bolero IV Woodruff
Asperule-X - Blue Christmas WCS drill WCS Drill V+1 Woodruff
Asperule-X - Calypso Christmas Cha Cha III Clements
Asperule-X - Christmas at our House Waltz II+2 Woodruff
Asperule-X - Christmas Bride Waltz IV Rotscheid
Asperule-X - Christmas Chimes Polka II Woodruff
Asperule-X - Christmas Cookies 2-step II Woodruff
Asperule-X - Christmas in Dixie Bolero Bolero IV Woodruff
Asperule-X - Christmas in Killarney (Koozer) Jive IV+1 Koozer
Asperule-X - Christmas is giving Love Waltz IV Wacker
Asperule-X - Christmas Island Foxtrot IV+1 Woodruff
Asperule-X - Christmas Westcoast Swing WCS V+1 Woodruff
Asperule-X - Christmas Wishes Waltz IV Brownrigg
Asperule-X - Country Winter Wonderland 2-step II Seurer
Asperule-X - Deck the Halls (Koozer) 2-step II Koozer
Asperule-X - Donde esta Santa Claus Rumba III Booz
Asperule-X - Feliz Navidad (Beatles) Rumba IV Woodruff
Asperule-X - Feliz Navidad (Bob Marley) Cha IV+1 Woodruff
Asperule-X - Feliz Navidad (Boney M _ Callen) Cha V Callen (to Boney M)
Asperule-X - Feliz Navidad (cha) Cha IV+1 Woodruff
Asperule-X - Feliz Navidad (short & silly) Rumba IV Woodruff
Asperule-X - Frosty Quickstep Quickstep III+2 Valenta
Asperule-X - Frosty The Snowman 2-step II Woodruff
Asperule-X - God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen Mixed IV Woodruff
Asperule-X - Green Christmas 2-step II+2 Woodruff
Asperule-X - Happy Birthday, Merry Xmas & Happy NY 2-step II+1 Woodruff
Asperule-X - Holly Jolly Christmas 2-step II+2 Richards (adj)
Asperule-X - Holy Shit It's Christmas 2-step II Woodruff
Asperule-X - I only Want You for Christmas 2-step II+1 Woodruff
Asperule-X - I'll Be Home For Xmas Slow-2-step IV Woodruff
Asperule-X - It's Cold Outside 2-step II Seurer
Asperule-X - Jingle Bell Rock (Hall & Oates) Jive IV+1 Woodruff
Asperule-X - Jingle Bell Rock (Randy Travis) Jive IV Woodruff
Asperule-X - Leroy the Red-Neck Reindeer TS II+1 Woodruff
Asperule-X - Let it Snow II 2-step II Woodruff, Cue-card only
Asperule-X - Little Saint Nick Jive IV Woodruff
Asperule-X - Living a Lie Foxtrot & Jive V Jobe
Asperule-X - Lourdes, Village of Bernadette Waltz IV+2 Valenta
Asperule-X - Mary's Boy Cha Cha IV Woodruff
Asperule-X - Mary's Boy Child Cha-Bolero IV Woodruff
Asperule-X - Mean Ol' Grinch Cha IV+2 Bingham
Asperule-X - Meet me under the mistletoe 2-step II Woodruff
Asperule-X - Mele Kalikimaka Cha-jive IV+2 Woodruff
Asperule-X - Mr. Santa Jive IV+2 Moeller
Asperule-X - Must Be Santa 2-step II or mixer Woodruff
Asperule-X - N.O.E.L. Cha III (YMCA) Seurer
Asperule-X - Noelle Waltz IV+1 Scott
Asperule-X - Old Toy Trains Rumba IV Woodruff
Asperule-X - Rockin' around the Xmas Tree Jive IV+1 Snell
Asperule-X - Rockin' in a Winter Wonderland Jive-fox V+1 Bingham
Asperule-X - Rockin' Little Christmas 2-step II Baldwin
Asperule-X - Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer 2-step II+2 Bingham
Asperule-X - Santa Baby WCS WCS V+0+1 Woodruff
Asperule-X - Santa Baby Fox-jive IV Woodruff
Asperule-X - Santa Claus is Back In Town WCS V+1 Woodruff
Asperule-X - Santa Claus is bk in Town WCS V+1 Morrison
Asperule-X - Santa Claus is coming on a trike Cha III Woodruff
Asperule-X - Santa Claus Lane Cha IV+1 Woodruf
Asperule-X - Santa's coming in a woogie boogie Single Swing III+2 Cunningham
Asperule-X - Silver Bells (to Anne Murray) Waltz IV Doi (nice!)
Asperule-X - Silver Bells Waltz II Woodruff
Asperule-X - Sleigh Ride Quickstep III+1 Koozer
Asperule-X - Stop the Cavalry 2-step II Woodruff
Asperule-X - Suzy Snowflake 2-step II Woodruff
Asperule-X - The first Noel Waltz IV Schidler
Asperule-X - The Merry Christmas Polka Polka (2-step) II Woodruff
Asperule-X - 'Til Santa's Gone 2-step II Pilachowski
Asperule-X - Walkin' Round in Women's Underwear TS II Woodruff
Asperule-X - Warm and Fuzzy Fox-jive-2-step IV+1 Woodruff
Asperule-X - Weihnachten 2-step III Woodruff-Lowder
Asperule-X - When it's Xmas Time in Texas 2-step II+1 Woodruff
Asperule-X - White Christmas Bolero Bolero IV+1 Woodruff
Asperule-X - White is in the Winter Night 2-step II+1 Woodruff
Asperule-X - Winter Wonderland fox IV Foxtrot IV Emory
Asperule-X - Winter world of love Rumba V Soos