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File Name       Updated Mar 2021 Rhythm, Phase, Choreo Rhythm, Phase, Choreo
 Till Somebody Loves You (Special Pressing - Dean Martin) Foxtrot VI, Preskitt  
 Till the Answer comes (Paul Overstreet) 2-step II+1, Baldwin  
 Till the Water Stops Running (Billy Crash Craddock) TS II, Booz  
 Till Then (The Classics 1963) STS V, Finch  
 Till There Was You - Aiza Seguerra Rumba IV+2, Sperry  
 Till There Was You - Hoctor 651 Several cue-sheets See Cue-Sheets OLD
 'Till There Was You - Rod Stewart + 6pc Foxtrot V, Chadd  
 Till There Was You (Beatles) Rumba III, Dodge  
 Till There Was You (Harrison Craig) Rumba IV+1, Hoffman  
 Till Tomorrow (Windsor) Waltz IV, Palmquist  
 Till Tomorrow Waltz V+2, Kannapel Waltz III, Lovelace
 Till We Meet Again - Hisao Sudou Waltzs V+1, Ross  
 Till We Meet Again (Mitch) Waltz II, Crowe  
 Till you Love me (Reba McEntire) Jim Hattrick's dance See Cue-cards
 Time After Time (Cyndi Lauper) Rumba IV, Bill Hale  
 Time after Time (Rod Stewart) Foxtrot VI,  
 Time After Time (She & Him) Foxtrot III+1, Ahart  
 Time After Time (Special Pressing) Cha V, Slater  
 Time After Time Goes By Fox VI, Goss  
 Time in a Bottle (Jim Croce)-14 pc Waltz III, Byars  
 Time on My Hands (Bert Kaempfert) Foxtrot V, Scott  
 Time on My Hands (Brisbane Ballroom Dance Combo)) Foxtrot IV+1, McKenrick  
 Time Out (Belco) 2-step II, Cody  
 Time To Dance (Ross Mitchell) 42 rpm Quickstep III+2, Cunningham 2-step II+2, Sanders
 Time To Say Goodbye (Andrea Bocelli & Sarah Brightman) Bolero V+0+2, Eum Fox-STS VI, Ito
 Time To Swing (Helmut Lotti) 2-step II, Dierickx  
 Time Was (Dureme) Bolero-rumba VI, Slater  
 Timeless (Home Free) -8pc Cha III+2, Keller  
 Tina Marie (Perry Como 1955) Quickstep VI, Lefeaver  
 Tiny Bubbles (Don Ho) FT IV, Seurer  
 Tiny Bubbles (Ray Conniff) TS II+1, Smelser  
 Tippy-Toeing (The Harden Trio) 2-step II, Wright or Feneis  
 Tips of my Fingers (Bill Anderson) Alternate for classic Adjust sequence
 Tips of my Fingers (Clark Roy)+ 3 pc Alternate for classic Adjust sequence
 Tips of my Fingers (Dean Martin) Alternate for classic Adjust sequence
 Tips of my Fingers (Eddie Arnold) + 12 pc Alternate for classic Adjust sequence
 Tips of my Fingers (Jim Reeves) + 3pc Alternate for classic Adjust sequence
 Tips of my Fingers (Roy Drusky) Alternate for classic Adjust sequence
 Tips of my Fingers (Steve Hofmeyr) Alternate for classic Adjust sequence
 Tired Of Pulling This Train - Donny & Susan Trexler WCS VI, Ross  
 Tired Of Toeing The Line (Rocky Burnette) Cha III+1, Kline  
 Tivoli (Lydie Auvray) Argentine Tango IV+0+Bronze, R  
 To All The Girls (Juliio Iglesias & Willie Nelson) Bolero III+2, Norris  
 To Amadeus with Love (Roger Williams) HC Waltz IV+0+1, Dierickx  
 To Be Loved (Michael Buble) Slow-2-step V+1+4, Armstrong  
 To be With You (Giants of Latin) Rumba III+1+1, Brewer  
 To Be With You (Mr. Big) Slow dance, Ross, III  
 To Each His Own - Frankie Laine STS & Bolero, Lauzon  
 To Go Beyond (Aidana, Casa Musica) Slow rumba VI, Sechrist  
 To God Be The Glory (100 Children's Bible Songs) Hymn, no choreo  
 To God Be the Glory (instrumental) Hymn no choreo  
 To Know Him Is To Love Him (Teddy Bears) STS IV+1, Rogers  
 To Leave The World Behind (Dancelife) Waltz IV+2, Ito  
 To Love (Agnetha Faltskog) edited. Slow-2-step IV+2+2, Dierickx  
 To Love (Brigitte Nijman) Waltz II, Cavness Dace = Is This What It Means T
 To Love (Klaus Hallen) Waltz IV+1, Dierickx  
 To Love Again (Hisao Sudo) FT IV+2 or V+2, Dierickx  
 To Love Again (Japan) Waltz VI, Doi  
 To Love Again-Columbia Ballroom Orchestra Rumba IV, Hoffman  
 To Love Waltz Waltz III, Bradt  
 To Make You Feel My Love (Bennie Johnson)+16pc for Herr Bolero V+1+1, Herr Dance = Feel My Love Bolero
 To Make you Feel my Love (Garth Brooks)+20pc Slow-2-step IV+1, Heiny  
 To Make You Feel My Love (Josh Kelley) Alternate  
 To Make you feel my love (Our Latin Music) shortened Bolero VI, Worlock Feel my Love
 To Nothing At All (Augie Meyers) 2-step II+1, Eddins  
 To the Door of the Sun (Al Martino) No Choreo  
 To the Joy (Japan) Jive IV+2, Doi Jive III+2, Doi
 To Where You Are (Josh Groban) Slow-2-step-foxtrot VI, Linden  
 To Whom It May Concern (MercyMe) 2-step II+1, Simpson  
 To You Sweetheart Aloha (Ray Conniff) Fox IV, Hilton; Fox III+1, Hi  
 To you Sweetheart Aloha 3 Foxtrot III+1, Hilton  
 Toca la Luna (feat Edmondo Comandini) Cha IV+1, Hoffman  
 Toccata (Paul Mauriat) Rumba V, Filardo Rumba IV, Bradt ; IV+1, Heiny
 Today - Bobby Goldsboro (Casa Musica) Alternate  
 Today - Emi Fujita - cut +5% Waltz III, Maruyama  
 Today (Ballroom Orch & Singers) Samba VI, Ross  
 Today (Clebanoff) Waltz IV+0+1 or V+1, Dierickx  
 Today All Over Again (Reba McEntire) Waltz IV+1, Baldwin  
 Today I started Loving you Again (Miranda Lambert & Buddy Jewell) Jim Hattrick's dance See cue-cards
 Today Is Yesterday's Tomorrow (Michael Buble) not slowed Jive-Foxtrot V+0+1, Foral 2-step III, Klein
 Todo Se Paga (Sparx) Rumba IV+2+3, Dierickx  
 Todo todo todo (Ross Mitchell) Cha V, Goss  
 Todo Una Eternidad - Joe Valle Bolero IV, Ross  
 Todo y Nada (Luis Miguel) Bolero V+2, Doi  
 Toes (Zac Brown Band) - faded 2-step III, Ross  
 Together Forever (Rick Astley) Cha III+1, DeFore  
 Together Forever Always (Lee-Ann Rimes) Waltz IV, Garza  
 Together Hand In Hand (Ross Mitchell) Waltz II+2, Robinson Waltz V+2, Buck
 Together We Are Beautiful (Tony Evans) Fox V, Ross  
 Together Wherever We Go - Hoctor Quickstep IV+2, Ross  
 Tokyo Tango (Tony Evans) Tango III+1, Healea  
 Toledo - F.R.P. (Simply The Best...) Tango III+2, Brewer  
 Toledo - F.R.P. Tango V, Langer  
 Tombe la neige (Adamo) Rumba V+0+1, Dierickx  
 Tomorrow's Waltz (Belco) Waltz II, Schultz  
 Tongue Tied (Earl) Cha V, Simpson  
 Tonight (Barbara Mandrell) Waltz V+2, Shibata Waltz III+1, McDonald-McLain
 Tonight (Columbia Ballroom Orch) Rumba IV+2+2, Nelson  
 To-Night (Roper) Fox-Jive IV, Hoffman  
 Tonight (Sydney Thompson) Rumba V, Ross  
 Tonight Carmen (Marty Robbins) Cha IV, Francis  
 Tonight I Celebrate My Love (Flack & Bryson) Slow-2-step IV, Cunningham Slow-2-step III+2, Byrd
 Tonight I Celebrate My Love (Tony Evans) Waltz II+2 or III+2 or IV+0+1,  
 Tonight You Belong To Me (Patience & Prudence) Cha cha - Two-step III, Rogers  
 Tonight's The Night (Rod Stewart) Slow-2-step IV+1, Dufrene  
 Too Darn Hot (Claire Martin) Fox-Jive V, Woodruff  
 Too fat polka (Bobby Vinton) 2-step Woodruff Cue-card only
 Too Late to Turn Back Now (Cornelius Bros & Sister Rose) Foxtrot III, Ross  
 Too Many Rivers (Brenda Lee) 2-step, Fleck; fox/jive IV, Bu Jive IV+2, Jobe; STS Hooper
 Too Many Rivers (Dancelife) Foxtrot IV+1+1, Dierickx  
 Too Marvellous For Words (Tony Evans) Cha IV, Fisher Cha VI, Fisher
 Too Marvelous for Words (Rene Touzet) Cha IV+2m Bahr  
 Too Much (Elvis Presley) Jive V, Francis  
 Too Much (Pirates Of The Mississippi) - 4 pc Multi, III+1, Silvia Dance=Quickstep ain't enough
 Too Much Of A Good Thing Is A Good Thing (Alan Jackson) 2-step-rumba III, Speranzo  
 Too Old To Die Young (Moe Bandy) 2-step III, Shaw ; II, Hixson II+1, Hohner
 Too Young (Hi Hat) Foxtrot IV, Metzger  
 Too Young (Philomena Begley) Fox, nice tempo  
 Too Young To Tango (Teresa Brewer -1953) Tango IV, Hichman  
 Too-Ra-Loo-Ra-Loo-Ral (Columbia Ballroom Orch) Waltz III+2, Gloodt  
 Top hat & Tails (Ross Mitchell) Quickstep IV+2, Rotscheid Quickstep IV+1, Molitoris
 Top Hat Bar And Grill (Jim Croce) Jive IV+1, Oren  
 Top Of The World (Carpenters) 2-step II, Goode Cha III+1, Myers
 Top of the world (Dancelife) Alternate  
 Top Of The World (Tim McGraw) 2-step II, Drumheller  
 Toque Torero - Werner Tauber Paso V, Voelkl  
 Torea Jose Tomas Paso VI, Ross  
 Toreando - Joe Loss Paso V+1+1, Shibata  
 Toreo Fino - Columbia Ballroom Orchestra Paso IV, Ross  
 Torero (Dancelife) Paso V+0+1, Ross  
 Torero (Mira Quien Baila) - 5pc Cha IV+1+several, Dierickx  
 Tormento (Olivato Dancesport Orch) Tango V+2, Goss  
 Tormento De Amor (Casa Musica) Rumba VI, Worlock  
 Torna A Surriento (Eric Tingstad) Waltz IV+2, Weiss  
 Tornado (Little Big Town) Cut Cha III, Healea  
 Toro Mata (Celia Cruz & Johnny Pacheco) Salsa IV, Ross  
 Toroika (Russian Folk Song) Rumba III+1, Doi  
 Toroika Tango (Japan) Tango IV+2, Doi  
 Tosti's Serenata (Japan) RB IV+2, Doi  
 Total eclipse of the heart (Bonnie Tyler) 2-step III, Wilaby  
 Touch Me When We're Dancing (Carpenters) STS IV+1, Rivenburg-Poisson Rumba III+1, Seurer
 Touch Me When We're Dancing (The Carpenters) CHa IV+1, Hagiwara  
 Touched By You (Martita) + 8pc Bolero V+2, Gloodt  
 Toy Balloons (Belco) Rumba III, Croft-De Zordo  
 Traces (Special Pressing) Rumba IV+2, Noble  
 Traces of Love (Gloria Estefan) Rumba V+2, Goss  
 Traces or Love (Classics IV) Slow-2-step III+1, Ball  
 Train Leaves Here This Morning (The Eagles) Fox IV, Healea  
 Train of love ( Alma Cogan ) Jive-fox IV, Molitoris  
 Train of Memories (Kathy Mattea) Line Dance II by "K"  
 Tramonto (Roberto Perazzoli) Waltz IV+2, Woodruff  
 Tranen In Jouw Ogen (Peter Smulders) Rumba III+2, Molitoris Dance = Tears in Your Eyes
 Tranen in mijn hart (Dana Winner) +3pc Rumba V, Dierickx Dance = Tears in My Heart
 Traumerei (Japan) +10% Rumba V, Doi  
 Travelin' Man (Ricky Nelson) 2-step II, Defore, 2002 Rumba IV+2, Francis
 Traveling Bossa (Alexandre Desplat)) Mambo IV, Lamberty  
 Travellin' Light (Daniel O'Connell) 2-step II, Woodruff Cue-card
 Travellin' Light (Daniel O'Connell)+ 12 pc 2-step II, Labau  
 Treat Her Right (Roy Head & The Traits) Single Swing V, Ross  
 Treat Me Nice (Elvis Presley) 2-step II, Kincaid or Seurer  
 Tremblando - Patricia Noval Argentine Tango IV+0+Bronze, R  
 Tres Deseos (Three Wishes - Gloria Estefan) Merengue III, Ross  
 Tres Hombres Paraglidos (Ross Mitchell) TG V+1, Noble TG III+1, Booth
 Tres Semanas (Japan) Rumba V, Ito  
 Trickle Trickle (Manhattan Transfer) Quickstep IV, ? 2-step II+1, Parker
 Trickle trickle (Ross Mitchell) Jive IV+1, Baldwin; Jive VI, S TS II+1, Seurer
 Trickle, Trickle (Jive)-15pc Jive III+1, Baldwin  
 Trinidad Bikini - Guenter Noris Cha V+1+1, Dierickx  
 Triple Shot Of Rhythm & Blues - J D Cash West Coast Swing VI + several,  
 Triunfamos - John Pazos -3% Cha IV+1+1, Taylor  
 Tromba nella notte (Italian Ballroom) Waltz IV, Hoffman (Our Goodnig Waltz V, Hoffman (Our Evening
 Trouble (DeLee & Brenda) West Coast Swing VI, Hurd  
 Trouble Is A Friend (Lenka) Cha-Rumba IV, Burger  
 Troublemaker (Olly Murs) Cha IV+1+1, Simpson  
 Trout Tango (Japan) Tango V, Doi  
 Trudie (Sydney Thompson) Foxtrot IV+2, Kilner Foxtrot III+1, Wilkinson, also
 True (George Strait) Cha IV, McBrayer  
 True Blue (Madonna) short - 3pc Cha III+0+2, Lee  
 True Blue (Madonna)shortened Jive IV+2, Townsend-Manning  
 True Colors (Cyndi Lauper) Rumba IV+2, Halbert  
 True Love - Frank Sterling Waltz IV, Ross  
 True Love ( Al Martino) - CM Best of SW Various cue-sheets  
 True Love (Casa Musica) Waltz IV, Hagiwara Dance = You Give to Me
 True Love (Roper) Waltz II+1, Paull  
 True Love (Tony Evans) Waltz IV+1, Slater  
 True Love (WCS) WCS V+2, Goss  
 True Love Medley (Jan Corduwener) Waltz II+2, McKenrick  
 True Love Ways (Buddy Holly) Slow-2-step IV+1, Brown  
 True Love Ways by Mickey Gilley Slow-2-step IV, Heiny  
 True True True - UB40 2-step II, Dance= It's True
 Truly (F.A. Phifer) Waltz IV+2+2, Rogers  
 Truly Madly Deeply (Savage Garden) shortened, + 10 pc Bolero III, Ross  
 Trumpet Talk (Vernon) 2-step II+1, Neeley  
 Trust in Me (Scarlett Johansson) cut Tango III+1, Parker  
 Truth Hurts (Lizzo) Salsa IV, Ross  
 Try (Pink) Rumba V, Ross  
 Try Everything (Shakira) cut 38rpm Hustle unphased, Davis  
 Try to Remember (Dana Winner) Alternate  
 Try To Remember (Ray Coniff) Alternate  
 Try to Remember (Bobby Darin) Alternate  
 Try to Remember (Brothers Four) Waltz IV+1, Molitoris Waltz II, Cavness
 Try To Remember (Des O'Connor) Alternate  
 Try to Remember (Ed Ames) Alternate  
 Try to Remember (Eddie Fisher) Waltz VI, Goss  
 Try to Remember (Heidi Bruehl)) Waltz V+1, Dierickx  
 Try To Remember (Hi Hat) Waltz II, Connelly (Rememberin  
 Try to Remember (Josh Groban) edited Hesitation Canter Waltz VI, Ru  
 Try to Remember (Kingston Trio) Alternate  
 Try to Remember (Nana Mouskouri) Alternate  
 Try To Remember (Roper) Waltz VI, Gosselin Don't you remember
 Tsunami (Pepe & Carmen) Rumba III+2, Hagiwara  
 Tu Amor - Proyecto Cinco Rumba IV+1, Robinson  
 Tu Cuerpo en la Arena (Rokarena) - faded Merengue IV, Ross  
 Tu Eres Ajena (Merengue Fever) Faded & Slowed Merengue V, Ross  
 Tu Me Acostumbraste (Andre Bocelli) Rumba VI, Goss  
 Tu Nombre (Jose Luis Perales) Rumba V+2, Cibula, Tu Nombre  
 Tu Te Reconnaitras (Margarida - Ballroom Nights 7) Hesitation Canter Waltz IV+2,  
 Tu T'en Vas (Dancelife) Rumba VI, Ross  
 Tubbetstown Elegy (Michael Nyman) WZ IV+1 - Halbert  
 Tuca Tuca (Pink Martini) Foxtrot IV, Ross  
 Tucson Too Soon (Tracy Byrd) WZ II+2, Richie or McKenrick  
 Tuff - Carl Kaye - 55 rpm Cha IV, Penny Lewis  
 Tulpen aus Amsterdam (Hoctor) 2-step II, Hutchinson  
 Tulpen aus Amsterdam (Hugo Strasser)-10 pc Viennese III+1, Woodruff  
 Tulsa Time (Don Williams) CH III, Seurer  
 Tumba Tumbador (Tito Puente & Celia Cruz) - faded & slowed 8% Mambo III, Ross  
 Tumbleweed (Sylvia) Rumba III+1, Seurer  
 Tura Lura Lura (The Hit Company) Waltz II+1+1, Hartzell-Ferris  
 Turn Around (Joanie Bartels) Waltz V, Chadd  
 Turn Around -Kingston Trio Waltz V+1+3, Eum Progressive dance
 Turn Back 'O'Man (Dancelife) Waltz IV, Brewer  
 Turn It Loose (The Judds) Jive III+1, Crapo  
 Turn On The Radio - Reba McEntire Jive IV+1, Wilaby Dance = You can hear me on the
 Turn Out The Light (Don Williams) 2-step II+1, Knight  
 Tus Besos (Juan Luis Guerra) -7pc Rumba V, Murphy  
 Tutuchelli (Jo Bouillon) Quickstep III+2, Tirrell  
 Tuxedo Junction (Belco) Jive IV, Tracy  
 Tuxedo Junction (Jack O'Leary & Chicago Fire) 2-step II, Thomas  
 Tuxedo Junction (Klaus Hallen) Fox IV+1, Schmidt  
 Tuxedo Junction (Manhattan Transfer) WCS V, Crapo  
 Tuxedo Tango Tango VI, Moore  
 Twang (George Strait) 2-step II, Jestin  
 Twee verliefde ogen (Will Tura) - Shorter Foxtrot IV+0+1, Dierickx  
 Tweedlee Dee (Georgia Gibbs) 2-step II+1, Molitoris  
 Twenty Six Miles - The Four Preps 2-step II, Ross  
 Twilight Nocturne (Columbia Ballroom Orch) Foxtrot IV+1, Doi  
 Twilight Tango Tango V+2, Migliorini  
 Twilight Time (Andy Williams) Slow-2-step IV+1+1, Okino  
 Twilight Time (Anne Murray) Cha IV, Betzelberger  
 Twilight Time (Chaparral) 2-step II+1, Winter 5-Count III+1, Lauzon
 Twilight Time (The Platters) 2-step II, Chico  
 Twinkle Twinkle Lucky Star - Merle Haggard + 12 pc Slow-2-step IV+1,, Nolen  
 Twinkle Twinkle Lucky Star - Merle Haggard Cha III+2, Raybuck  
 Twinkle Waltz (Belco 327) Waltz II+1, Buckmaster-Reigel  
 Twist - Ronnie McDowell Jim Hattrick's dance See Cue-Cards
 Twist and Shout (Isley Brothers) Cha III, Moore  
 Twist And Shout (The Beatles) Cha-2-step IV, Booz  
 Twistin' The Night Away - Sam Cooke Jive III+2, Rumble 2-step III, Francis
 Twistin' The Night Away (Sam Cooke) Jive III+2, Rumble  
 Twistin' The Night Away (Scooter Lee) 2-step II+1+1, Parker  
 Two Clowns (STAR) Waltz II+1, Pilachowski  
 Two Divided By Love (The Grass Roots) 2-step II, Byars  
 Two Dollars In The Jukebox (Eddie Rabbit) 2-step III, Drake, 1999  
 Two Doors Down (Dolly Parton) Cha IV+1+1, Read  
 Two Doors Down (Dolly Parton)+8pc Cha IV+1+1, Read  
 Two for Tea (Hisao Sudo) Cha IV+0+1, Hagiwara  
 Two Good Reasons (Kenny Rogers) Cha IV+2, Defore  
 Two Lovers - Mary Wells Cha III+2+1, Meyer  
 Two Lovers in Paris (Milan Koren) Foxtrot IV+1, Dierickx  
 Two More Bottles Of Wine (J.V.D. Griend) 2-step II, Healea  
 Two o'clock Jump (Harry James & his Music Makers) 2-step-SS-QS IV, Knight  
 Two O'Clock Jump (Roper) Mixed IV, Knight  
 Two of a Kind (Bobby Darin & Johnny Mercer) - 10% Foxtrot IV, Ross  
 Two Of A Kind (Garth Brooks) 2-step II, Knight 2-ste[p II+1, Weiss
 Two Old Cats Like Us (Ray Charles & Hank Williams Jr)-4pc 2-step II, Scherrer  
 Two Old Lumberjacks (Francis Goya) Waltz IV+0+1, Dierickx  
 Two Pina Coladas - Dan Nordbye 2-step II+1, Speranzo  
 Two Pina Coladas - Garth Brooks No choreo  
 Two Separate Bar Stools (Connie Smith) Waltz III or IV+0+1, Dierickx  
 Two Separate Bar Stools (Wanda Jackson) Alternate  
 Two Silhouettes (Stanley Black) Rumba V+2, Slater  
 Two Socks At Play (John Barry) Waltz V+2 , Kaszney  
 Two Socks at Play (Klaus Hallen) Waltz IV+2, Powell-Brosie  
 Two Socks Waltz IV+1, Broadwater  
 Two Souls [Roper 216] Mambo III+2, Maisch  
 Two Sparrows (Tanya Tucker) Rumba V, Valenta  
 Two Teardrops (Steve Warner) Rumba IV, Baldwin  
 Two Times (Ann Lee) Cha III+2, Ross  
 Two to Tango (Star 139) Tango IV+2, N  
 Two-Steppin' Texas Blue (Joni Harms) 2-step II+2+1, Weiss 2-step II, Parker
 U.S.A. (Radio Mix - Joe Yellow) 2-step II+1, Yoshikawa  
 Ugly Man With Money (Ruth Wallis) Tango IV+2, Wulf  
 Uh-Oh I'm Falling in Love Again (Jimmy Rodgers) 2-step II, Seurer  
 Ukelele Lady (Bette Midler) Cut 2-step II, Weiss  
 Umbrella (Tony Evans) Samba IV+2+2, Ross  
 Un Dos Tres Maria (short music) Samba IV, Cibula  
 Un Lugar (Julieta Venegas) Cha-merengue III+1, Defore  
 Un Momento Alla (Rick Trevino) Bolero IV, Molitoris; Cha IV, Rumba-cha IV, Lavoie
 Un Poquito de tu Amor (Windsor) Mambo - no choreo  
 Un Poquito Mas De Amor (Maywood) Rumba V+0+Several  
 Un P'tit Beguine (STAR) Fox IV+2+1, Tucker Fox VI, Goss
 Un Tango Argentino - Frank Galan Tango-Rumba IV  
 Un tango Nel Cuore (Prandi) Tango IV+1, Schmidt  
 Una Aventura Mas (Casa Musica) Rumba V+2, Schmidt  
 Una Carezza In Un Pugno (Prandi)) Rumba VI, Moore  
 Una Furtiva Lacrima (Dancelife Masters of Modern) Waltz V+2, Suess  
 Una Furtiva Lagrima (The Ultimate Ballroom Album 14) Waltz V+2, Fujimoto  
 Una golondrina (Janu) Rumba III+2+1, Dierickx  
 Una Lacrima Sul Viso (Dancelife) Tango IV, Ross  
 Una Limosna (Tamara) Rumba V+1+1, Dierickx  
 Una Manana (Salasamerica Passion)-10pc Cha V+0+2, Cantrell  
 Una Rosa - Billy Ternent Rumba VI, Ross  
 Unbelievable (Diamond Rio) 2-step II+2, Oren  
 Unbelievable (Nat King Cole) Waltz V+2, Prow  
 Unbreak My Heart (Tony Braxton) ed for Davis Rumba VI, Waldal  
 Unbreak My Heart (Tony Braxton) Rumba IV, Johnson  
 Unbreakable Heart (Carter, Tillis, Morgan)) Slow Dancing III, Ross  
 Unburn all our Bridges (Josh Turner) Slow-2-step IV+1, Taylor  
 Unchained Melody ( Jennifer Jou) for Seurer ( Waltz II+1, Seurer  
 Unchained Melody (Dancelife - faster tempo) Waltz III+1+1, Taylor  
 Unchained Melody (Dancelife) Waltz VI, Worlock Waltz III+1+1, Taylor
 Unchained Melody (Enjoy Dance Music 16) Waltz II+2, Ito  
 Unchained Melody (for Worlock's waltz) Waltz VI, Worlock  
 Unchained Melody (Kenny G)-10pc Slow-2-step IV+2, Doi Bolero V, Tennant
 Unchained Melody (Les Baxter) Waltz VI, Kurczewski  
 Unchained Melody (Righteous Brothers) Slow-2-step, Goss  
 Unchained Melody (Ross Mitchell) Waltz III+2, Ito; Waltz IV+1, Scott
 Unclouded Day (Brenda Lee) cut & faded 2-step II, Ahart (Uncloudy Day  
 Und morgen frueh kuess ich Dich wach Slow-2-step-Cha IV+0+1, Dieric I'll wake you with a kiss
 Undecided (Ames Brothers & Les Brown) 2-step-jive III+1, Fasnacht  
 Under Attack (Tony Evans) Foxtrot V, Ross  
 Under Paris Skies (Andy Williams) Foxtrot IV, Chadd  
 Under The Boardwalk (Bette Midler) Cha III+1, Callahan-Wyatt Boardwalk Cha Cha Cha
 Under The Boardwalk (The Drifters) Rumba IV, Woodruff 1997 Rumba-cha V+2, Lincoln
 Under the Boardwalk (Tom Tom Club) Rumba IV, Woodruff  
 Under the Bridges of Paris (Dean Martin)+3pc Waltz IV+0+1, Kincaid  
 Under the Bridges of Paris (Foster & Allen) Waltz II+1 & waltz IV+2, Hichm  
 Under The Bridges Of Paris (Pete Lofthouse) Waltz IV+1, McCreary Waltz II, Paull
 Under The Bridges Of Paris (Shall we Dance) Waltz II+2, Gomez-Lee  
 Under The Mango Tree (Tim Tim 1998) 2-step II, Turner Cue-card
 Under The Moon Of Love - Ray McVay Jive V, Ross  
 Under the Sea (Ross Mitchell)-3pc Samba-2-step IV, Kincaid 2-step II, Kincaid
 Undivided (Tim McGraw & Tyler Hubbard) Cha III+2, Matthews  
 Une Deuxième Chance (Boudreaux-Bergeron) Waltz IV, Sonnier  
 Une Petite Cantate (Paul Mauriat) Slow-2-step IV or V+0+3, Dieri  
 Unfaithful (Tony Evans) - faded Rumba VI, Ross  
 Unforgetful You (Jars of Clay) Cha IV, Simpson  
 Unforgettable (Dancelife) Foxtrot VI, Prow  
 Unforgettable (Natalie And Nat King Cole) Bolero, Kilner; Cha/jive V, H Fox VI + 1, Liggin
 Unforgettable [Michael Buble)] Slow-2-step IV+2+2, Lankuttis  
 Unforgettable(+20%)(Nat King Cole) Fox IV+2, Krause  
 Uno (One More Kiss) - Arthur Murray Tango VI, Ross  
 Uno (Roper Dance Orchestra) Tango III+1+1, Rotscheid  
 Uno Mas - Daniel O'Donnell Rumba IV, Goodson  
 Uno Paso Mas (Gold Star Ballroom Orch.) Paso Doble V+2, Bahr  
 Until It's Time (Andy Williams) Waltz V+2 , Scott  
 Until It's Time for You to Go () Waltz V, Pinks  
 Until It's Time For You To Go (Elvis) Waltz VI, Lawson Waltz IV, Maisch
 Until It's Time For You To Go (Glen Campbell) Waltz IV+2, Gloodt  
 Until My Dreams Come True (Jack Greene) + 3pc 2-step II, Penny Lewis Rumba IV+1+1, Dierickx
 Until Now (Sally Mayes) FT VI, Worlock  
 Until Now (Tami Tappan Damiano) Foxtrot IV+2+1, Finch  
 Until The Stars Fall (Grenn 14232) Waltz IV, Brown  
 Until Tonight (Sidney Steven) Rumba V+1, Parker  
 Until We Meet Again (Japan) Cha IV+2, Doi  
 Until You Come Back To Me - Joe Bourne Rumba IV+2+2, KB Nelson  
 Untold Love - XQ Rumba V+2, Wulf  
 Unwound (George Strait) 2-step II, Chico  
 Up (Shania Twain) - 4pc Cha III+1, Teranishi  
 Up (Shania Twain) WCS VI, Worlock  
 Up Above My Head (Old Friends Quartet) 2-step II, Burdick  
 Up And At 'Em - Martyn Baylay Jive V+0+2, Armstrong  
 Up Up And Away - Victor Silvester Samba IV+2, Ross  
 Upside Down (Paloma Faith) 2-step II+1, Wright  
 Upside Down (Upside Down) 2-step II+1, Wright  
 Uptown (Roy Orbison) Jive V+0+1, Hilton  
 Uptown Funk (Mark Ronson ft. Bruno Mars) shortened Cha V, Gibson Cha IV+1, Helms-Keck
 Uptown Girl (Billy Joel) JV IV, Seurer  
 Uptown Girl (Tony Evans) Cha III, Sprosty  
 Usted - Luis Miguel Bolero IV+1, Hilpert (cue-card Bolero V+2, Worlock
 Va a Seguir (Amarfis y la Banda de Atakker) - faded Merengue III, Ross  
 V-A-C-A-T-I-O-N (Connie Francis) 2-step II, Kincaid  
 Valentine (Martina Mcbride) Slow-2-step IV+2, Gupton Bolero VI, Worlock
 Valentine (Willie Nelson) Bolero IV+1, Baldwin  
 Valentine Moon (Jools Holland) Waltz IV, Ross  
 Valentine's Dance Tango [The Twins] Tango III+2, Kincaid Dance = Two Hearts Tango
 Valerie (Balltoom Nights 7) +4% Waltz III+2, Kazuyoshi; IV+2, Waltz II, Herr; IV+1, McCue,
 Valio la Pena (Marc Anthony) slowed & faded out Mambo IV, Ross  
 Valse d'été (Adamo) Waltz III+0+1, Dierickx Waltz V+0+1, Diericks
 Valse Pour Mandoline (Gunter Noris), shortened & +3pc Waltz III, Dierickx  
 Valse Pour Mandoline (Gunter Noris) Waltz IV+1+1, Dierickx  
 Valse pour Nadine - Rose-room-orchestra - 7% Trager Waltz V+1+1, Dierickx  
 Vamos Amigos ( Ambros Seelos)- 5pc Paso doble V+1+2, Shibata  
 Vaya Con Dios (Freddy Fender Remake) Alternate music for several cu  
 Vaya Con Dios (Les, Paul & Mary Ford) Waltz II+1, Maisch; IV, Woodr  
 Vaya Con Dios (Patrick Sheridan) Waltz IV+2, Sheridan  
 Vaya Con Dios Waltz IV, Koozer  
 Vecchi Ricordi (Prandi) Waltz V, Dierickx  
 Vegas (Cort Carpenter) cha III, Healea  
 Ven - Sparx Cha-Merengue IV, Woodruff  
 Ven Conmigo (Christina Aguilera) Cha IV+2, Davis  
 Ven Devórame Otra Vez (Lalo Rodriguez) - faded Mambo III, Ross  
 Ven Tu (Domenic Marte) - faded Merengue IV, Ross  
 Venetian Serenade (Prandi) WZ IV+2, Hurd  
 Venezia di Notte (Silvano Silvagni) Waltz V+1+1, Hoffman  
 Vento Caldo (Prandi) Waltz VI, Moore  
 Vento Caldo (Stefano Nanni) Waltz VI, Moore Waltz IV, Parker
 Venus (Frankie Avalon) Rumba IV+2, or Cha IV, Francis  
 Venus (Pat Valentino) Rumba IV, Hoffman  
 Venus Waltz (Let's Dance) Waltz IV+2, Dierickx  
 Verano Porteno - (Klaus Hallen) Arg Tango V+1, Hurd  
 Verida Tropical (Roper) Rumba IV+1, Kilner Rumba V, Huffman (Tropical Dre
 Veronique (Pink Martini) STS-Bolero V, Maguire  
 Vertical Expression (Bellamy Brothers) Sexy Rumba IV+2, Woodruff  
 Vertical Expression (Freddy Fender & Bellamy Bros) Rumba IV, Sonnier  
 Very Special Love (Werner Tauber) Rumba V+0+1, Dierickx  
 Vestida De Novia (Rocio Durcal) Rumba V+1+1, Dierickx  
 Vida Mia (Olivato Dancesport Orchestra) Cha V+1, Ito  
 Vieni Sul Mar (Manual Das-Naves) Waltz III+2, Woolcock  
 Vienna Blood Waltz Op 354 - Sang Viennoise Valse - Wiener Bl Waltz II+1, Brown/Pugh  
 Vienna is Most beautiful at night - Günter Noris Waltz V+1, Dierickx  
 Vienna Vienna (Claudio Ranalli) Waltz III or IV+1, Dierickx  
 Vilja Rumba Rumba VI, Blackford  
 Vilja-Lied (Max Greger) Rumba III+2, Gruender Rumba IV+1, Gruender (The Fair
 Village of St. Bernadette (Special Pressing) Waltz IV+2, Valenta (Lourdes, Waltz V, Rother (Village Waltz
 Vincent - Ballroom Nights Foxtrot V, Ross  
 Violetta (La Traviata, Arno Flor) Waltz V+2, Dierickx  
 Violette (Prandi Balls of Fire) Waltz VI, Nelson  
 Virginia (Wilson Fairchild) Cha III, Kline  
 Virus, Stay Away From The Door (Robert Davi) Foxtrot IV+2, Finch  
 Vito’s Waltz (101 Strings Orch) -5pc (Woodruff) Waltz V, Woodruff  
 Vito’s Waltz +5pc (Woodruff) Waltz V, Woodruff  
 Vito's Waltz (DeChenne) Waltz VI, DeChenne  
 Viva Espana (Heino) Pasa-doble IV, Eum  
 Viva Espana (Prandi) Paso doble V+1, Ito  
 Viva Espana (Rumble) Paso VI Rumble
 Viva La Vida (Count Dee) - cut & slowed Tango VI, Ross  
 Viva Las Vegas (Elvis Presley) 2-step II+1, Oren  
 Vive la rose - Eric Bachmann Waltz IV+1+1, Dierickx  
 Vivre pour Vivre (Paul Mauriat) shortened Waltz III+1, Hagiwara Dance = Live for Life
 Vivre pour Vivre (Paul Mauriat) Full piece of music  
 Volare (Al Martino Disco Mix) Alternate for Pinks' cha V C: Fence Line 2x, Spot Turn 4
 Volare (Andre Hazes) Alternate for Pinks' cha V  
 Volare (Michael Holz) Samba IV+1, Ito Dance = Samba Volare
 Volare (Ross Mitchell) Cha V, Pinks  
 Volcano (Jimmy Buffett) Cha IV+1, Scott  
 Volga Boatmen (Japan) QS IV+2, Doi  
 Volver (101 Strings) Tango IV+0+1, Ross  
 Volvió una Noche (Carlos Gardel) Tango V, Ross  
 Voulez Vous Cha Cha (Tito Rodriguez) Cha V, Childers Cha IV+2+2, Schmidt
 Voulez-vous Danser (Dave Sheriff) 2-step II+2, Woodruff  
 Vous Permettez (Dancelife) Tango IV+0+1, Ross  
 Voy a Perder la Cabeza por Tu Amor (Erica Leiva) Shortened Rumba IV+2+1, Dierickx  
 Vu Ja De (Special Pressing) 2-step II+1, Slotsve  
 Vuela, Vuela (Voyage, Voyage) (Magneto)- faded Merengue III, Ross  
 Vuelve a Mi (Frank Galan) Rumba V+1+2, Dierickx  
 Vuelves Por Mi (Blue Angels) Cha V+0+3, Dierickx  
 Wabash Rhythm (Grenn) 2-step II, Filbert  
 Wacky Tobaccy (Toby Keith) Cha IV+1, McKenrick  
 Wade in the Water (Eva Cassidy) WCS V, Lamberty  
 Wagon Wheel - Jeremy McComb 2-step II+1, Adcock  
 Wagon Wheel (Darius Rucker) - for Oren 2-step II, Oren  
 Wagon Wheel (Darius Rucker) faded out for Lankuttis 2-step II+2, Lankuttis  
 Wagon Wheel (Darius Rucker) full 2-step II< Sperru  
 Wagon Wheel Rumba (Wagon Wheel Records) Rumba III, Buckmaster-Reigel  
 Wagon Wheel Waltz Waltz II, Edge  
 Waikiki Raga Vha IV, Patik-Sevcikova  
 Wait For Me (WRD Music World) Rumba VI, Hurd  
 Waiting For Katie - New 101 String Orchestra Quickstep IV, Ross  
 Waiting On A Sunny Day (Bruce Springsteen) Cha III+2, Adamski  
 Waiting On The Robert E Lee (Hoctor 1781) 2-step II+2, Baldwin  
 Waiting On The World To Change (John mayer) Jive IV+1  
 Waiting On You - Lindsay Ell Rumba III+1, Dean  
 Wakareta Hitoto Bolero III+2, Ito  
 Wake Me Up (Avicii) Paso VI+2, Ross  
 Wake me Up (Helene Fischer) German version Cha IV, Haltmayer (Und Morgen  
 Wake me Up (Helene Fischer) Cha IV, Haltmayer  
 Wake Me Up (Louise Mandrell) 2-step II+1, Baldwin  
 Wake me Up Before You Go Go (Wham)-8pc Jive V+1, Robinson  
 Wake The Town (Jack Hansen) -8pc Jive-Foxtrot III+2, Gloodt  
 Wake Up Dancin' (Gordon Mote) Slow-2-step IV+2+1, Ayres  
 Wake up little Susie (Everly Brothers 1957) 2-step II+2, Lefeavers  
 Walk By Again (Jinx Pyle) Rumba III, Koozer  
 Walk Hand In Hand (Andy Williams) Fox VI, Noble  
 Walk Like A Man (Frankie Vali & Four Seasons) Cha III+1, Seurer Cha III, Callahan-Cowan
 Walk Of Life (Dire Straits)-9pc Jive VI, Ross  
 Walk on By (Leroy Van Dyke)-6pc 2-step II+1, Gill  
 Walk on Faith (Mike Reid) TS II+1, Seurer Faith Walk
 Walk Through This World With Me (George Jones) Slow-2-step IV+1+1, Tennant  
 Walk With Bill - Grenn - Al Russ 2-step II, Walstra  
 Walk With Me (Robin Spielberg & Jennifer Langham)) Waltz V+2 or waltz VI, Sechris Dance V+2 = A Walk in the Park
 Walkin' (Al Hirt) 2-step III, Weiss  
 Walkin' A Broken Heart (Don Williams) CH III, Bartlette  
 Walkin' After Midnight (Patsy Cline) Cha III, A&F Moore Jive III, Raye
 Walkin' Cha Cha (TNT 181) Cha III+1+1, Tennant  
 Walkin' in the Moonlight (Daniel O'Donnell) 2-step II+2, Nickel  
 Walkin' In The Sunshine -Roger Miller 2-step II, Baldwin or Molitori  
 Walkin' My Baby Back Home (Nat King Cole) Lamberty Foxtrot IV, Gotta
 Walkin' my Baby Back Home (Nathalie & Nat King Cole) Foxtrot-Jive III, Parker  
 Walkin' My Baby Back Home (Ultimate Ballroom Japan) Foxtrot V+2, Ito  
 Walkin' The Dog (Rufus Thomas) Jive V+0+1, Howell/Farquhar  
 Walkin' to New Orleans (Brenda Lee)+ 8pc Jive-WCS IV+1, Woodruff  
 Walkin' to New Orleans (Fats Domino) Jive IV+1, Woodruff Very short: 1:57
 Walkin' with Mr Lee (Lee Allen) Jive IV, Scott  
 Walkin', Talkin', Cryin' Barely Beatin' Broken Heart (Highway 101) 2-step II, Ring  
 Walking after Midnight (Garth Brooks) Cha III+2, Baldwin ; Cha III, Cha III, Healea
 Walking and Whistling 2-step II, Hattrick See cue-cards
 Walking in Heaven (BZN) Rumba V+1, Dierickx  
 Walking In Rhythm (The Blackbyrds) Foxtrot V, Ross  
 Walking My Baby Back Home (Hibari Misora) Foxtrot-2-step III+1, Hagiwara  
 Walking on Sunshine (Lions Gate Chorus) Rumba III, Lewis-Samborsky  
 Walking on the Sun (Smashmouth)-3pc Cha IV+2, Tulloch  
 Walking Piece Of Heaven (Marty Robbins) Bolero V, Brewer  
 Walking Shoes (Tanya Tucker) 2-step III, Francis  
 Walking Shoes (TNT) 2-step II+2, Raye  
 Walking The Floor Over Me (Alan Jackson) 2-step II, Cook  
 Walking To Jerusalem (Tracy Bird) Cha III, Wacker  
 Walking to Missouri (Tony Brent) 2-step, Reay  
 Wall Street Rag (Herb Alpert) Quickstep IV+1, Holm 98 Multi III, Croft-De Zordo
 Waltz (Smart Sleep with Classical) Waltz II, B.Connelly  
 Waltz Across Texas (Belco) Waltz II, Carter  
 Waltz Across Texas (Daniel O'Donnell)) Alternate  
 Waltz Across Texas (Ernest Tubbs) Waltz II, Chico  
 Waltz Charisma (Grenn) Waltz II, Harris  
 Waltz Dream -- C.Novelli Waltz IV+1, Dierickx  
 Waltz Espana (Windsor) Waltz III+2, Molitoris Waltz II, Baldwin
 Waltz Finale (Al Russ) Waltz II, Tirrell  
 Waltz for Cynthia (Special Pressing) Viennese Waltz V, Goss Dance = Cynthia
 Waltz in A Flat (Heidi Brende) Waltz VI, Goss  
 Waltz in Heaven Waltz IV+2, Worlock  
 Waltz of a Lifetime (Dave Sheriff) Waltz II+1+1, Clarke  
 Waltz Of A Lifetime (Michael English) Waltz III+2+1 or IV+2+1, Dieri  
 Waltz of Love (Mireille Mathieu) - shortened Waltz IV or V+0+1, Dierickx  
 Waltz of Sorrow (Kanashimi No Waltz) Waltz IV+1, Ito  
 Waltz of the Roses (Grenn) Waltz II, Hoss-Waldorf  
 Waltz On The Floor (Dancelife) Waltz IV, Dierickx  
 Waltz with Me (Grenn) Waltz II, Harry  
 Waltz with Us (Special Pressing) Waltz VI, Esqueda Waltz III+2, Esqueda
 Waltzer Der Liebe (MIreille Mathieu) - shortened Waltz III+1 or V+0+1, Dierickx  
 Waltzer Opus 39 (Werner Tauber) Waltz III+2+1, Gatchell-Rivenb  
 Waltzette (Windsor) Waltz II, Walker  
 Waltzing By Piano (Peter Horan) Waltz II, Jestin  
 Waltzing Hearts (Grenn 14258) Waltz II+1, Baldwin  
 Waltzing Mathilda (Klaus Hallen) - Shortened Waltz V, Dierickx  
 Waltzing Matilda (Lionel Long) Rumba IV+2 or Foxtrot IV+1, Le  
 Waltzing Matilda (Phil Coulter) Waltz II+1, Spence  
 Waltzing On Top Of The World (jim Reeves) Waltz III, Parsons Waltz II, Bitter; waltz II+2,
 Waltzing With You (Jay Ungar-Molly Mason) Waltz IV+2, Hoffman  
 Wandering Eyes (Frankie Vaughan) Jive IV, Mouser  
 Wandering Eyes (Ronnie McDowell) 2-step II+2, Baldwin  
 Wand'rin Star (Instrumental) STS & Jive IV, Woodruff  
 Wand'rin Star (Lee Marvin) STS & Jive IV, Woodruff  
 Wanna be Elvis - Jason Allen 2-step III, Dierickx  
 Wanted - Alan Jackson Waltz IV, Ross  
 Warsaw concerto Fox VI, Scott  
 Was that the Human Thing to Do (Casa Musica) Foxtrot V, Sheridan  
 Was That The Human Thing To Do (Nat King Cole) Fox V+1, Valenta  
 Washington Square's Rose (Grenn) 2-step II, Dick Taylor  
 Wasted Days And Wasted Nights (Freddie Fender) Jive V+1, Cronkite  
 Watch What Happens - Ballroom Emotions Foxtrot IV, Ross  
 Watching the Night (Ross Mitchell) Waltz III+2, Night Waltz, Moor Waltz VI, Watching the Night,
 Waterfall (Watermark) Waltz VI, Worlock  
 Waterfalls (TLC-We're the Millers) No choreo  
 Waterloo (Abba) - 10pc Jive IV+1, Prow Jive III+2, Townsend-Manning
 Watermark (Stefano Nanni) Waltz IV, Brewer Waltz V+2, Shibata
 Watermark (Tony Evans) Waltz IV, Kline  
 Watermelon Man (Belco) Cha V, Woodruff Cha III+1, Von der Heide
 Watermelon Man (Mongo Santamaria) Cha IV, Buck 2001, III+2 Buck Cha V+1, Kilner; V, Woodruff 1
 Wave On Wave (Pat Green) Cha IV+1, Jim Hattrick See Cue-Cards
 Wave On Wave (The Voice) Foxtrot-Jive III+1+1, Morrison  
 Way Down (Ballroom Orch & Singers) Single Swing IV, Ross  
 Way Down Texas Way (Asleep At The Wheel) 2-step II+1, Leavelle 2-step II, Ross
 Way Down Yonder In New Orleans (Freddy Cannon) 2-step II+1, Norton  
 Way Of Love (Francesca Lota) Waltz V+2+1, Shibata Waltz V+0+2, Hagiwara
 Wayfaring Stranger - Trace Atkins 2-step-jive IV, Houser Foxtrot-Jive IV+1, Woodruff cu
 Wayfaring Strangers - Alisa Jones Fox IV, Seeburger  
 We are Family (Sister Sledge) Family Cha III, Pyles  
 We Are In Love (Harry Connick Jr.) -5 pc Quickstep VI, Goss  
 We Can Love (Larry Stewart) Rumba III+2, Baldwin  
 We can't love like this anymore (Alabama) STS unphased, Baldwin  
 We Danced (Brad Paisley) STS IV+1, Lowder  
 We Didn't Start the Fire (Billy) - faded Single Swing VI, Ross  
 We Don't Talk Much Any More - Tony Evans - 7pc Cha V+1, Ross  
 We Got By (Tony Evans) Waltz V, Ross  
 We Got Something They Don't (Shania Twain)+12pc Cha III, Kline  
 We Gotta Get Out Of This Place (The Animals)+10pc 2-step II, Buckmaster-Reigel cue-card
 We Have All The Time In The World (Louis Armstrong) Bolero III+2, Lankuttis  
 We just coudn't say goodbye (Diana Krall) Foxtrot VI, Childers  
 We Kiss In A Shadow - Ross Mitchell Rumba III, Ross  
 We know the Way (Disney's Moana - Lin-Manuel Miranda & Opetaia Foa'i) Cha III, Woodruff  
 We Must Be Doing Something Right (Eddie Rabbit) Rumba-Cha V, Bond  
 We Must Have Been Out Of Our Minds (George Jones & Melba Montgomery) Waltz IV+1, Dierickx (Out of o  
 We Went (Randy Houser) Cha-2-step III+1, Gomez  
 We Were Solid Gold (Nicholas Mcdonald) Cha III+1, Krause  
 We Will Dance (Steven Curtis Chapman) Slow-2-Step V+1+1, Evans  
 Weapon Of Prayer Waltz III+1, Yakimowski  
 Wear my Ring around your Neck (Ricky Van Shelton) 2-step II, Chico  
 Weave Me Sunshine (Peter Paul & Mary) Edited Foxtrot VI+0+1, Sears  
 Weave me the Sunshine (Perry Como) 2-step II+2, Gloodt  
 Web Of Love - (Grenn) Unknown  
 Wedding Bell Blues (Fifth Dimension) Foxtrot IV+1, Byrd; Foxtrot VI Westcoast Swing IV+2+2, Brewer
 Wedding Planner (Mary And Steve's Tango - Hollywood Movie Strings - Ballroom Desire) - Tango IV, Garza  
 Wedding Ring (Tony Evans) Waltz V, Lewis-Samborsky  
 Weddingbell Tango (Alfred Hause) Tango IV+2, Gruender  
 Weddingbell Tango (Hockzeitsglocken Tango), Alfred Hause Tango IV+2, Gruender  
 Wednesday's Child (Ballroom Swing) Several cue-sheets ABC - modifiy Intro and Ending
 Wednesday's Child (Roper) Waltz IV+1, Valenta  
 Weekend In New England (Barry Manilow) Waltz V, Maguire  
 Weil Ich Dich So Mag - Hansi Hinterseer - Slowed 5pc Rumba V, Dierickx Dance = Because I Like You So
 Weisse Rosen Schenk Ich Dir (G.G. Anderson) Waltz IV, Dierickx  
 Welcome To Jurassic Park (Ross Mitchell) Rumba V+1, Clements Jurassic Rumba
 Welcome To My World (Dean Martin) Bolero IV+1, Tevlin  
 Welcome To My World (Jim Reeves)+4pc 2-step III, Easterday  
 Welcome to New York (Taylor Swift) Cha-rumba III+1+1, Preskitt  
 Welcome To The Future (Brad Paisley) - Faded 2-step III, Ross  
 We'll Burn That Bridge (Brooks & Dunn) 2-step II+1, Baldwin 2-step II+2, Townsend-Manning
 We'll Meet Again (New Stanton Band) Foxtrot VI, Grahm  
 We'll Meet Again Medley (Blue Star 2430) FT III+2, Kirk Hotel lobby music
 We'll Sing in the Sunshine (G. Garnett) Jive - STS III+2, Dodge  
 We'll Waltz In Love Tonight (Reba McEntire) Waltz II+1, Bartlette  
 Wellerman (Sea Shanty) 2-step II, Pohl (cue-card)  
 Wendy Waltz V+2, Slater  
 We're From The Country (Tracy Byrd) 2-step II+1, Zeeman 2-step II, Seurer
 We're Having a Party (Sam Cooke) 2-step II+1, Sanders  
 We're Supposed To Do That (George Strait) 2-step II+2, Cook  
 We're Supposed to do that now and then (George Strait) 2-step II+2, Cook  
 Werewolves Of London (Warren Zevon) Cha III+2, Woodruff  
 West Coast Swing - Robin Greenstein WCS IV+1+1 Nelson WCS V+2, Goss
 West Texas Waltz (Joni Harms) Waltz II, Riggs  
 Western Girl Mixer II, Woolcock  
 Western Movies (Rock and Roll Gold) 2-step II+1 - Hichman  
 We've Only Just Begun - Ray VcVay STS - Cha, Chico  
 We've Only Just Begun (Carpenters) Rumba Cha V+1, Hooper Slow-2-step-Cha III+2, Chico
 Whaddaya Want (Dancelife) Jive V+1+2, Suess  
 What A Day For A Daydream (Loving Spoonfull) Fox IV, Knight Cue-sheet is Daydream
 What a Difference a Day Makes (Charlie Shaffer) Rumba V, Paull  
 What a Difference a Day Makes (Special Pressing) Bolero VI, Shibata  
 What A Difference You've Made (B.J. Thomas) Slow-2-step IV+1+1, Byrd  
 What A Fool Believes (Doobie Brothers) Rumba III+1, Parsons  
 What a Wiggle (STAR - Helmut Licht) Cha III+1 or IV, Baldwin Dance = I Just Want to Cha Cha
 What a Wonderful World (Louis Armstrong) Alternate  
 What A Wonderful World (Ross Mitchell) Waltz II, Pilachowski Waltz IV, Pilachowski
 What A Wonderful World (Tony Evans) Cha IV, Hoffman Dance = Wonderful World Cha
 What Do I Do With Me (Tanya Tucker)+ 8 pc RB IV+1, Hixson  
 What Does She See (Cindy Church & Ian Tyson) Waltz IV, Dobbs  
 What Goes Up (George Strait) Slow-2-step IV+1+1, Kline  
 What I Like About The North (Lynn Marie)-5pc 2-step II+1, Wolff  
 What I miss about Heaven (Lee Ann Womack) Cha IV+1, Baldwin  
 What If - Vio Friedmann Waltz IV, Ross Waltz II+2, Chadd
 What If (Meghan Trainor) Slow-2-step III+2+1, Hlton  
 What if I (Meghan Trainor) shortened & slowed Slow-2-step IV+1+1, Klein  
 What I'll KnowThen (Rick Trevino) Waltz V, Dierickx  
 What Is Life (George Harrison) Jive VI, Ross  
 What is love (Haddaway) shortened 2-step II+1, David Mallen  
 What Is Love (Playmates - Dance = Wiggle) 2-step II, Hale (cue-card only 2-step II, Beaulieu
 What is this thing called Love (Ultimate Ballroom 5) Quickstep VI, Lamberty  
 What Kind of Love (Rodney Crowell) Cha III+2, Scott Rumba IV, Chambers
 What Lies over the Hill (Roger Williams)+11pc Waltz IV+1, Kurczewski  
 What Lies Over The Hill (The Mason Singers) Waltz IV, Easterday  
 What Made You Say That (Shania Twain) 2-step II, Kline  
 What Makes You Beautiful (One Direction) 2-step II, Byars  
 What Might Have Been (Little Texas)) Fox IV, Brown  
 What Now My Love (Al Martino) IV+2, Vanvactor  
 What Now My Love (Al Martino)-10pc IV+2, Vanvactor  
 What Part Of No Don't You Understand (Lorrie Morgan) 2-step II+1, Frisella  
 What She's Doing Now (Garth Brooks) Slow Dancing IV, Ross  
 What The Cowgirls Do (Vince Gill) 2-step II+1, Bond  
 What the World Needs Now (Brisbane Ballroom Dance Combo) Waltz III+1, McKenrick  
 What The World Needs Now (Broadway for Orlando} Waltz IV, Halbert  
 What the World Needs Now (Jackie Deshannon) Waltz III+1, Scott  
 What The World Needs Now (Missi Hale - The Boss Baby) cut WZ III+2, Cavness  
 What the World Needs Now (Ross Mitchell - STAR) Waltz VI, Goss  
 What to do (Casa Musica) WZ IV+1, Draper  
 What Will My Mary Say (Johnny Mathis) Fox IV, Chico  
 Whatever Happened To Old Fashioned Love (BJ Thomas) Fox IV, Ross  
 Whatever Happened to Old Fashioned Love (Daniel O'Donnell) Foxtrot-Jive III+2+1, Healea Dance = Old Fashioned Love
 Whatever Lola Wants - Joe Leahy Tango III+1+1, Ross  
 Whatever Lola Wants (Brookolino Orch) Rumba IV, Bingham  
 Whatever Lola Wants (Della Reese) edited for Blackford's cha Cha VI, Blackford  
 Whatever Lola wants (Della Reese) Cha V, Lamberty Lola Lola Cha cha cha
 Whatever Lola Wants (Ross Mitchell) Tango V+1+1, Childers  
 Whatever Lola Wants (Sarah Vaughan) for Kincaid's dance Tango-Two Step III+2, Kincaid  
 Whatever Lola Wants (Sarah Vaughan) Rumba V+1+1, Dierickx  
 What'll I Do (Columbia BR Orch) Waltz III+2, Sperry  
 What's Another Year (Dancelife) Rumba V+1+several, Dierickx  
 What's Forever For (Michael Martin Murphy) Bolero IV, Seurer Forever Bolero
 What's Going On (4 Non Blondes) shortened On the workbench, Woodruff  
 What's Happening (Mancini)-10pc Fox V+1, Hoffman  
 What's Love Got to Do With It (Dancelife) Rumba VI, Ross  
 What's the pressure (Laura Tesoro) Cha III+2, Gircour  
 What's Your Name (Lynyrd Skynyrd) 2-step II+1, Collins  
 Wheels (Billy Vaughn Orch) Cha III+2+1, Doi  
 Wheels (Ross Mitchell - STAR) 4&1 cha, Bahr  
 Wheels (String-A-Longs) Cha IV+1, Folwell-Butcher Cha III, Lehnert, Cha III, Hel
 Wheels of Love (Emmylou Harris) 2-step II, Bartlette  
 When - Ray McVay Jive V+1, Ross  
 When (Fred Norman) Fox Unphased, Hooper Poor quality
 When (Kalin Twins) 2-step II, Francis  
 When a Child is Born (Il Divo) Slow-2-step VI, Read  
 When a Man Loves a Woman - Ray Hamilton Waltz IV+1, Francis  
 When a Man Loves a Woman (Percy Sledge) Slow-2-step IV+1+1, Hilton  
 When can I touch you again (STAR) WZ VI, Baldwin WZ III, Nelson
 When Everything Old is New Again (Special Pressing) 2-step-foxtrot IV+1, Collipi Dance = New Again
 When Forever Has Gone (Demis Roussos) slowed Waltz IV+1, Dierickx  
 When Forever Has Gone (Ultimate Album 2) Waltz V+0+1, Parker  
 When Hope Dawns At Sunrise - Daniel O'Donnell - short Waltz V+2, Hilton Shortened
 When Hope Dawns At Sunrise - Daniel O'Donnell Waltz V+1, Hilton  
 When I Call Your Name (Jo Dee Messina) Waltz II+1+1, Weiss  
 When I Close My Eyes (Kenny Chesney) + 5 pc Rumba-cha III+1 (Baldwin)  
 When I Dream (Carol Kidd) adjusted Bolero VI, Hurd  
 When I Dream (Crystal Gayle) Bolero IV, Rogers  
 When I Dream (Foster & Allen) Alternate  
 When I dream (Wenn ich Träume) - Hansi Hinterseer Foxtrot IV+0+1, Dierickx  
 When I Dream Of You (Pat Behrens) Waltz III+2+1, Ayres Walts IV+1, Kurczwaki,
 When I Fall In Love (Vio Friedmann) Waltz IV, Ross  
 When I Grow Too Old To Dream (Phil Coulter) Waltz III+1, Hilton Waltz IV+1, Hilton
 When I Look Into Your Eyes (Firehouse) Slow dance, Ross, II  
 When I lost You (Jim Reeves) + 2% Waltz IV, Dierickx  
 When I Need You (Dancelife) Waltz II+1, Nolen Waltz V+2, Sperry
 When I Need You (Emanuele Rossini) Waltz IV, Kolshorn  
 When I Need You (Leo Sayer) Waltz II+2, Scott  
 When I said I do (Clint Black) Waltz II, Restorff  
 When I Say Forever (Chris LeDoux)+7.5pc Fooxtrot III+1, Kline  
 When I See An Elephant Fly (Clide Peterson) Quickstep IV, Valenta  
 When I Take My Sugar - (Belco) 2-step II, Delson  
 When I take my sugar to tea (Blackpool Legends) 2-step II, Delson  
 When I'm 64 (A Capella) No choreo  
 When I'm 64 (Beatles) 2-step II+1, Parsons  
 When I'm 64 (IDTA 10) 41 rpm Jive-2-step IV+2, Pierce  
 When I'm 64 (Liron Yovel) 2-step III, Dierickx  
 When I'm 64 (Special Pressing) Jive VI, Shibata  
 When I'm Hurtin' - Joe Nichols 2-step II+2, Speranzo  
 When I'm Sixty Four - GLDRRD -004 Maybe 2-step II+1, Plume  
 When I'm Sixty Four - John Denver 2-step II+2, Scherrer  
 When Irish Eyes Are Smiling (Mary Duff) Waltz II+1, Byrd Cue-card only
 When Irish Eyes are smiling (Mitch Miller) Waltz IV+1, Woodruff See cue-cards
 When It Comes To Love (Big Bad Voodoo Daddy) cut Foxtrot V+1, Lillefield-Fabjan Foxtrot-Jive III, Beaulieu
 When It Comes To You (John Anderson) Cha III, Krueger; 5 count II, Bolero III, Galbraith
 When It's Just You And Me (Debby Boone) Slow-2-step IV+1, Kline  
 When Its Springtime In Alaska (Johnny Horton) 2-step III, Woodruff  
 When it's Springtime in the Rockies Waltz II+1, Zeeman-Dodds  
 When Love Says Goodnight (Manhattan Transfer) Fox-jive IV+1, Scott  
 When My Baby Smiles At Me (Hi Hat 946 or MGR 005) 2-step II, Sanders  
 When My Baby Smiles At Me (MacGregor 8555) 2-step II, Sanders  
 When Shadows are Deep Waltz III+2, Tucker. Careful: PART B MOD is missing.
 When She Smiles Foxtrot IV, foxtrot V, Hartung Dance is The Lady Smiles
 When Somedy Thinks You're Wonderful (Neville Dickie) Foxtrot V, Woodruff  
 When Someone thinks you're Wonderfull - Eric Clapton Foxtrot IV, Ahart  
 When The Cactus Is In Bloom Jim Hattrick - see cue cards  
 When The Day is Done (Isla Grant) 2-step II+2, Spence  
 When The Girl In Your Arms - Ross Mitchell Waltz II, Gatchell  
 When the Girl In Your Arms (Michael English) Waltz II+1, Parker  
 When the Girl in Your Arms is the Girl in Your Heart (Cliff Richard) Waltz IV+2, Dierickx  
 When The Rain Falls (Hang Shuen Lee) Waltz III+2, Molitoris  
 When The Rain Falls (Phil Coulter) + 5pc Waltz III+2, Molitoris  
 When the Roll Is Called Up Yonder (Craig Curry) 2-step III, Lewis-Samborsky  
 When the Snow is on the Roses (Ed Ames) Fox IV+2, Herr  
 When the Snow is on the Roses (Sonny James) Could be fox IV+2, Herr  
 When We All Get To Heaven (Instrumental - Christian Gospel Choir)) Slow-2-step III+2, McKenrick  
 When We're Gone, Long Gone (O'Kanes) 2-step II, Hattrick see cue-cards
 When Will I (Barry Manilow) Waltz V+2, Prow (Week-end in New England)
 When Will I Be Loved (Linda Ronstadt)-7pc Swing V+0+3, Moore  
 When Will I Let Go (Steve Mariner) 2-step II+1, Galbraith  
 When You Believe - Claudia Streza - Cut1 Waltz VI, Breton-Caves Miracles
 When You Believe - Claudia Streza - Cut2 Waltz VI, Brenton-Caves Miracles
 When You Believe (Celtic Woman) Bolero V+1, Klier  
 When You Believe by Chloe Agnew Foxtrot IVB+1, Kline  
 When You Dance (The Tokens) Rumba-Jive IV+1+1, Jestin  
 When You Look At Me (Ballroom Orchestra)) Cha III+2+1, Herr  
 When You Need Love Waltz VI, Bos/Bell  
 When you say Nothing at all (Alison Krauss) STS IV, Pilachowski  
 When you Say Nothing at All (Latin Blast) Rumba IV+2, Mueller  
 When You Smile (Roberta Flack) Fox V, Davis  
 When You Taught Me How to Dance Is there a cue-sheet to this?  
 When you tell me (Julio Eglesias - Dolly Parton) Bolero V+1, Meyer Bolero IV+2, Ito (That You Lov
 When You Tell Me That You Love Me (Diana Ross) Bolero III +2, Moore  
 When you tell me that you love me (Westlife & Diana Ross) +7.5pc Bolero IV+2, Gloodt  
 When You Walk In The Room (Daniel O'Donnell) Rumba III+2, Clarke  
 When You Walk in The Room (Pam Tillis) not slowed 2-step II, Kline  
 When You Wish Upon A Star (Hisao Sudo) Foxtrot III+1, Hagiwara  
 When Your Hair Has Turned To Silver (Sammy Kaye) Nostalgic old slow waltz For nostalgic old slow class
 When Your World Was Turning For Me (Randy Travis) Waltz II+2, Weiss  
 When You're Alone (Casa Musica) Waltz IV+1, Read  
 When You're Hot You're hot (Jerry Reed) No choreo (flip Amos Moses)  
 When You're In Love - Russ Abbot Cha IV+2, Francis Cha - FT III+1, Bartlette
 When you're in love with a beautiful woman (Dr. Hook) Cha IV+2+1, Preskitt  
 When You're in my Arms (Ernesto Cortazar) - Shortened & +5pc Slow-2-Step V+0+3, Dierickx  
 When You're Not A Dream (Mary Duff) 2-step III, Dierickx  
 When You're Smiling (Bert Kaempfert) Foxtrot IV+2, Dierickx  
 When You're Smiling (Dean Martin) - Speeded Fox VI, Bahr  
 When You're Smiling (Leftover Cuties) 2-step II+1, Ring  
 When You're Smiling (Nat King Cole) Slight + Alternative to Dean Martin, no Fox or Bolero
 When You're Smiling (Riccardo Chojwa) Foxtrot IV+2, Gloodt  
 When You're Smiling (Tony Evans) Quickstep IV+1+1, Sperry  
 When You've Laughed All Your laughter - slowed Foxtrot III, Ross  
 Whenever Dream (Japan) Samba IV+2, Doi  
 Whenever, Wherever (Shakira) Nerengue V+2+1, Kincad Cha III+2, Beaulieu
 Where Are The Heros (Rex Allen Jr) Waltz II+2, Weiss  
 Where Corn Don't Grow (Travis Tritt) Cha IV+0+1, Skillett-Terrell  
 Where Do I Begin (Beautiful Dance Vol 2 Movie Latin) Rumba V+1, Immamura  
 Where Do I Begin (for Nolen) Foxtrot VI, Nolen Music is modified
 Where Do I Begin (Ray Conniff) Bolero IV+2, Buck  
 Where Do I Begin (Romantic Piano) Bolero training  
 Where Do I Begin (Zhamfir) Bolero training  
 Where Do I Go to Start All Over (Wade Hayes) STS IV+1, Baldwin  
 Where Do I Go To Throw A Picture Away (Jim Reeves) Waltz IV or III+2, Dierickx  
 Where do you come from - Elvis Presley No choreo  
 Where Does My Heart Beat Now (Celine Dion) Slow dance, Ross, III  
 Where Have All The Average People Gone (Roger Miller) 2-step II+2+1, Weiss  
 Where Is The Circus (Hank Thompson) 2-step II+2, Woodruff  
 Where Is the Love (Roberta Flack & Donny Hathaway) - slowed 95% Rumba IV, Ross  
 Where is Your Heart (Percy Faith) Waltz VI, Lawrence Waltz II+2, Kurcewski
 Where Is Your Heart (Ross Mitchell)- 5pc Waltz II, Walstra  
 Where Or When (George Michael) Fox VI, Worlock  
 Where or When (Rod Stewart ) FT V - Scott  
 Where The Blue Of The Night - Sydney Thompson Waltz IV+1, Ross  
 Where the Boys are (Connie Francis) Bolero IV, Seurer  
 Where The Rainbow Ends (Ken Turner) Foxtrot IV, Lewis-Samborsky  
 Where There's a Heartache (Pat Boone) Waltz II+1, Cavness  
 Where You Going Now (Damn Yankees) Slow dance, Ross, III  
 Where'm I Gonna Live - Billy Ray Cyrus 2-step II+1, Chico 2-step II, Callen
 Wherever You Are - Daniel O'Donnell Waltz V, Lewis; waltz II+1, L  
 Wher'm I Gonna Live (Billy Ray Cyrus) 2-step II+1, Chico 2-step II, Callen
 Whey Marie - (MGR) Waltz II, Metzger  
 Which Bridge To Cross (Vince Gill)+7pc Waltz, Dufrene, Speranzo Logan, Wacker
 While you danced, danced, danced (Roper) Waltz IV+2, Wagenhoffer Waltz VI, Brown
 While You Slept Last Night (Highway 101) Waltz II+1, Bartlette  
 Whipped Cream (Herb Albert & Tijuana Brass) 2-step II, Van Atta or Dierick III+1, Hager
 Whiskey Under The Bridge (Brooks & Dunn) 2-step II+2, Van Atta  
 Whiskey, If You Were A Woman (Heidi Hauge) Foxtrot IV, Dierickx  
 Whisper (Hawkins shortened) Samba V, Lamberty  
 Whisper Of The Wind (Star 105) Foxtrot IV+1+1, Betzelberger  
 Whispering - Hoctor Cha III, Ross  
 Whispering (Sydney Thompson) Foxtrot III+1, Lewis  
 Whispering Bells (Del Vikings) Jive V, Crapo  
 Whispering Hope (Chuckwagon Gang) Alternate  
 Whispering Hope (Daniel O'Donnell & Mary Duff)+5pc Alternate  
 Whispering Hope (Jim Reeves) Waltz II+1, Mike Michel  
 Whispering Hope (Phil Coulter) - 10 pc Waltz III+2, Scherrer  
 Whispering Pines (Johnny Horton) Rumba III, Koozer  
 Whispers of Moonlight - Ernesto Cortazar - Adapted Bolero IV+2, Dierickx  
 Whispers of the Wind (Gary Prim) Slow-2-step IV, Defore  
 Whistle Stop (Louis Prima) Quickstep-Single Swing IV+2, E  
 Whistle While You Work - Breanna King 2-step by Mueller (cue-card)  
 Whistling (Robin Hood Disney) 2-step I, Woodruff  
 Whistling Away The Dark (Andrea Spadaroi) Waltz IV+2, Hurd  
 Whistling Away the Dark (Special Pressing) Waltz VI, Rumble Dance = Whistling in the Dark
 Whistling Ping Pong Game (Andy Griffith) 2-step II+1, Woodruff  
 White Lilacs (Special Pressing) FT V, Hartung  
 White Rose of Athens (Al Martino) Can be used as Roper substitut Seq IABCE (Scott's FT V+2)
 White Rose of Athens (Klaus Wunderlich) FT V+2, Scott Adj. to music - Cue-card
 White Rose of Athens (Mary Duff) Scott's dance can be adjusted See cue-cards
 White Rose Of Athens (Paul Brooks) Foxtrot V+2+1, Koozer  
 White Rose of Athens (Roper) - 5pc Foxtrot III+2, Maguire  
 White Sandy Beach Of Hawai (Israel Kamakawiwo'ole) Slow-2-step IV+1+2, Weiss  
 White Silver Sands - Don Rondo Mixer  
 White Silver Sands (Bill Black) Jive V, Procter  
 White Silver Sands (Russ) Mixer, Smith Old
 White Wings (Hollywood Movie Strings) Waltz IV+1, Wulf  
 Who Am I To Say (Statler Brothers) 2-step II+1, Baldwin  
 Who Dat Roll (Williams Davis Band) 2-step-mambo III, Matthews  
 Who I was Born To Be (Susan Boyle) shortened Hesitation Canter Waltz V+1+1,  
 Who Left the Door to Heaven Open (Hank Thompson)+9pc 2-step II or III, Tennant  
 Who let the Dogs Out (Baha Men) Cha III+1, Hilton  
 Who Like You (Ultimate Latin Album 13) Rumba V+1+1, Shibata  
 Who Loves You Bolero VI, Shibata  
 Who Needs You (The Four Lads) Fox III+1, Clarks  
 Who Says You Cant Have It All - Alan Jackson Waltz II, Ackerman Waltz IV, Dierickx
 Who Was That Stranger (Loretta Lynn) -5 pc 2-step II+2, Dierickx  
 Who Were You Thinkin' Of (TexasTornados) 2-step II+1, Krueger  
 Who What Where & Why (Jerry Burnham) Single Swing-2-step III, Byrd Jive IV, Gruender
 Who Wouldn't Love You - Steve & Eydie Fox VI, Moore  
 Who Wouldn't Love You (Special Pressing) Foxtrot-Jive IV+2, Robertson  
 Whole Lotta Holes (Kathy Mattea) Jive/Westcoast V, Rotscheid Dance = My Holey Life
 Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' on (Jerry Lee Lewis) 2-step II, Dunn (Come on Over  
 Whole New Thang (Cat Beach) JV IV+1, Hoffman Dance = A Brand New Me
 Who'll stop the rain (John Fogerty) 2-step II+1, Scherrer  
 Whoopie ti yi yo (Elton Britt) Waltz II, Woodruff  
 Who's been sleeping in my bed (Frey) Jive V, Grahm  
 Who's Been Sleeping In My Bed (Mel McDaniel) 45 rpm Waltz IV+1, Francis Waltz II+1, Ring
 Who's Cheatin' Who (Alan Jackson) 2-step II, Wolff  
 Who's Gonna Love Me - Ballroom Orchestra & Singers Waltz II, Ross Waltz IV, Stairs
 Who's Gonna Love Me (Dionne Warwick) Waltz IV, Stairs  
 Who's Got the Pain (Ross Mitchell - STAR) Mambo, Easterday  
 Who's Holding Donna Now (DeBarge) Slow-2-step - no choreo  
 Who's In The Strawberry Patch With Sally (Tony Orlando & Dawn) Quickstep IV, Davis  
 Who's sorry now (Les de Azevedo) Foxtrot III, Dierickx  
 Who's sorry now (Lex de Azevedo) Foxtrot III, Dierickx  
 Who's Your Daddy (Toby Keith) - 3 pc & cut Jive III, Malthouse 2-step II+1, Helm
 Whose Bed Have Your Boots Been (Shania Twain) shortened Shania Twain Jive IV, Ross
 Why - Frankie Avalon FT IV+2, Helm  
 Why (Annie Lennox) - faded Bolero V, Ross  
 Why Baby Why - Pat Boone - 10 pc 2-step II, Don Brown  
 Why can't it be me (Lenny Dee) Quickstep V+1, Valenta  
 Why Did it Have to Be Me (Abba) Jive III, Callen Jive V+2+3, Preskitt
 Why Did You Choose Me Rumba (Instrumental - MM296) Rumba III, Kline  
 Why Did You Choose Me Rumba (Vocal) Rumba III, Kline  
 Why Did You Hurt Me (Inka Gold) Rumba V+2, Weiss  
 Why Didn't I Think Of That - Doug Stone Rumba III+1, Seurer  
 Why do fools fall in love (Diana Ross) 2-step II, Schmidt  
 Why Do Fools Fall in Love (Frankie Lymon) Single Swing IV+0+1  
 Why Do You Build Me Up Buttercup (Foundations) TS II, Seurer  
 Why Don'cha Do Right (Prandi) Fox IV+2, Moore  
 Why Don't They Understand (George Hamilton IV) + 5pc Foxtrot III+2, Woolcock  
 Why Don't We Just Dance (Josh Turner) 2-step II+2, Wulf  
 Why Don''t We Just Dance (Mick Comerford & Michelle Murphy) - 5pc 2-step II+2, Dierickx  
 Why Don't Ya (Phil Vasser) 2-step II+1, Francis  
 Why Dont You And I (Santana & Chad Kroeger) Cha IV+2, Byars  
 Why Don't You Do Right (from 'Who Framed Roger Rabbit' - Lucia Beltrami) Foxtrot IV, Brewer  
 Why Don't You Do Right (Peggy Lee)+10% 2-step II+2+1, Cavness  
 Why Don't You Do Right (Sinead O'Connor) Foxtrot-jive V, Scherrer  
 Why Don't You Spend The Night (Ronnie Milsap) Fox IV,  
 Why Haven't I Heard From You (Reba Mcentire) Jive V, Raye; IV+2, Hooper, Te Cha III+1, Seurer or Gomez, Wh
 Why Me Lord (Kris Kristofferson) Waltz V, Adcock Dance = Lord Help Me Jesus
 Why Not Me (The Judds) 2-step II+1, Seurer  
 Why Wait (By Rascal Flatts) Jive IV+1, Ayres  
 Wichita Lineman (Glen Campbell) Slow-2-step IV+2+2, Harris  
 Wicked Game - Chris Isaak Rumba V, Ross  
 Wild Child (Enya) +12pc Waltz IV, Ho  
 Wild Horses (Garth Brooks) 2-step III, Speranzo  
 Wild In The Country (Elvis Presley) Slow-2-step IV+1+1, Hixson  
 Wild Is The Wind (Stephano Nanni) cut Foxtrot IV+1, Moore  
 Wild Man (Ricky Van Shelton) 2-step II+2, Prestridge  
 Wild Night (Van Morrison) 2-step II, Oren  
 Wild Wild West (The Escape Club) 2-step II+1, Betzelberger  
 Wildwood Days - Bobby Rydell Jive IV, Ross  
 Will it Go Round in Circles - Billy Preston Cha III+2+1, Simpson  
 Will Ye Go Lassie Go (Inisfree Ceoil) Waltz II+1, Ellis  
 Will You Come And Marry Me (Irish Rovers) -11pc 2-step II, Tennant  
 Will You Dance With Me (+5%)(Julianne Hough) Slow-2-step IV+2, Krause  
 Will You Love Me Tomorrow (Jessie Mueller) Bolero IV+0+1, Byrd  
 Will You Love Me Tomorrow (Neil Diamond) Rumba IV+2, Ayres  
 Will you Remember (Sweetheart) Waltz IV, Slater (Sweetheart)  
 Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow (Carole King) Bolero III+1, Betzelberger  
 Will you Still Love Me Tomorrow (Ross Mitchell) Rumba IV, Cunningham Rumba VI, Cunningham
 Willie Can - Alma Cogan 2-step-quickstep III+1, Gloodt  
 Willow Walk (Al Russ) Rumba III+2+2, Harris Foxtrot-Jive IV+2, Winter
 Willow Weeps for Me (Robbie Dunbar) Foxtrot V+1, Lamberty  
 Win your Love for Me (Sam Cooke) Rumba IV, Francis,  
 Winchester Cathedral Cha Maybe cha IV+1, Paull  
 Wind In The Willows - Phil Coulter Waltz III+2, Molitoris  
 Wine Women & Song (Alfred Hause) Viennese waltz II, Stier Remove first 4 measures to be
 Wine, Beer, Whiskey (Little Big Town) Cha III+1, Ahart  
 Wine, Women and Song (Ballroom Dance Band) -25pc Waltz II+1, Brown-Jopek  
 Wine, Women and Songs - Roper (Poor quality) Viennese Waltz, Stier  
 Wink (Neal McCoy) 2-step II, Seurer 2-step III, Corbet
 Winners and Losers (Lone Blume)+ 5pc 2-step II+1, Crapo  
 Winter Light . Linda Ronstadt Bolero VI, Preskistt  
 Winter Lullaby (Mason Williams) Waltz IV+1, Soos Weiss: III+2, IV+2, V+2
 Winter or Fall (Simply the Best, Year 2000) Waltz IV+1 or II+2+1, Berka Waltz III, Hixson; V+1, Schran
 Winter Waltz (Alessandro Olivato) Hes Can Waltz IV+2, Read  
 Winter Waltz (Kitaro) shortened Waltz II+2, Ellis  
 Wipeout (The Surfaris) 2-step II, Booz  
 Wire To Wire (Razorlight) edited Foxtrot IV+2, Schidler-Koegler  
 Wish I Didn't Know Now (Toby Keith) Rumba IV, Jestin or Seurer  
 Wish Me A Rainbow (Gunter Kallman) Fox III, Ross  
 Wish me a Rainbow (Roper) Waltz IV, Sanders Waltz III+1, Scherrer
 Wish Upon a Star (Japan) Waltz III, Doi  
 Wish Upon a Star (Special Pressing) Foxtrot V+2, Worlock Foxtrot III+2, Worlock (Wishes
 Wish You Were Here (Dave Sheriff) Rumba III+2, Hixson  
 Wish You Were Here (Eddie Fisher) BL IV+2, Collipi (Volonta'Qua) Music from 1952
 Wishin' & Hopin' (Dusty Springfield) No choreo yet  
 Wistful Thinking (Hiram Bronkelstein) Waltz III+2, Nelson  
 Wistful Waltz (MGR) Waltz II+1, Cole  
 Witchcraft (Frank Sinatra) Foxtrot IV, Francis  
 With A Little Help (Vio Friedmann) Foxtrot IV, Ross  
 With a Song in my Heart (Azzurra) Rumba V+2, Doi  
 With A Song In My Heart (Hisao Sudo) Fox VI, Ross  
 With Compliments (Eric Bachmann) Waltz IV+1, Gatchell  
 With One Look (Richard Keeling) -7pc Waltz IV+1, Dierickx  
 With One Look (Werner Tauber with Babs) Rumba III+1+1, Brewer  
 With Pen In Hand (Des O'Connor) Alternate  
 With Pen In Hand (Vikki Carr) Walty IV, Pratt  
 With You (Bolero) Bolero unph. Robertson  
 With You I'm born again (Billy Preston & Syreeta) Waltz VI, Lamberty  
 With You I'm Born Again (Michael Crawford) Waltz VI, Goss  
 With You I'm Born Again (Ross Mitchell) Waltz V, Kirsch Waltz V, Hoffman
 With You I'm Born Again (Williams) Waltz IV+2, Soos  
 Without You - Mariah Carey STS IV, Ross  
 Without You (Hoctor) Rumba V+2, Slater  
 Without You (Shoji Yokoughi - Mr Guitar)) Rumba VI, Draper Try Slater, Hoffman, Esqueda
 Without You (Stefano Parnasso) Waltz IV+2, Dierickx  
 Without You-Romantic Guitar- shortened - 3 pc Rumba VI, Draper  
 Wives and Lovers (Roper) Waltz III, Winkler  
 Wives and Lovers [Julie London] Waltz III+2, Parker  
 Woke Up In Love (Exile) 2-step II+2, Read  
 Wolverton Mountain (Claude King) TS II+2, Prestridge  
 Wolves (Selena Gomez, Marshmello) -4pc Cha-Rumba III+2, Townsend-Mann  
 Wolves Of The Night (Prandi) Waltz IV, Collins  
 Woman Amen (Dierks Bentley) Rumba III+1, Cox  
 Woman Back Home (Alabama) 2-step II+1, Townsend-Manning  
 Woman in Love - Rebecca Storm Rumba IV+2+1, Kincaid  
 Woman In Love (Masters Of Modern)-5pc Tango IV+2, Hagiwara  
 Woman Of The World (Loretta Lynn) Foxtrot V, Dierickx  
 Woman Without Love (Elvis Presley) Waltz IV, Ross  
 Women in Love (Casa Musica - Manuel) Waltz V+2, Draper Waltz VI, Worlock
 Wonderful Copenhagen (Tony Evans) Alternate or maybe it's the pr  
 Wonderful Copenhagen Viennese Waltz, Cunningham  
 Wonderful Dancing (Hugo Strasser) WZ II+2, Molitoris  
 Wonderful One (McGuire Sisters) Waltz IV+1+1, Rogers  
 Wonderful One (Tony Evans) Waltz IV+1, Di  
 Wonderful Rain (Grenn) STS III, P&T Young  
 Wonderful Rain (Les Paul & Mary Ford) STS III, Young  
 Wonderful Tonight - David Kersh Bolero IV, Speranzo  
 Wonderful Tonight (Daniel O'Donnell) Bolero IV+2, Woodruff  
 Wonderful Tonight (Don Williams) Bolero III, Labau Bolero V+2, Pelton
 Wonderful Tonight (Eric Clapton) Bolero IV+2, Woodruff  
 Wonderful Tonight (Michael Buble & Ivan Lins) Rumba V, Parker  
 Wonderful World (Sam Cooke) 2-step I+2, Parker  
 Wonderful World Of The Young - Andy Williams Waltz III+2, Armstrong Waltz III+1, Bradt
 Wonderful World Of The Young - Phil Tate Waltz III, Ross  
 Wonderful World Of The Young (Joe Leahy - Hi Hat 896) Waltz III+0+1, Buckmaster-Reig  
 Wonderful World Of The Young (Tony Evans Orch) Waltz III, Ross  
 Wonderful You (Grenn) Waltz II, Walstra  
 Wonderful! Wonderful (Johnny Mathis) - 12 pc Fox V+1, Woodruff (very soft)  
 Wonderland By Night (Louie Prima) Fox, Moss  
 Wonderland By Night (Roper) Fox-jive V+1, Maisch  
 Wonderland by Night (Vocal - Englebert Humperdinck) Alternate  
 Wonders Of Life (Ernesto Cortazar edited) Slow-2-ste[ V+0+2, Dierickx  
 Won't You Come Dance (Roper) Fox III+2, Paull  
 Won't You Come Home (George Strait) 2-step II+1, Ring  
 Wooden Heart (Elvis) 2-step II+1, Francis 2-step II+2, Sanders
 Words By Heart (Billy Ray Cyrus) Rumba/cha/2-step III, Chico  
 Words Get in the Way - Gloria Estefan +8pc Bolero VI, Shibata  
 Words Get In The Way (Tony Evans) Rumba IV+2, Shibata  
 Words of love (Mamas & Papas) 2-step II+1, Simpson  
 Wordy Rappinghood (Uffie - Evian Mix) Cha V+1, Woodruff  
 Wordy Rappinghood (Uffie - Original Mix) Cha V+1, Woodruff  
 Work Song (Corbin Hanner) 2-step II, Schmidt (USA)  
 Workin' for a Livin' (Huey Lewis & The News) Single Swing IV, Ross  
 Workin' Out (Eddie Rabbitt) Jive - no choreo  
 World of Our Own (O'Donnell) 2-step II+2. Towsend-Manning  
 Would you Catch a Falling Star (John Anderson) STS IV+1, Woodruff  
 Would you Waltz III, Hichman  
 Wouldn't it be Lovely (Ross Mitchell)-3pc Cha III+2, Molitoris  
 Wouldn't it be nice (The Beach Boys) Multi IV, Chico  
 Wouldn't You Know (Hi Hat) Foxtrot III+1, Trautman  
 Wouldn't You Know Fox III, Sanders  
 Wounded Heart (Paloma San Basilio) Bolero V, Worlock  
 Wrap your Troubles in Dreams (STAR) Cha IV+1+1, Rotscheid Cha III+1, Powell-Brosie (Drea
 Wrapped (George Strait) 2-step II, Crapo  
 Wrapped Around (Brad Paisley) TS II, Seurer  
 Wrecking Ball Cha Cha Cha Cha III, Ito  
 Write my number on your hand (Scotty McCreary) 2-step II, Parker  
 Write Myself a Letter (Instrumental, Square Dance) Foxtrot III or I+2+1, Betzelbe  
 Write This Down (George Strait) 2-step II+1, Healea  
 Written In the Stars (Vio Friedmann) Probably Ross dance  
 Written On My Heart (Plus One) Cha IV+1+1, Simpson  
 Wrong Road Again (Crystal Gayle)+ 2 pc 2-step II+1, Gloodt 2-step III, Francis
 Wunderbar (Sydney Thompson) Viennese Waltz, Pell  
 X Your Heart (Windsor) Waltz III, Cohen  
 Xanadu (Olivia Newton John) No choreo yet  
 Y (Eydie Gorme) Rumba IV+2, Kincaid  
 Y bailo (Donato y Estefano) Cha III+1+1, Chadd  
 Y Que Hiciste del Amor (Cecilia Milone) Rumba V+0+2  
 Y Viva Espana - Victor Silvester Paso V+1, Ross  
 Y.M.C.A (Village People) CH III, Seurer Cha IV, Eckley
 Y.M.C.A. (Berk & Virtual Band) Rumba IV+2, Halbert  
 Ya lo se que te vas (Mayela Estrada) Rumba VI, Dechenne = Adios Amor
 Ya se que tienes Novio (Antonio Machin) Rumba VI, Sheridan  
 Ya Ya (Lee Dorsey) 2-step II+1, Hilton  
 Yakamoz - Olivato Dancesport Orchestra Waltz V+2, Cavness  
 Yakety Yak (Coasters) Cha III, Seurer  
 Yakkity Sax (Ted Taylor) 2-step II+1, Scott 5-Count III+1, Liberti
 Y'all Come - Lisa McHugh Cha III, Kline  
 Y'All Come (Lisa McHugh) Cha III, Kline  
 Y'all Come Back Saloon (Oak Ridge Boys) 2-step II, Johnston  
 Yay Boy (Africando) - faded & slowed 10% Mambo III, Ross  
 Years - Barbara Mandrell Bolero IV+2+1, Speranzo  
 Years from Now (Don Williams) Waltz II, Labau  
 Years May Come ( Herman's Hermits) Rumba IV+0+1, Rother AB AB AB B(1-2) End
 Yellow Bird (Arthur Lyman) Rumba III+2, Klein Rumba III+1, Baldwin
 Yellow Bird (Brothers Four) Good alternate  
 Yellow Bird (Chris Isaak) Excellent alternate See Cue-Card
 Yellow Bird (Lawrence Welk) Alternate See Cue-Card
 Yellow Bird (Mills Brothers) Alternate See cue-card
 Yellow Bird (Roger Williams) Alternate, cute music See Cue-Card
 Yellow Bird (Sydney Thompson) Rumba III+2, Liberti or Heath Rumba V+1, Barton 1988
 Yellow Days (La Mentira) - Enrique Chia Rumba V+I+1, Shibata  
 Yellow Flicker Beat (from 'The Hunger Games' - Royden) Rumba III, Hilton  
 Yellow Flicker Beat (Lorde) Foxtrot-Tango IV+1, C.Eum Dace = Princess Black
 Yellow Polkadot Bikini (Brian Hyland) Cha III+1, Rother ; III, Wata Cha V+2, Worlock (Bikini Cha)
 Yellow Rockin' Rose (Grenn) 2-step II+1, Hermann  
 Yellow Rose Of Texas (Mitch Miller) 2-step II, Molitoris  
 Yellow Rose Of TX (Japan) Quickstep III+2, Doi  
 Yellow Roses (Helmut Licht) Tango III+2, Pilachowski  
 Yemanga (Isabel Pantoja) Samba V+1, Cibula  
 Yes I do (Shakin' Stevens) Jive V+0+2, Shibata  
 Yes Sir That's My Baby (Rick Nelson) Alternate  
 Yes Sir, That's My Baby (Melanie)+13% 2-step II, Scherrer  
 Yes We Have no Bananas (Klaus Wunderlich) Polka II+1, Scott  
 Yessir, That's a Quickstep (Bill Edwards), shortened, 43rpm Quickstep III, Bingham Adaptation of I wanta QS
 Yesterday - Sydney Thompson Cha V, Ross  
 Yesterday (Antonio Kaudele) Rumba III, Watanabe  
 Yesterday (The Beatles) slow-2-step IV+1, Chico  
 Yesterday (Tony Evans) Foxtrot III+2, Townsend-Mannin  
 Yesterday Once More - The Carpenters Bolero IV+1+1, Doi  
 Yesterday When I Was Young (Aznavour & Eton John) No choreo  
 Yesterdays Gone - Chad & Jeremy Unknown  
 Yesterday's Songs (Neil Diamond) Cha IV, Scott  
 Yira Yira (Stanley Black) Tango VI, Shibata  
 Yo Mama (Loggins & Messina) Jive IV, Jabour  
 Yo Quiero la Movida - Valentino Merengue III, Ross  
 Yo Quiero Ser Matador (Ballroom Latin Dance) Paso Doble VI+4, Ross  
 Yodel Blues (The Time Jumpers) 2-step II+2+1, Tennant  
 Yodeling Cowhand (Wylie And The Wild West) 2-step II+1+1, Woodruff  
 Yoruga Koru (Hisao Sudo) Foxtrot V, Woodruff (The Stalk  
 You (Chris Young) West Coast Swing IV+1+3, Brewe  
 You Ain t What You Ain t (Toni Willé with Major Dundee Band) 2-step II+2, Dierickx  
 You Ain't Much Fun Since I Quit Drinking (Toby Keith) 2-step II, Chico, Seurer  
 You ain't nothing but a hound dog (Elvis) Single swing-jive IV+2, Basset  
 You Always Hurt The One You Love - Ace Cannon Fox IV, Perry Fox V, Hoffman
 You Always Hurt The One You Love - Mills Brothers Mixed IV+1, Rogers  
 You Always Hurt The One You Love - Sydney Thompson Waltz IV+2, Ross  
 You Always Hurt The One You Love (Al Martino) Foxtrot V+1, Shibata  
 You and I -- Maywood Bolero IV+2, Dierickx  
 You and Me (Grenn) Mixe IV, Moran Part is Double Swing
 You And The Night And The Music Tango music, good for drills  
 You Are (Lionel Richie) - faded Rumba VI, Ross  
 You Are a Pirate Cha III, Woodruff Cue-card only
 You Are Always In My Heart (Charlie Shaffer) Ruba III+2, Slater  
 You Are My Home (Vanessa Williams & Chayanne) short+11pc Rumba V+0+2, Chadd  
 You are my lucky star (New Stanton Band) Foxtrot III+2, Parker  
 You are my Reason (STAR) Rumba III+2, Hagiwara  
 You are my Sunshine (Gale Garnett) Curiosity - No choreo  
 You Are My World (Tol & Tol) Rumba IV+1, Beaulieu Slow-2-step IV+1+3, Gloodt
 You Are Not Alone (Tony Evans) - cut Foxtrot V, Ross  
 You Are The Only One (Ricky Nelson) Rumba IV, Bishop  
 You Are The Reason (Calum Scott & Leona Lewis) Slow-2-step IV+1+1, Kline or S Slow-2-step V+2, Worlock
 You Are The Reason (Calum Scott) slowed Slow-2-step V+0+2  
 You Are The Sunshine Of My Life (Dancelife) Quickstep VI, Ross  
 You are the sunshine of my life (Stevie Wonder) Rumba IV+2+3, Byrd  
 You Are The Woman (Firefall) Cha V+1, Kline  
 You Beat Me To The Punch (Mary Wells) Cha III+2, Malthouse Dance = Beat me to the Punch
 You Belong To Me (Carly Simon) Cha III+2, Noble  
 You Belong to Me (Ross Mitchell) FT V+2, Kincaid  
 You Belong To My Heart (Charlie Shaffer) Cha IV, Hoffman Dance = Lazy Cha
 You Belong To My Heart (Mr. Guitar & Friends) Rumba IV+2, Kincaid Much better than Roper - No in
 You Bring out the Boogie in Me (Brownie McGhee & Sonny Terry) Jive IV, Ahart  
 You Bring Out The Boogie In Me (Sea Cruz) Jive III+2, McDonald-McClain  
 You Brought a New Kind of Love (Robin MacKelle) Foxtrot VI, Lamberty  
 You Bug Me Baby (McClinton - Reed)-3pc East Coast Swing VI, Moore slowed
 You Bug Me Baby (Reed & McClinton) JV VI, Moore  
 You Call Everybody Darling (K.T Oslin) 2-step II, Foster STS - Jive - cue-card
 You Can Do Magic - America 2-step II, Pointer  
 You Can Do Magic (America) Mambo IV, Kenny  
 You Can Drive My Car (Beatles Tribute Band) Cha IV+2+2, Healea  
 You can Have Him - Holly Dunn 2-step II, Seurer  
 You Can In Yucatan (Desi Arnaz) Mambo VI, Ross  
 You Can Say That Again (Kay Starr) 2-step unphased, Brown  
 You Can't Give Up On Love (Alan Jackson) Cha III+2, Malthouse  
 You Can't Have It All (Alan Jackson) Waltz V+1, Dierickx  
 You Can't Hurry Love (Phil Collins) Quickstep V, Ross  
 You Can't Make Old Friends (Kenny Rogers & Dolly Parton) Bolero V, Weiss  
 You Can't Stop The Beat (DJ Rico Latino) -15pc 2-step II+1, Cavness  
 You Can't Take It With You (Barbara Morrison) 2-step II, Bartlette  
 You Complete Me (Vio Friedmann) Waltz IV, Ross  
 You' d be So Nice To Come Home To (Max Bygraves) FT V+2, Finch,  
 You Decorated my Life (Kenny Rogers) Bolero IV+2+1, Gloodt  
 You Deserve (Peggy Lee) Foxtrot VI, Read  
 You Do Something To Me (Tony Evans) Quickstep V+1, Fisher Quickstep IV+2, Kennedy
 You Do Something To Me (Peter Douglas) Quickstep IV+2, Schmidt Quickstep V+2, Hagiwara
 You Do Something to Me (Rosemary Clooney)-7 pc Cha IV+2, Woodruff  
 You Done Me Wrong (George Jones) Waltz II+2, Speranzo  
 You Don't Count The Cost (Billy Dean)+15pc Bolero V, Kline  
 You Don't Even Know Who I Am (Patty Loveless) Waltz II+2, Baldwin  
 You Don't Have to be A Baby To Cry (The Caravelles) Fox III+2, Scott TS II, Stimler, II+2, Morrison
 You Don't Know Me (Eddie Arnold) Alternate  
 You Don't Know Me (Mickey Gilley) 2-step, Wilder  
 You Don't Know Me (Ray Charles) Alternate for Wilder's dance  
 You Don't Own Me (Leslie Gore) Slow-2-step IV+1, Rogers  
 You Don't Wear Blue So Well (Statler Bros) Waltz III, Healea  
 You Don't You Won't (Billy Gilman)-10pc 2-step II, Jones  
 You Drive me Crazy - edited Cha V+1, Rumble  
 You Drive Me Crazy (Shakin' Stevens) Cha IV+1, Murphy  
 You Dun Stomped My Heart (John Denver) 2-step II, Brown  
 You Fill Up My Senses (John Denver)-8pc waltz, no choreo  
 You Gave My Heart a Home (Johnny Reid) 2-step II, Ross  
 You go to my Head (Michael Bolton)+25 pc Fox-WCS V+0+2, Davis  
 You got gold (Heidi Hauge) 2-step III, Dierickx  
 You Gotta Feel Love (Daniel O'Donnell) Cha III+2, Mouser  
 You Had Me From Hello - Kenny Chesney Slow-2-step III, Ross Slow-2-step IV+2, Pelton
 You Have The Right To Remain Silent (Perfect Stranger) Bolero IV+2, Casper (Remain)  
 You Haven't Seen The Last Of Me (Cher) Slow-2-step/Foxtrot V+1, Hurd  
 You Know Its You (Piolo Pascual) Bolero IV+2, Otto  
 You Know Me Better Than That (George Strait) 2-step II, Chico  
 You Left the Water Running (Dan Penn) Alternate  
 You Left The Water Running (Huey Lewis) Jive IV+2, Read  
 You Left The Water Running (Otis Redding) Alternate Start A w/ Chasse L&R
 You Light Up my Life (Ballroom Nights) Altermate, great quality  
 You Light Up My Life (Debbie Boone)) Waltz IV, Prow  
 You Light Up My Life (Kenny Rogers) Waltz II+1, Rathburn; IV, Bald IV, Maisch; V, Crapo; V+2, Gue
 You Light Up my Life (Leeanne Rimes) Waltz IV+2, Crapo  
 You Light Up my Life (Ski's) Waltz VI, Kurcewski  
 You Light Up My Life (Special Pressing - Instrumental) Waltz III+2, Herr  
 You Look So Good In Love (George Strait) Waltz II, Woodruff, unpublishe  
 You Made Me Love You (Al Jolson) Foxtrot-Jive IV+2, Rogers  
 You Make It So Easy (Helen Reddy) Fox III+1, Scherrer  
 You Make Loving Fun (Fleetwood Mac) Rumba V, Simpson  
 You Make Me Feel Like Dancing (Leo Sayer for Garza) West Coast Swing V+2+4, Garza  
 You Make Me Feel Like Dancing (Leo Sayer) shortened West Coast Swingm V+2+5, Garza  
 You Make Me Feel Like Dancing (Leo Sayer) Cha IV, Scott  
 You Make Me Happy (Marcia Ball) short Jive V+2, Kincaid  
 You Make Me So Crazy (Twins Project) Quickstep IV+1+1, Hagiwara  
 You Make My Pants Want To Get Up And Dance (Dr. Hook) Jive IV+2, Hixson  
 You Make The Moonlight - 4 Runner Waltz II, Sprosty  
 You Must Have Been A Beautiful Baby (Bobby Darin). Jive IV+1, Byrd  
 You Needed Me (Anne Murray With Shania Twain) Alternate  
 You Needed Me (Anne Murray) Fox IV+2, Snell STS IV+1, Kropf
 You Needed Me (Tony Evans) - 4W Waltz IV, Kline Waltz II, Cavness
 You Never Can Tell (Chuck Berry) 2-step II +1+1, Scherrer TS II, Seurer, Teenage Wedding
 You never Told me about Goddbye (Susie Allanson) Slow-2-step - No Choreo  
 You No One But You (Frankie Laine) Foxtrot III+2, Brown-Cooley  
 You Only Live Twice (Ronnie Aldrich) Bolero V+1, Kincaid  
 You Only You (Barbara Mandrell) Waltz IV, Ross  
 You Oughta Be Here With Me (Dailey and Vincent) Waltz II, Ensten  
 You Owe Me One (Abba) Hustle-cha V, Worlock  
 You Raise Me Up (Josh Groban) Slow-2-step VI, Read  
 You Raise Me Up (Susann Taylor) Waltz II, Byrd Waltz IV+2+1, Gruender
 You Raise Me Up (Trevor Nasser) Slow-2-step III+2, Schmidt  
 You Rock Me (Enrique Iglesias) Cha IV, Ross  
 You Say The Sweetest Things (Ronnie Sessions & Patty Tierney) Fox-Jive V, Todd  
 You Say The Sweetest Things Foxtrot V+2, Bassett  
 You Say You Will (Trisha Yearwood) WCS V, Rumble  
 You Send Me (Sam Cooke) Slow-2-step IV, Chico; Adams III+2, Knight
 You Sexy Thing (Hot Chocolate) No choreo?  
 You should be dancing (Bee Gees) Disco-cha V, Goss  
 You Should Be Dancing (Ross Mitchell) Cha V, Goss  
 You stepped out (Mathis-Mancini) Bolero V+2, Blackford  
 You Stepped Out Of A Dream (Nat King Cole) Foxtrot V+2, Molitoris  
 You Stepped Out of a Dream (REXL) Foxtrot VI, Lamberty  
 You Tell Me Your Dream - Connie Francis Waltz II+2, Speranzo  
 You Took Advantage Of Me (Linda Ronstadt) Jive V+2, Goss  
 You Took My Heart By Surprise (The Boones) Waltz IV, Kline  
 You Waltzed Yourself Right Into My Life (Dereik Ryan) Waltz IV+1, Dierickx  
 You Were Always On My Mind (Elvis Presley) Bolero drill, Woodruff  
 You Were Only Fooling (Frank Chacksfield) 2-step II+1, Hoffman (Foolin'  
 You Were Only Fooling (Vic Damone) Foxtrot IV, Crapo  
 You Were Right Girl (Natalile Cole) edited WCS V+2, Shibata  
 You Will Never Grow Old - Nat King Cole waltz III+1, Woodruff  
 You Win Again (Ace Cannon) 2-step II+1, Hoffman  
 You Win Again (Tony Evans) shortened Single Swing V, Ross  
 You, No one but You (Des O'Connor) Foxtrot IV+2, Dierickx  
 You, No One But You (Frankie Laine) Fox IV+1, Hartung  
 You, Only You (Barbara Mandrell) shortened Waltz II, Woodruff cue-card ABAB Apt Pt
 You, You, You (Ames Brothers) Bolero IV+2, Lovelace Foxtrot V+2, Guenthner; IV+1 P
 You'd Be So Easy to Love (Frank Sinatra) - slowed Foxtrot IV, Ross  
 You'd Better Move On (Piet Veerman) Rumba IV+1, Molitoris Dance = Move On
 You'll always be Loved by Me (Brooks And Dunn) Rumba IV, Oren Speed to 48 - I didn't
 You'll be Gone (Rio) Paso VI, Goss  
 You'll be in my heart (Merle Dandridge) Bolero V+2, Gloodt  
 You'll Be in my Heart (Phil Collins) Cha IV+2, Gomez-Lee Rumba IV, Seurer
 You'll be in my Heart (Vio Friedman) Rumba IV+2, Francis  
 You'll Be Mine (Michael Leans To Rock) Rumba III, Byars  
 You'll Be the One (Carlene Carter)+7pc Bolero IV+2, Hilton  
 You'll Never Find Another Love Like Mine (Dancelife) Rumba III+2+2, Chadd  
 You'll Never Find Another Love Like Mine (Michael Buble) Bolero VI, Vogt  
 You'll Never Find Another Love Like Mine (Rawls) Cha III+2+1, Becker, 1993 Cha V+1+1, Farley
 You'll Never Know (Red Boot) 2-step II+1, Wilhoit  
 You'll Never Know (Special Pressing) Foxtrot IV+2, Morrison  
 You'll Never Know (The Barrel House Mob) Rumba III+1+1, Sperry  
 You'll never Know (Tony Evans) Fox V, Morrison  
 You'll Never, Nerver Know (Platters) 2-step-Jive III+1, Chico  
 Young and Naive (Heather Rigdon) Foxtrot-Jive IV+0+1, Bartlette  
 Young Blood (Smokey Joe's Cafe) Smokey Joe's Cafe  
 Young Hearts Run Free - Tony Evans Quickstep VI, Ross  
 Young Love (Daniel O'Donnell) +6pc Fox III+2, Healea  
 Young Love (Hi Hat) Waltz IV, Wiseman  
 Young Love (Sonny James) + 10 pc Foxtrot III+1, Drake  
 Young Lovers (Matt Monro) Waltz III, Hartung The dance is Let me So Love
 Younger than Springtime (Ross Mitchell) Fox V+1, Molitoris  
 Your Angel Steps out of Heaven (George Jones) Waltz V, Dierickx  
 Your Body is A Wonderland (Vio Friedmann) Foxtrot IV, Ross  
 Your Cash ain't Nothin but Trash (Huey Lewis) Jive IV+2+1, Scott  
 Your Cheating Heart (Patsy Cline) No choreo  
 Your Feet's Too Big (Fats Waller) Jive,V, Scherrer  
 Your Heart is Mine (Caroline Jones) Rumba-Cha III, Kline  
 Your Mama don't dance (Loggins & Messina) Jive IV+2+1, Powell-Brosie; IV 2-step II+2, Francis
 Your Man (Home Free) Cha IV, Parker  
 Your Man (Josh Turner) +4pc RB III+1, Crapo CH IV+2, , Scott; Cha IV+0+2,
 Your Mother Should Know [Beatles] 2-step II+1 or III, Simpson  
 Your Nobody Called To-Day (Sylvia) 2-step II+1, Brown Nobody's Cha: Seurer, III+2
 Your Personal Penguin (Sandra Boynton) Jive III+2, Herr  
 Your Selfish Heart (Ricky Skaggs) Waltz II+1, Jestin  
 Your Used to Be (Brenda Lee 1963) 2-step unphased, Jones Quickstep III+1, Woodruff
 You're A Grand Old Flag (Patriotic Songs Of America) Cha III+2, Hanhurst  
 You're a loving lady (Erich Bachman) Shortened Foxtrot V, Dierickx  
 You're a Loving Lady (Erich Bachmann) Shortened Foxtrot IV, Dierickx  
 You're Beautiful (James Blunt) Waltz V+2, Goss  
 You're For Me 2-step II, Greens  
 You're Free To Go - Jim Reeves Waltz II+1+1, Hagiwara Waltz IV+1+1, Baldwin
 You're Free To Go (Jim Reeves) Waltz II+1+1, Hagiwara  
 You're Gonna Miss Me (Brooks and Dunn)shortened 2-step II+1, Speranzo Seq: Intro-ABCAB-Ending
 You're in Love (Wilson Phillips) - Faded Rumba V, Ross  
 You're In My Heart (Rod Stewart)- faded & +7% Foxtrot V, Ross  
 You're Just in Love - Johnny Howard 2-step & quickstep III+2, Gloo  
 You're Just In Love - New 101 Strings Orchestra Foxtrot VI, Ross  
 You're Like An Angel To Me (Bouke Scholten) Waltz II+1, Ritchie  
 You're my Best Friend (Don Williams)+ 5 pc 2-step II+2, Callen  
 You're my Best Friend (O'Donnell) Two-step II, Mouser  
 You're my destination - Helene-Fischer Rumba - Cha V+1+1, Dierickx  
 You're My Everything (Dancelife) Rumba V+2, Cibula or Sperry Rumba IV+2, Chadd
 You're my Heart, You're my Soul (Casa Musica) Rumba V+1, Ito  
 You're My Jamaica (Charlie Pride) Cha III, Jarvis  
 You're my Jamaica (Charlie Pride)x Cha III, Jarvis  
 You're My World (Helen Reddy) Slowed Slow-2-step IV+2, Cunningham Hesitation Canter Waltz VI, Pr
 You're My World (Tom Jones) Slow-2-step IV+1, Cunningham  
 You're No Good (Betty Everett) Westcoast V, Schmidt  
 You're No Good (Dancelife) Rumba III, Ross  
 You're Nobody Till Somebody Loves You (Dean Martin) Foxtrot IV, Goss-Figwer  
 You're Only Human (Billy Joel) - faded Jive IV, Ross  
 You're Only Lonely (J.D.Souther) Rumba V, Kline  
- You're Out Doing What I'm Here Doing Without (Gene Watson) 2-step II, McDonald-McClain  
 You're Sensational (Jack Jones 1965) Foxtrot IV, Meyer  
 You're sixteen (Johnny Burnette) Fox IV+1, Harris; IV+0+1, Wolf TS II+1, Fisher (Peaches & Cre
 You're Sixteen (Ringo Starr) Jive IV+1+2, Voelkl Cue-card
 You're So Good At Lovin' Me (Eddy Arnold) Foxtrot IV+1, Harris  
 You're So Sweet - Neil Diamond 2-step II, Kline  
 You're so sympatico (Jacques Raymond) Rumba V, Dierickx  
 You're Something Special To Me (George Strait) West Coast Swing IV+2, Gooch  
 You're Still Loved (Ballroom Orch & Singers) Waltz II+1, Chadd  
 You're Still Loved (Dancelife) Waltz IV+0+1, Stairs  
 You're Still New To Me (Marie Osmond & Paul Davis) 2-step II+1, Healea 2-step III, Hoffman
 You're Still The One (Shania Twain) edited Slow-2-step VI, Worlock  
 You're Still The One (Shania Twain) slowed Slow-2-step VI, Worlock Rumba IV+2, Oren
 You're the Best Break (Ed Bruce) 2-step II, Kline  
 You're the Boss (The Brian Setzer Orchestra feat. Gwen Stefani) Foxtrot IV+2, Froelich  
 You're the Cream in my Coffee (Werner Tauber) Quickstep III+2, Pearson  
 You're The Cream In My Coffee Quickstep III+2, Pearson  
 You're The First Time I've Thought About Leaving (Reba McEntire) Waltz II, Brownrigg-Dammeir or Waltz II, Sanders (First Time
 You're The One (Dwight Yoakum) Waltz II, Dean  
 You're The One (Flatt Lonesome) Waltz IV, Adcock  
 You're The One (Vogues) 2-step II+1, Dodge  
 You're The One That I Want - Ross Mitchell Cha III+2, Kincaid Cha III, Yamashita
 You're the one that I want (Olivia N-J & John Travolta)-4pc Cha IV+2, Francis  
 You're The Only Good Thing - Jim Reeves Waltz II+1, Baldwin  
 You're the Only One for Me (Captain Cook) Shortened Hesitation Canter Waltz IV+0+1  
 You're the only world I know (Sonny James) Foxtrot IV, Penny Lewis  
 You're the Resaon (The Boot Skooters) sped & shortened 2-step III, Dierickx  
 You're the top (Ross Mitchell)-4pc Cha IV+2, Childers  
 Yours (Quiereme Mucho) (Marty Robbins) Rumba IV+2, Buckmaster-Reigel  
 Yours (Special Pressing) Bolero V+2, Lawson  
 You've Got A Friend (Dancelife) Rumba V, Ross  
 You've Got A Friend In Me - Disney Cha III+1, Moulton  
 You've Got a Friend In Me (Michael Buble) Foxtrot IV+2+1, Lankuttis  
 You've got a Friend in Me (Randy Newman) for Preskitt Foxtrot VI, Preskitt  
 You've got a Friend in Me (Randy Newman-Lyle Lovett) Fox III+2, Hilton  
 You've Got Possibilities (Matt Monroe) Fox III+2, Jaworski Foxtrot IV, Bingham
 You've Got To See Mama Ev'ry Night (Georgia Gibbs1956) Jive III+1, Parker Dance = Mama
 You've lost That Lovin' Feeling (Righteous Brothers) No choreo  
 You've Never Crossed my Mind (Lone Blume) STS IV+1, Crapo  
 Yucatan Cafe - Anne Murray Rumba IV+1, Drake  
 Yuppie Love (Moe Bandy) Jive III, Eddins  
 Yuya Martinez (Los Van Van - STAR) Cha IV+2, Fisher  
 Zambezi (Ross Mitchell) Samba V+1+2, Shibata  
 Zing Went The Strings Of My Heart - Hisao Sudou Quickstep IV+1, Ross  
 Zither Rumba (Trini Lopez Album) Rumba III+2, Woodruff  
 Zombie Jamboree (GrooveBarbers) edited Mambo IV+0+2, Bingham  
 Zombie Jamboree (Harry Belafonte) Mambo IV+1, Booz  
 Zoom (Dancelife) Rumba III, Ross  
 Zorzal - Carlos Di Sarli & Roberto Rufino Tango V, Ross  
 Zou Bisou, Bisou (Jessica Pare in Mad Men) Rumba III+2, Woodruff  
 ZumbaE - Ballroom Orchestra & Singers Cha V+0+1. Woodruff Dance = Oomba Hey
 Zware Jongens (Toots Thielemans) Quickstep IV+2, Van Acker = Bad Boys
 Zwei Kleine Italiener (Conny Froboess) - 10 pc